Experiences Of Sri Sampath Part 1

At the request of Sri Sampath, MahaPeriyava graced Sri Sampath’s residence and stayed there for five days in Ranipet..Then, over a period of fourteen years, Sri Sampath managed to be in Periyava’s presence on almost every Saturday and Sunday.According to… Read More ›

Anusham Pravachanam By Dr.R.Nagaswamy

Dr.R.Nagaswamy is a renowned Historian,Archaeologist and Epigraphist known widely for his work on Temple Inscriptions and Art History.of Tamilnadu. This endeared him to MahaPeriyava for whom,Temples,their Preservation and continuity of performance of all prescribed Rituals were very important aspects of… Read More ›

Experiences Of Bhaghirathi Paatti

Bhaghirathi paatti has had Periyava ‘Dharisanam’ from an young age.She has performed ‘Pada Poojai’ to Periyava says that she does not need anything else having seen the ‘Jyothi’ that is Periyava.This emotional interview is presented in the same sequence as… Read More ›

Experiences Of Srimathi Alamelu Aachi

MahaPeriyava not only gave the ‘Shakthi’ to Srimathi Alamelu Aachi to complete the construction of the beautiful ‘Arupadai Murugan’ Temple in Besant nagar, Chennai, but also Blessed her ‘unakku Marupirappu Illai” (‘you have no rebirth’). What more does anyone require… Read More ›

Experiences Of Madurai Sri Narayana Iyer

Sri Narayana Iyer reveres Mahaperiyava as ‘Brahma Swaroopi’ and as a reincarnation Bhagawan Adhi Sankaracharya. In his narration, he talks about, Mahaperiyava and the rogue elephant, Soundarya Lahari 28th ‘Sloka mahimai’ Shobaana Panchagam and Periyava and more….