KGF Fundraiser and kainkaryam update

I have been receiving emails from readers asking if there would be any fund-raiser for 2017-18. At this moment, I don’t have any plans. This may change depending on any priority projects that come up or any direction from HH Balaperiyava.

Here are the snapshot of initiatives supported(ing) so far::

  1. Melattur Patasala Support – ongoing
  2. T.V.Kovil Patasala Support – ongoing
  3. Support for the family of Brahmasri Ramesh Ganapadigal who died in a motorbike accident – very needy family with aged parents etc
  4. Kayathar Akilandeswari Temple support for ratham
  5. Tirumeyachur tank project completion
  6. Athur patala gate work rebuild after heavy rains
  7. Mahaperiyava jayanthi/aradhana expenses – yearly
  8. Vaideeka sambhavanai for samaveda parayanam
  9. Completion of Vaanam Paartha Sivalingam project – Karkeeswarar & Lakshmeeswarar in Kanchipuram
  10. Support for a vaideeka from Sringeri for his wedding
  11. Provide food for 51 rescued native breed ongole cows from AP. Doing this for the past 3 months bi-weekly.
  12. Provide smith for needy patasala for doing their Samithadhanam and other yagnams.
  13. We are planning to supply four Patasala Vidhyarathees and Adyahpakas with Vastram and Bakshanam (home made) for Deepavali.
  14. Echangudi veda parayanam sambhavanai

Big thanks to Sai Srinivasan, who has been handling several of these kainkaryams through his satsang friends….Hats off to him for his dedication and commitment.

Thanks to Sri Shivarpanam Trust in Chennai who provides valuable inputs and guidance on several questions. Sri Pratyaksha Trust has been kindly helping us by accepting donations in India on behalf of KGF. We will seek guidance from both of them for all future projects as these trusts are blessed by Sri Balaperiyava and regular updates go to Him.

Few thoughts on new initiatives:

  1. Target more temples that require very basic support for nitya deepam/puja etc
  2. Identify any Kanchi adishtanams that might require some special attention.

The funds from 2016-17 drive will be exhausted in the next few months and would require additional support from all of you to keep this going….

Please visit for support details….

Will always seek the blessings of Kanchi Acharyas to keep these going and be truthful and sincere to what we are doing….

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. I heard a story. Very rare fruits placed in front of priyava. periyava asked if it’s for him. If so he said can he do whatever he wants.he gave it to nari kuravas. Thats probably the spirit we can try here..

    Bless your heart for donating. ..

    • Sorry to be naive…Not sure what’s the message you’re conveying here…

    • Earlier when I responded to your email, I did not see Sri Ramakrishnan’s comment. I get the context now. No Anon. In contrast to what other trusts do when it comes to transparency, here we are doing our best to give details of our activities to the greatest extent possible. The only detail that we withhold is the $ amount and that is done due to privacy reasons. So, it is certainly not the attitude that we can do whatever we want – if thats what you’re conveying….We are doing this project with you all…We always owe updates to you all.

  2. Hi
    It is great to do this service in the cause of Hinduism and for Kanchi Math activities. But I feel that some one should spend time responding to the mails on regular basis. It leaves one, or a donor a wee bit disappointed when there is no response for any donation made, and a number of mails needed to be sent before a response. I specifically requested the IT exemption certificate in a particular name, and also mentioned that my donation be divided for all the three activities equally But sorry to say that I am yet to get a reply. There is need to give someone`s contact tele nos. here in India, so that we can call that person if need be. Better follow up can bring better response from donors. I am sure you will agree. Hope this is not taken amiss and appreciated in the right perspective. MahaPeriyava Padangalil Charanam. Regards.

    S V Ramakrishnan

    • Dear Sri Ramakrishnan,

      Completely agree…

      Very sorry to see that your email was not answered on a timely fashion. We try to do our bests to reply to all emails – particularly the ones related to receipts etc. Despite, this one must have fell through the cracks.

      On the IT exemption certificate, please send us one more email to and we will work not that right away….

      Providing telephone numbers on the public forum is bit risky from security/privacy perspective. Hence we are not doing that.

      Looking forward to seeing your email.

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