Greece Princess in Tiruvengadu Patasala

Advocate anna Sri Venkatasubramanian was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from someone in Mayavaram yesterday giving him the heads-up that the Greece’s former princess is on her way to the Patasala as directed by Sri Balaperiyava.

She spent quite some time with the vidyarthis; took lots of photos etc. She apparently had many darshans of Mahaperiyava and greatly devoted to all our acharyas. She was delighted to see the progress of Sankarapuram Mahaperiyava project and was wondering how Mahaperiyava Himself is doing all these projects through us.

Last year she was in India and met our acharyas in Andhra. Here is the coverage from Hindu.

Our namaskaram to this royal family for their unshaken faith and bakthi for our acharyas.

Here are some photos….

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  1. I have heard the Great Musician named Thiruvengadu Jayaraman , That is the only information I know about thiruvengadu. But surprised to know about a big patasala run by our Kanchi Mutt

  2. Thiruvengadu is my father’s birthplace. Heis called Thiruvengadu Subramaniam Rajagopal Aiyer.

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