Echangudi Padhukas

To me, this is a rare sight (thanks to Sri Srichaa Vyas for the photo). Normally – 99% of the time, we see this photo only inside the grill-enclosure, which makes it difficult to take a good photo 🙂 First… Read More ›

Kamakshi’s Dance in Sri Periyava’s Mind…..

Jaya Jaya Sankara – Another awesome theme based drawing by Smt. Sowmya Murali and very nice explanation by Shri Ganapathi subramanian. What a divine looking Kamakshi…. Maha Muni = Maha Periyava.  Rama Rama மஹாபெரியவா மனதில் காமாக்ஷியின் நாட்டியம் (மூக பஞ்ச சதி… Read More ›