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Some video clips of President @Kanchi

When I saw our President coming to our Matam and getting aseervatham from both our Periyavas, the following lines came to my mind from Mahaperiyava’s experience (narrated by Sri Pattabi). ‘அவா நம்ம மடத்துமேல மரியாதை வெச்சிருக்கிறது பெரிசில்லே; அந்த மரியாதையை நாம காப்பாத்திக்கணும்…. Read More ›

Sampradaya School for Girls

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara – We have been reading Periyava’s Golden Quotes on the importance of adhering to one’s Sampradaya and Aachara for the past several weeks. Periyava has talked about ‘Sthree Dharmam’ extensively, the importance of Sthree’s (Women)… Read More ›