The goal of this blog is to consolidate any unique information about HH Sri Mahaperiyava under one place. The other benefit of this blog is to help our next generation(s) to know about mahans like Him and learn. It is not my intention to violate any copyrights. If it had happened accidentally, please bring it to my notice and I will take those articles down. Needless to say, about 90% of the articles are not authored by me.

About me, not a lot to share….just another devotee of Sri Kanchi Madam, who hails from Dalmiapuram, Trichy Dist. By profession, I am in IT services industry, based out of Chicagoland….I am truly fortunate to have (1) an amazing sets of vedic friends in Chicagoland (2) great devotees of Mahaperiyava in Chennai (3) all the readers from this blog  who have been motivating me to bring this blog to this level (4) above all, HH Sri Mahaperiyava without His blessings, we couldn’t have achieved anything.

I truly believe that living in the same time period of HH Sri Mahaperiyava, Bagawan Ramana and other mahans as a true blessing. Let His grace be on us at all times to guide us and elevate us to next level in the spiritual journey.

I sincerely hope that we as individuals not only read and enjoy these articles but also to follow Him in whatever extent possible. It is equally or more important to pass on these knowledge to our next generation and insist them to follow the direction laid out by our Mahaswami.

I can be reached at sageofkanchi at protonmail.com

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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  1. Dear Sir,
    Pls provide me the above Sri Chakra PDF doc version – my no. bharat.penamakuru@gmail.com Or Whatsapp 8801539990

  2. I have been translating prayers in Tamil and Sanskrit addressed to Maha periyava in to english. I have so far translated 50 such stotras. If you inform me(ramachander926@gmail.com), I shall send it by e mail, so that you can publish it, Raja thatha

  3. Namaskarams. I am looking for copy of Ganga sahasranamam book with sanskrit-Tamil language. I could not find on any book shops. Would be thankful if some one can help me with this

  4. Dear Sir,

    Kindly spread the attached message to public


      Following is the desire and order of His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Sri Kanchi Mutt, who is undergoing Chaturmasa Vrata and Vyasa Pooja at Orikkai Mahaswami Mani Mandapam to bring out a commemorative volume on His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal 69th Acharyal of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt.
      His Holiness Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swamigal came to throne in March 1954 and His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal walking God was His Guru.who attained Siddhin in 1994.
      During Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal period he travelled many times throughout India and visited Kailash, manasarovar and Nepal. He participated and inaugurated many functions, factories, done many Kumbabhishegam to temples all over India and also actively participated in the Rama Janmabhumi issue also.
      Those who are having information regarding the visit to villages, or any place, services, and inauguration of any school, factories, Kumbabhishegam of temples by H.H. Periyaval in any place all over India or any occasion, meeing with dignitaries in details if possible along with Photographs may kindly forwarded us to incorporate in this volume or you have any information that anybody in your circle having knowledge of this subject may be introduced to us
      This work is entrusted to Sri M.S. Arunachalam, popularly known as Arunachala Mama in Srimatam circle. He served as PRO in Srimatam more than 38 years with sincerity and dedication. He has got the blessings of all the three Acharyals. He is living in Chennai. His address Plot No. CS1, Ramachandra Nagar, Second Main Road, Gerugambakkam, Chennai – 600 128
      Kindly forward the informations in the following Whatsapp Numbers Arunachalam : 99628 74724 Mail id. srisurabi@yahoo.com,

  5. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Arultharum Mahaperiyava Whatsapp Group inaugurated with the blessings and Anugraha bhasyam of Sri Balaperiyava of Sri Kanchi Madam

    ‎Open this link to join Arultharum Mahaperiava WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/F3ntDdJvrey6pYHb5oQM57

  6. தமிழ் ஹிந்துவில்  வெளியான, இக்கட்டுரையை படியுங்கள். பெரியவா குறிப்பிடும், ‘தெற்கில் வனத்தின் நடுவே வாழ்பவர்’ என்னும் மஹான் யாரென்று தெரிய ஆவலாய் உள்ளேன்.https://www.hindutamil.in/news/supplements/anantha-jothi/656386-mahaperiyavar-3.html 

    • Wrong information there Sir
      …Actually Periyava had told that there lives a great Yogi in Kasi surrounded by a big house ….but He didn’t reveal that Yogi’s name…this is what I recollect reading long time back

  7. Translation of MahaPeriyavaa by Sri P.R. Ramachander.
    This has opened many my mind into a new dimension.
    Thank you Sir may you and your family be blessed unconditionally. By the grace of guru.
    mikka nanrri
    Annamalay Sanasi

  8. மிக அற்புதமான இணையம்.ஆன்மீகம் சம்பந்தப்பட்ட விஷயங்கள் ஏராளம்.நன்றி

  9. மஹாபெரியவா பொற் பாதங்கள் சரணம். திரு.மகேஷ் அவர்களே,
    மஹாபெரியவா மகிமைகள் பற்றிய பல புத்தகங்கள் என்னிடம் உள்ளன. அவற்றை தட்டச்சு செய்து இங்கே பதிவிடலாமா?அல்லது தமிழ் தட்டச்சு செய்வதற்கு contents உங்களிடம் இருந்தாலும் நான் செய்து தரமுடியும்(ஒரு நாளைக்கு ஒரு, இரு மணித்துளிகள்). என்னால் முடிந்த சிறு தொண்டு.வேலையிலிருந்து முன்பாகவே ஓய்வு வாங்கிக்கொண்டு விட்டேன்.நமஸ்காரம். மஹாபெரியவா சரணம்.

  10. Arya! my Wife’s Brother.. Telidevarapalli Raghava, A vaidiki Brahmin and an employee in Electricity Department at Machilipatnam, Krishna District,. AP. . What happened We donot know, last 4 years he is not going to his office. If he is not joining to his job, at any time his Govt. job may go. He is quarrelling with all people. His DOB 21-02-1987, Saturday, Astami, Night 10:55, Anuradha Nakshatram, Harithasa Gothram. Place of Birth: Vijayawada, AP Please help us and save the life of a poor brahmin. plz do needful to us. thank u very much. sorry for my english. Cell: 9441752866

    • Mr DVRK Murthy

      Sorry to hear about your brother in law. Please get in touch with GR Mama and get permission(Uthiravu) to perform Guru Pooja. He will be alright. Take care. Here is his email: gurumahimai@hotmail.com and phone number: +91 9092260103

      Regards, Raje

  11. மதிப்பிற்குரிய திரு P. ஸ்வாமிநாதன் அவர்களுக்கு,
    தாங்கள் எழுதிவரும் மகா பெரியவாளின் அருளுரைகளையும் புனிதமான நிகழ்வுகளையும் படித்து மகிழ்ச்சி அடைகிறவன் நான். தங்களிடம் ஒரு விளக்கம் கேட்க விழைகிறேன். மத மாற்றம் சம்பந்தமாக ஒரு சமயம் பதில் அளிக்கையில், ஹிந்து மதத்திலிருந்து மற்ற மதத்திற்கு மாறியவர்கள் திரும்பவும் ஹிந்து மதத்திற்கு வரும்போது எந்த விதமான சடங்குகளும் செய்ய வேண்டிய அவசியம் இல்லை; மற்ற மதத்தின் வழக்கங்களை விட்டு விட்டாலே போதும், ஏன் எனில், பிறப்பால் அனைவரும் ஹிந்துக்களே என்று மகா பெரியவா கூறியதாக நினைவு. இது சம்பந்தமான குறிப்பு ஏதேனும் ஒரு புத்தகத்தில் இருக்குமானால், அதனை தெரிவிக்க வேண்டுகிறேன்.
    தங்கள் மேலான பதிலை ஆவலுடன் எதிர்பார்க்கும்,
    With due regards,

    {Retired Office Superintendent/Signal and Telecommunication Branch/Southern Railway.]
    {49, Second Main Road, Kumaran Nagar, Virugambakkam Post, Chennai-600 092.
    Phone:044-24790133 & cell no.9791039646 Mail ID : mageshkumaradithya@gmail.com}

    • I am the one referred here. But I have come across this blog by chance and I wonder how my personal letter to Mr.Swaminathan is featured here. Has it the consent of Mr.Swaminathan ? Ofcourse I did not. Kindly let me know and then I have got the answer to this my question and I will let you know on your response to my mail ID. Thanks.

  12. Namaskaram,

    I am a regular reader of your Blog. I need assistance on Sankaras Brahmasutra Bhashya for my PhD research work with SCSVMV, Kancheepuram. I came across an article in Kamakoti.org written by Edited by V.D.N.Rao, Former General Manager of India Trade Promotion Organisation, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India , Pragati Maidan, New Delhi now at Chennai, Titled ‘Essence of Brahmasutras’ which is true to its title in giving brief narrative of each sutra. I want to consult with him for my project but, i dont know either his contact number in Chennai nor his email address. The mail I sent to his yahoo mail id bounced back.

    I would really appreciate your efforts in connecting me to him.

    Pranams to MahaPeriyava!

    kalivaradhan, 9952052153. kali1947@gmail.com

    • Dear Kalivaradhan,

      First of all my best wishes for your research on such an advanced topic. Unfortunately I dont have his contact info. I assume that you are aware that kamakoti.org site is managed by Sri Matam. You may want to contact kanchimutt@gmail.com to see if they can help you somehow. I also suggest talking to stalwarts like Sri Mullaivasal mama might help you on the topic you’re researching.


      • Namaskarams Shri Mahesh – Did Mahaperiyavaa advise to keep a glass of water by the side of the head while going to bed? If so, what is the significance of it? I remember having heard it in a video about Mahaperiyavaa experiences but could not locate it.

  13. Hari om
    I am not getting audio In periyava radio.
    Any technical issues
    Pls advise

  14. I am interested to buy Deivathin Kural in English. Can you please help me procure the same??

    • available in Giri bros,Mylapore

      • The entire work of Mahaperiyava ” Deivathin Kural” is available free of charges in Audio in Tamil and English at http://kamakoti.org/. Besides the book in Tamil is free for download from the net.
        The book in English Translation was also available for a price of about Rs 2500 in Amazon.com.
        But many chapters from this book are available in two English books available in Amazon titled ” The Guru Tradition” and The Hindu Dharma. Both these books I have procured and they make for fascinating reading.

      • Many thanks.
        Periyava Charanam

  15. Namaskarams… I am looking for the book Introduction to Hindu Dharma by Aravind Sharma. Can you please share the pdf of the above book. Thanks in advance.

  16. Namaskarams… I am looking for the book Introduction to Hindu Dharma by Aravind Sharma. Can you please the pdf of the above book. Thanks in advance.

  17. Namaskaram,

    Is there a Sahasra Gayatri Japam/Parayanam (Satsang) in Los Angeles or Chennai? if so please provide the details.


  18. Does anyone know using how they string yellakai malai in Kanchi mutt or thenambakkam. I am assuming you cannot use thread to string the elakkai. If so what do you use to string the malai. ANy info is appreciated regarding how to string the elakkai malai in kanchi mutt or Thenambakkam

  19. I am doing Maha periyava Guru Pooja every Thursday. I need three Beautiful photos of Maha Periyava with Right hand blessing ( anugraham pose). I do not want to buy from Giri Trading. Can i get it from Kanchi Mutt or Chennai Kanchi Mutt?. I saw one Beautifully Carved Vengala Vigraham in Gattam Vikku Vinayakaram Close Relative house at WB but they are unable to tell where they got it. Kindly help

  20. Mahesh, believe that Peryava is still guiding, in fact i wished Periyava to be born again, because the current generation and next needs Periyava, if Devotees pray for the same, then it will happen, request to pray with the Periaya Devotee group in your place

  21. Does anybody know if we can submit our prayers to Mahaswagimal adishtanams in Kanchi mutt. Can we send a prayer request for submission and will someone be kind enough to read it to Mahaswamigal in adishtanams on our behalf. Please share if anyone knows this info

    Mahaperiyava Charanam

    • madam i can help you am sunitha from Bangalore pls. feel free and contact me in this number -9480451511.will try my best to help you
      mahaperiyava charamnam.

    • While you may try out other forms of prayers, I have found this one to be most effective.

      ” Preferably before bedtime, in a very supplicant (subtle surrendering mood), place your problems before the Paramatma in your Heart with tears in your eyes. Be grateful to Him in the same manner as if your prayers have already been answered.”

      It has worked for me and a few dear ones of mine, I think it will work for you also

  22. namaskarams, is there any way to submit a prayer request. my spouse is taking it out for many years on my very aged parents and my life has become hell. After leading a devout life both my parents and me are stuck in hell with no way out.

    • madam i can help you am sunitha from Bangalore pls. feel free and contact me in this number -9480451511.will try my best to help you
      mahaperiyava charamnam.

    • Namaskarams . Its true.Whatever you want to say to mahaperiyava , you can send a letter to
      Kumaresam mama @kanchi mutt.Kumaresan mama is available with mahaperiyava sannithi from
      09.00AM to 01.00Pm and 05.30 PM to 08.00PM.He will read your letter infront of mahaswamigal
      This is my personal experience.Kumaresan mama served to mahaperiyava more than 5 to 6 decades
      Hara hara sankara Jaya jaya sankara

  23. Hi,
    Just now had a chance to see this blog . Happy to see this.
    I am keen on contributing to the Veda Samrakshanam Effort as MahaPeriyava has ordained us.
    Can you please let me know where i need to send my contributions.

  24. Dear Mahesh, I’m developing a free iOS app about MahaPeriyava. I would like one of the tabs to link to your site. Please let me know if it’s ok by you. Also I’ve launched an iOS app for Ramana Maharishi https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/ramana-maharishi/id1326446445?mt=8 if any of your readers are interested. It’s free. Periyava Saranam.

    • Hi Guru, In the Sri Ramana’s App, under About Ramana, the birth year seems to be misprinted (it may not matter possibly as he is now eternal but just to confirm to history). can you please check (1879 not 1897)?

      • I like it I want my daughter to get married and has lots of problem in life living in Boston U.S.A

  25. Feeling blessed to have come across this site.
    I have heard a bhajan on mahaperiyavas complete life composed in kavadi chindu ragam. It starts as ” shambhu shankaranagi chandrashekaranagi kanchiyum vandaradi kiliye jagadguru anaradi” .
    I don’t find the complete lyrics anywhere nor am I getting the bhajan completely as audio also.Author of it is also unknown to me.
    Can u please help me in getting it??

  26. Who iš my astranged Dad? Prince Charleš? B.D. Jatti? Tulajendra? Shivaji Bai? Shahu? He owes me 21 years of U.S. child support? Is this Indian Justice? Why has the U.S. remotely used my Akashic foŕ 33yrs? Why am I a droughtsman calling foŕ raiñ in a country that hats me? I dont ever get paid and people can watch what my eyes seë and view my kashic like pay per view tu . . . No privacy even when I’m isolated. Šlave! Let’s not mention the world wide web was launched out of my head in the ’80’s! Make them paÿ me! Obama or Singh? See what I mean?

  27. Namaste
    Can I know how to get the vibhuti by courier and cost/charges for that. My location is in Trivandrum, Kerala. How to contact?


    • You can’t. You need to send me the content and I will post.

    • hara hara shankara
      my husband is now jobless and suffering from diabetes and addicted to the habit of smoking. please help me to save him from that addiction and to get a blessed job for him.

      • Jai Ma


        Without a doubt prayers to Sri Sri Mahaswamgali will be answered.

        In this very blog Sri MahaPreiyava has offered His thoughts on how to pronounce certain phrases in the Holy Kanakadhara Stotram with particular emphasis. Those verses and phrases are reproduced in this blog along with His own words on the subject.

        However, i am not competent to speak on this topic, and pray that some disciple who has greater daily practice and capability would come forward to do the needful.

        It is best if you could find some naiShThika brahmana in your area who has a sincere daily as well as personal practice and persuade him to do the needful for you. .

        Also, the holy AstaLakshmi Temple in Chennai was established by one of the Mukkur swamis greatly beloved by Sri Mahaperiyava. Praying there and attempting to follow the advice of those who understand these matters better than i do, would help.

        Sri Mahaperiyava sometimes would suggest making a solemn vow to the Holy Mother, to offer HER a mere token, according to your sincere love and capability, should your goal be fulfilled, including your promise to turn around and seek out some aged brahman couples who may be suffering from poverty and lack of care and ensuring you do your very sincere best to alleviate their mental and physical pain.

        Finally, Bhagavan Sri Ramana, who was was much appreciated by Sri Mahaperiava in His unspoken manner, once told someone to recite the last line of the holy Kandar Anubhuti: “Guruvai varuvai arulvai Guhane” with great love, yearning and feeling, and to watch what happened.

        Pranam to Sri Sri Mahaswamigal and to all

      • Amma,please chant Lalitha sahasranama and provide the do naivedyam of fruits etc to Amba daily if possible. Jagadamba will take care of everything. Everything will be well.

  28. Dear Mahesh,

    Thank you for this blog of yours. Feel highly blessed being here.
    Muscat, Oman

  29. We all are indebted to you, MR MAHESH.

    Can we get the sanskrit version of the sloka– Apara karuna sindhum and meaning in Tamil or English

  30. Fantastic Work..thanks my friend

  31. Thanks very much for this making this virtual temple.
    Jaya Jaya Shankar Hara Hara Shankara

  32. Dear Mahesh – You are doing a great service. Can you please sort the blog by descending order by date so that the latest comments and responses are at the top? This will help any relevant information / news to be right at the top.

    Warm Regards

    Crawley, UK

  33. Is it possible to get English version of the book – Deivathin Kural?

  34. Hello Sri Mahesh

    Got a copy at the Chandramoleeswara Pooja here in Madras…..Following is the link.Hope it is useful.


    Warm Regards

    • Namaskaram sir, thanks for posting this on Google drive. Are you by chance Delhi V Muthukumar who performs concerts? We might have met in CMANA in 2016.


  35. Namaste Shri Mahesh

    Would you have a copy of the “Sri Kamakshi Churnika” recited during the Sri Chandramouleeswara Pooja at the Matam. If yes, request you to share it.

    Regards and Thanks in Advance.


  36. Comments reading expands our brain power and it is a kind of formal education and especially of websites of the present one and it is blessed one to go through this site , sometimes i wept just to tell in tamil Anandha kanneer, because , discussions of discussions with his holiness by family members, was piercing my ears while browse this page ,which commenced after seeing the picture of Mahaperiava.

  37. Dear Sambasivam Sivapragasam, I understand your pain. I don’t want to go to the details of what happened/happening in your life. Just do Annadhana to the needy. I understand that you are in Australia. Annadhana simply means to feed atleast one person who is in dire need. Just visit any Mall/park/common public places, you will find one who is poor. Suggest you also can do it. Of course, you should feed only vegetarian to whom ever. I’ve done it. Leave the rest to GOD. I do pray for you..

  38. Thank you Mahesh ji. Sorry for having been rude in my post however I must admit that there is an inherent frustrations/disappointment/ Grief caused by heavy failures. Despite being gold medalist at schools and knowledgeful in studies, I have had to stand in empty shores. I tried my best visiting divya desam temples/ lord shiva temples. I have also had an opportunity to render seva at brahmapureeswarar temple at Thenambakkam where periyava stayed in meditation and performed services for lordship shiva. Despite trying to be with shamrock principles, I have no doors opened. One may argue that spiritual progress is necessary however it requires higher discipline which arises from shraddha- simple faith in its simplest form. How do you expect me to accept analogies like train registration for severe financial implications at each step of life. Some people say prarabdha karma is the cause – if prarabdha karma is great then bhagavan becomes inferior.

    Also the fact, Kamakshi dasan mama blessed that success will turn up when I was waiting for the result but it’s quite disappointing how could devotee of Ambal and Periyava words go in vain!!!!!!! This was my greatest disappointment!!!!! Probably something I find difficult to digest.

    I am not someone who would engage in sinful activities if blessed with financial freedom.i was genuinely planning that I will work towards for 4 good causes from Veda, Gho , Brahmana rakshanamand divya desam/ padal Petra temples and other temples kainkariyam where bonafide devotees are available.

    I even started doing ekadasi vrata fasting with only water subsist, I see no doors opened and all I get people to say ” prarabdha karma, prarabdha karma ..,,,,,,” I wouldn’t accept that karma is greater than bhagavath sankalpam.

    This is not about job but my faith at stake.My ability to stand and abide by spiritual instructions. If one argues that I ask bhagavan for pair of slippers so be it ……. It’s not pair of slippers it’s about faith…..

    If offended you please forgive me ji

    Yours sincerely
    Sambasivam Sivapragasam

    • Dear Sambasivam, Never lose hope. If after a lot of effort things don’t work, it is your destiny to return to motherland.

    • Jai Ma

      Namaskar Sri Sambasivam,

      If possible, please keep us informed about your situation. More than one here feel deeply pained at the suffering, mental and financial, you are enduring.

      I have endured similar, exactly like the conditions you describe: high academic qualifications from the best universities in the world, all properties etc. stolen by closest relatives, nothing to go back to, and parents either dead when young and others who were actively hostile on behalf of their new interests.

      Many here suggest returning to the Motherland, not realizing how difficult life is there, nor how utterly vicious that Motherland can be for those who have neither family nor any resources to back them up. At least in Australia, there is still hope and many people with kind hearts, that are entirely absent in the holy land of Bharatvarsha.

      What can be said? Sri Bhagavan Ramana suggested one to recite line 50 of the Kandar Anubhuti: guruvai varuvai arulvai guhane, which would bring material and spiritual success.

      Here is a contact. They may not be able to do anything, but there is no harm in trying to contact them via a letter or email if that is possible. Unlike Indians, they might have softer hearts and actually attempt to help.

      What I do not wish to say, is that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, known also as Mormons, will immediately extend all aid and genuine kindness, empathy and love but their condition is to join their group.

      I am not a Mormon, but have lived among them for a very long time. I have never found our Indians to have a genuinely kind or generous spirit; their dharma stops at their tongue. I am also included in such people.

      Who can say where God is to be found or not found? Antaryami remains Antaryami and is the SOLE GURU of all beings, the SOLE REFUGE, manifesting in various forms according to need.

      Ishwara is the HOLY GURU of all, and has no boundaries, no matter who tries to place limits of dogma and doctrine.

      shwara most definitely is protecting and guiding you at all times, no matter how dark the times seem. Please do not forget this. Call out from the depths of your heart.

      Ajahn Brahm


      Phone, Australia: 08 9345 1711

      18 Nanson Way, Nollamara, WA 6061, Australia
      PO Box 3135 Yokine WA 6060, Australia

      general inquiries alternative: Lucky ; Email – asec@bswa.org

      With humblest respects and prostrations to Parabrahma Paramacharya, Who dwells in the innermost recesses of all hearts, and to the revered bhaktavrnda,


  39. What to say?

    I attended interview here in Australia, for a government job at NSW train Link. WIth little money in hand and 8 years of unsuccessful job attempts/ stable career oriented, I attended the interview for a “Cleaning attendant”. There were 3500 applicants who initially applied for the position. I got selected for the interview , First round was a Written interview with 29 questions, which had to be completed in 20 minutes. After a week I received an email that I passed the first stage and that I will have second round of interview again at Sydney. I travelled by train again for the second stage of interview which is the Group discussion. Again an email was sent in 2 days that I had cleared and was asked to attend the 3rd stage of interview, where there were 8 panel members in interview. Except one questions, I convincingly answered all the other questions and came back to melbourne with some great positive not. The next day,there was unknown fear in me that I would not get selected. Deep inside I knew there would be favouritism, racial discrimination and all other factors would be against me. However based on some devotee suggestions, for 5 days I performed puja, cooked some dishes, offered nuts to ” Kamakshi” and ” Maha Periyava”. I prayed intently for atleast 10 days with so much confidence, that they will bestow some grace on me. Days and nights, I cried for help calling”Mahaperiyava” names and asking “Kamakshi” to open her eyes. I read “Soundariya Lahari ” everyday and “lalitha Sahasranamam” atleat twice those period. I also promised to “Mahaperiyava” and “Kamakshi” I will follow dharmic principles and perform pious acts if I get the Australian government job as per the following

    (i)— Veda rakshanam— Supporting veda patashalas which are genuine.
    (II)— Gho rakshanam—–Supporting Goshalas which are in need of financial help.
    (III)—Brahmana Rakshanam—–Support bonafide brahmanas by giving rice bags, medical help, financial assistance
    (IV)—Divya desam/Padal petra sthalangal kainkariyam/ other temples too services

    For about 20 days I was constantly scared and in deep stress called for “Maha Periyava” and “Kamakshi” anugraham. on 21st April I received an email that I was unsuccessful in job interview.

    I wasted 800 dollars on train tickets from Melbourne to sydney(From/to tickets, accomodation, food expenses). Above all the confidence that I had developed reading blogs about Mahaperiyava, Mother kamakshi was just blown to pieces. Now I am just like “what next bring it on ”

    I have no kids from my marriage, no stable job, my property were stolen by own brother, highly uncaring parents, now on top of it a very high demoralizing- divine unsupport.

    Remember I dont drink, eat meat, no illicit sex, I promised to give up my “anarthas-bad habbits” if i got this job. Again now sitting in Melbourne-penniless, not knowing where to start. I chanted Harekrishna Mantra for the last 8 years but no result– Aged 32 I lost hope.

    I dont like to believe all divine experiences only when I experience it. I may be rude but remember I lost so much in life yearning for some help and trying everything I can…..Its disappointing that Mahaperiyava too abandons who goes to him…..kaliyuga i guess

    Now i am going to comments from you all hating me deeply….bring it on I’m waiting to be yelled by you….I wish some devotee sees this post and prays for me(1 in 10000000000 will be there)…last hope i left

    • Many times we need divine forces to listen to us at a specific time. I want a reservation in the train and all the divine forces should make that happen. IF that does not happen, then they are not divine forces. This is our position….Wrong ….Wrong…Wrong….They are not to just listen to you. We are here to take whatever they give us. If we do not get something, that means that we do not deserve that or maybe He has better things in store for us. We should stop dragging Kamakshi and other divine forces to transactional details. At the same token, they are the only people to whom we can take our problems too. We can make sincere prayers, and fall at their feet for rescue. Anything that happens after that should be considered as divine decision. Maybe not taking this job is better for you…Why? I have no idea…Someone has!!!

      At times like this, you should have more faith and bakthi towards Iswara.


    • Get back to Bhaarat.

    • Dear Sambasivam,

      When I was young, maybe 7 years of age, a teacher of mine taught me the meaning of divine interventions in our lives. I am now 55 and totally believe in what she taught me.

      I will narrate a small story for you which could make you realize what the eternal Lord has in store for you and the same goes with Maha Periyava and Kamakshi.

      There was a very wealthy businessman who had always given away 10% of his annual earnings towards the development of places of worship, done anna dhanam and helped thousands of people who needed them. He also had the habit of chanting the Lord’s name everyday and used to walk on the beach every morning at sunset chanting His name. While walking on the shores he used to see two more beautiful footprints leaving marks on the sand alongside his own. He realised that it is the Lord Himself, being satisfied with his offiering, was walking along with him.

      He led a very good life until one day everything broke to pieces. He had huge losses in his business, no income, people and his partners started cheating him and robbing off all the belongings etc. But, this man never gave up walking on the sand. Things were deteriorating as days passed. Then one day out of frustration and with no faith in God, he began yelling at everyone / everything that happened in his life and started blaming all others for his dire situation. This included the Lord himself and while taking a walk on the beach, he yelled at Him, calling Him names as he noticed that the two footsteps that he used to see while walking earlier were no more there. Finally the busnessman ended up questioning the Lord as to how He was not around when things were not right but enjoyed walking with him when he offered Him all that he could. He even called Him names that you might not want to know about. Then after some time the businessman heard a voice from the Heavens saying, “my son, the footsteps that you see now are not yours but that of the Lord Himself carrying you on his shoulders knowing how weak you are. You should know that He is carrying you and without Him you would be nowhere. This was only a very small test for Him to know how truly you Love Him”. The businessman was totally taken aback and was renewed with revived energy to start a new life. Years later this businessman became one of the leading industrialists in India and runs one of the biggest charity institutes.

      I hope this small episode will cheer you up and give you strength to revive youself.

      God Bless.

  40. Thank you for the blog. I am a devotee of Mahaperiyava. But I have not had the bhaaghyam of His Darshan. I stay at Chennai. My maternal grandfather was a great devotee of Mahaperiyava. Arumbakkam Nagaraja Iyer காஞ்சி மஹான் தரிசனம்

    சம்சாரிகள் ஆசிர்வாதம் – தொகுப்பு ஸ்ரீமடம் பாலு

    தட்டச்சு – ஹாலாஸ்ய சுந்தரம் ஐயர்

    வாலிபப் பருவத்தைக் கடந்து கொண்டிருந்த ஒரு தம்பதி வந்து பெரியவாளைத் தரிசனம் செயு விட்டு, கண்களில் ஏக்கமும் ஆவலும் கொப்பளிக்க நின்று கொண்டிருந்தார்கள்.

    பெரியவாள் உத்தரவுப்படி பிரம்மச்சாரி இராமகிருஷ்ணன் என்ற மெய்ப்பணியாளர் ‘என்ன? என்று அவர்களைக் கேட்டார்.

    ‘கல்யாணமாகி பத்து வருஷமாச்சு…புத்திர பாக்யம் இல்லை…’

    ராமகிருஷ்ணன் உடனே ‘அரசமரத்தைப் பிரதட்சிணம் பண்ணுங்கோ’ என்று தானாகவே பதில் சொல்லிவிட்டார்.

    பெரியவாள் மெல்லச் சிரித்தபடி அருகில் நின்று கொண்டிருந்த நாகராஜ அய்யர் என்ற பக்தரைச் சுட்டிக் காட்டினார். ‘இவரை பிரதக்ஷிண – நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணி ஆசிர்வாதம் பெற்றுக் கொண்டாலே போதும் – நிறையக் குழந்தைகள் பிறக்கும்.!

    ஆமாம். நிறையக் குழந்தை குட்டிகளைப் பெற்றுக் கொண்ட சம்சாரிகளின் ஆசிர்வாத பலம், புத்திர, பாக்கியத்தைக் கொடுக்கும் என்பது ஒரு மாமூல் நம்பிக்கை. நாகராஜ ஐயருக்கும், அவருடைய சகோதரர்களுக்கும் ஏராளமான குழந்தைகள். இந்த உண்மையைத்தான் பெரியவாள் மறைமுகமாக விளம்பரப்படுத்தினார்கள்.

    ஆனால் குடும்பக் கட்டுப்பாடு என்ற அதர்மம் நன்றாக வேரூன்றிவிட்ட தற்காலத்தில், அரசமரத்தை வலம் வருபவர்களைக் காணோம். நாகராஜ அய்யர்கள் இல்லாமலே போய்விட்டார்கள்!

    இது யுக தர்மமோ?

  41. The proposal of making a movie or a new serial is great. I also like the petson who could be Mahaperiava. Only thing id that some person who knows hoe He talks should write the script not like the Vijay Tv !,

  42. Sirs,
    I would like to have the email address/telephone no of the someone responsible for this wonderful site. I need to speak/write to the concerned urgently.

  43. Dear Mahesh,

    You are doing a great service to the devotees of His Holiness. Yesterday I had the good fortune of seeing a drama on Maha Periyava, staged by Kalamitra group at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mylapore Chennai. This seems to be the sixth presentation. It was really a very good drama and the devotees who attended were thrilled.

    I have one or two clips of the drama and if you can guide me I can send these to you for posting in these pages.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Yours sincerely,

    • Dear Sir –

      You can’t post it directly. Pl send to me. I will post. When you send, please write some details about the drama troupe also.


      From: Sage of Kanchi Reply-To: Date: Monday, January 9, 2017 at 2:11 AM To: Subject: [Sage of Kanchi] Comment: “About”

  44. Can anyone help me. I need help to publish my periyavaas songs in the site.

    Can anyone advice on this.

  45. Really an appreciable service

  46. Hi,
    Thanks so much.

  47. Hi Mr.Mahesh

    I would be grateful if you let me have a video/Audio of Mahaa Periavaa speaking about Oru Pidi Arisi programme which he initiated. This will be carried as a promo to our program in our channel aptly named Jaya Jaya Shankara in Telugu currently catering to only Andhra Pradesh viewers.

    My Name is K.Subramaniam Iyer and am the VP-Fin of this channel

  48. Jaya jaya sankara,

    I am Vijaya from Chennai. Is there any scientific reason in wearing madisar sari. I read an article saying it acts as a cushion to uterus and as a lumbar belt etc. Not able to understand the exact connection.
    Reason for me to understand is few of my friends questioned abt it and I wanted to clear the doubt with proper clarification.
    It will be of great knowledge transfer if some one explains it pls. Then will be able to convince many of my friends.
    My email id is viji_s60@hotmail.com.

    Pls reply.

    Periyava Charanam

  49. Periyava Saranam, I am Sathish from Chennai. Pls. let me know where do i get Mahaswamis dollar to wear it in a chain? Pls. provide the info. 98840 79609

  50. Hari Om!

    In Pattu Sastrigals Madhurasmaranam of Mahaperiva, the telephone numbers provided to contribute are wrong.
    ( I refer to the posting”https://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/temple-for-maha-periyava-at-mambalam-madras/”.)

    Here are the correct ones. Please do update.

    Home: 23711931/9884402391.

    My name is Ganesh Raghu, from Sugar land, TX, USA. My mobile number is 281.222.8686 and my email address is ganeshraghu@gmail.com.

    Periavaa Charanam

  51. Please can I get guidance in connecting with my family. Which sholkas should I receite to stay united with all relatives and family members. Thanks in advance.

  52. It will make things lot easier if you accept donations through paypal. Is there any plan for setting up paypal?

  53. வரும் சோமவாரம் ஜூலை 4 அமாவாசை அரச பிரதக்ஷணம் 🌳🌿
    108 பிரதக்ஷணம் செய்ய முயலுங்கள் 🙏

  54. Dear Mahesh,
    Last 15 days I am not able to play Periava Radio from India Server in the mobile app. Can you help me solve this problem.


  55. mahesh , can you group the devotee experience as tamil and english, this will really help those who are trying to read the oldest experience pages . since in the current format both english and tamil are mixed its hard to read .

  56. lakshmi if you can give me your email address I can send you.

  57. Please can you share the address of pune krishnamurthy shastrigal.

  58. I have no words to express the joy I get while thinking of MahaPeriava. To hear His Bhshyam is the real blessing. We are thankful to the Almighty that we could take birth in India during the time of Mahaperiava and to see and hear his words.

  59. Please can I get the address of Pune krishnamurthy sastrigal.

  60. Your sit is very nice. It would be helpful if you have some means of contacting you by email for posting messages concerning the camps of Peiriyavas as and when it is known. For example today I received a mail about the camp of Acharyas at Chennai tomorrow. Please circulate this to all your members

  61. Dear Sri Mahesh

    It is amazing look of the Page, as He decides His Place and His People… A suggestion in the new look ‘Sages of Kanchi’, pl. ‘bottom allign’ or ‘top allign’ ‘Sages of Kanchi appearing on His Picture.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  62. Hello everyone,
    I’m shashi kiran i’m small devote of kanchi maha swamy , i live in California (bay area) (USA). Actually i’m loking for VOICE OF GOD books in either english or telugu but I couldn’t found any where . It would be great help if any one help me . I’m loking forward for your reply
    Please,please, please, please, helpme .
    Thank you in advance
    Email: shashikiranboinapalli@gmail.com

    • There is no small or big devotee. We all are just devotees – no gradation required 🙂

      On your question about Dheivathin Kural in English, all 7 volumes are available in English. I dont think they are available here. Yuo need to ask someone to buy it from India. They are pretty thick books. So bringing them all 7 at once would be a big issue…You might want to request your friend/family to bring one for you….You can purchase them from Giri Traders (www.giri.in). I dont think any Telugu version is made – I could be wrong…Talk to Giri traders and they will confirm this…

      Hope this helps…


  63. Dear Mahesh, I noticed your effort to pool in translators to give Darisana Anupavankal in English. I translated the first 3 volumes into English as Mettur Swami told me to. it. I entitled it as In the Presence of the Divine, Part One with glossary, notes, and appendices of Sanskrit and Tami quotations, & it was published in 2011.
    Now, I am doing Par Two fpr mahaperiyavapuranam.org which is again a translation with glossary, notes, and appendices of Sanskrit and Tami quotations of Sivaraman’s interviews.
    Since Vol 1 is with me already, I am happy to offer it for periodic posting in parts as a free E-book. Send me your mail address.

  64. Could I have Mahesh’s email?My name is Sujatha Vijayaraghavan;

  65. Maha Periyava Vanakkam.

    I would like to meet Pradhosham Mama and Vikku Vinayagam sir and take their blessings. Can you please help me in sharing their contact details to my mail id nageswaran.karthick@gmail.com

  66. Hara Hara Sankara !! Jaya Jaya Sankara !! We would probably rank as one of the oldest institutions established by Paramacharya Maha Periavaa in Chennai ( estd in 1932). Our aim, as ordained by the Paramacharya are to support Vedic learning and teaching, Veda Samrakshanam and uphold Sanadhana Dharma. The Krithika Mandala Veda Parayanam at our Veda Patasala will start from 17 November with the grace and divine blessings of Maha Periava and will run for the next consecutive 45 days up to 30 December 2015. 30 selected Ganapadigal will do Veda Parayanam in the true spirit of “Samastha Loka Sukino Bhavanthu”. We will pray for all of you and your families !!! Greetings from : mylaporevedasabha1932@gmail.com

  67. Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Mahesh,

    My name is Karthick am a EX employee of cognizant and currently working in CSC Chennai.

    I am a social worker its my part time hobby.

    Now i was collecting fund to to renovate and construct Raja Gopuram for Padithanda Ramar Temple in Arakkonam ,vellore district -631001.

    I heard your name and mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com site through one of my manager while collecting contribution for temple,He is member is your site.

    He adviced me to contact you to post Temple Raja Gopuram construction and renovation services.

    This temple main deity is Padi thanada Ramar (they wont go outside of temple and ask for donations is their aithigam they are following for more than 4 generations). so they were struggling for construction work to complete.

    I am one of devotee of this Temple,so i am supporting this construction work by passing message to my surroundings.

    We all need to support Hindu Dharma by supporting such constructiona and renovation work.

    I believe you will provide your best support to Padi Thanda Ramar Temple(Sri Kothanda rama swamy Temple).

    My contact E mail:- Karthicksamurai@gmail.com

  68. HariOm

    The service that you and your family doing is a great service you are doing to advaita matam. Periva’s stories are gripping. I have one info for you. If you can share this info in your blog, I am sure you will help this act of go -samrakshanam.

    All of you are aware of the maha periva temple at Nociam, Trichy. This temle was constructed by Smt. Rajalakshmi at a ripe age of 75. It is purely periva’s anugraham that this lady has taken this work at such an old age.

    They have 12 cows in their go-shala. The expenses for each cow per month is Rs. 5000. They are finding it very difficult to maintain them.

    It would be great if you post this appeal in your blog. Since this blog has a wide following of devotees, I am sure many will come forward to help and fulfill periva’s vision

    For details, please contact: http://kanchimamuni.org/index.html

    Let us all join hands and do our drop service to our Acharya

    Ram Ram

  69. Can you please let us know about the Annabhishekam at Gangai Konda cholapuram on Iyppasi purnami day. We would like to contribute towards the Annabhishekam

  70. Dear Shri Mahesh, Have you removed some old articles? The 19th century incident (written by U.Ve. Swaminatha Iyer in Tamil) on the importance of Annadhanam (during British rule) seems to be not available. Jaya Jaya Shankara. Hara Hara Shankara.

  71. Hi Blessed Mahesh! I,m worried that I,m not receiving PERIYAVA’s mail.Jaya Jaya shankara hara hara shankara!

    • I am not posting as much as I used to do in the past…regardless, there are at least 1 or 2 posts that come out daily by someone else and you should get them… I just checked your email sivasiva_l@hotmail.com and I do not see it registered in the blog…that may be the reason….Please go and enter thsi email id in the “subscribe” box and you should start getting…


  72. Please forward me the phone number 0f Illayathangudi adhitanam (65th Aacharaya)

  73. Dear MAHESH,

    A great service. Just now we heard the experiences of DR PADMA SUBRAMANYAM . Tears could not be controlled . Is there any separate blog on such talks.

    Of late I am not receiving the regular Periyava mails. I will be extremely thankful if you can look into it.


  74. Can we have the English / Sanskrit version of Rare slokam on Bala Tripurasundari . Since it is in Tamil we are not getting the right pronunciation.

  75. May you live long and let periyava bless you with hundred years of life.Your work is so noble and good for the humanity

  76. Namaskaram, It is periava anugraham that makes you do this and devotees like me to access it.

  77. Shri K Raman has uploaded Tamil Version of Deivathin Kural :
    to bcc: thatha_patty

    தெய்வம் பேசுமா? பேசும். பேசியது…பேசிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது – இன்னும் பலருக்கு சூக்ஷ்ம வடிவில். காஞ்சி மஹாஸ்வாமிகள் என்னும் அந்த ஒரு நடமாடும் தெய்வம் நமக்காகவே வாழ்ந்து நம் துயர் களைவதற்காகவே வாழ்ந்தது. இவர் நமக்கு ஆச்சார்யராக வந்தது அவரது கருணையே தவிர நாமோ நம் முன்னோர்களோ செய்த புண்ணியம் அல்ல. சிவனை நாம் பார்த்தது இல்லை; அம்பாளை பார்த்தது இல்லை; நாராயணனைப் பார்த்தது இல்லை – தேவை இல்லை; நாம் நம் குருவைப் பார்த்து விட்டோம்.
    ஆச்சார்ய சுவாமிகளின் அன்பு மொழிகளில் அருள் கனிகிறது. புராணங்களையோ – இதிகாசங்களையோ – வேதங்களையோ – தர்ம சாஸ்திரங்களையோ அனைவராலும் முழுதும் படிக்க முடியாது. பெரியவர்கள் அவற்றை எல்லாம் முழுதும் படித்து நமக்கு சாறு பிழிந்து தருவது போல் இந்நூலில் தந்துள்ளார்கள். அத்தனையும் அருட்கனிச்சாறுகள்.
    இந்து மதத்தின் பெருமையையும், நமது பண்பாட்டின் அருமையையும், கடவுளின் வடிவங்களையும், வேத சாரங்களையும், வாழ்வியலின் இலக்கணங்களையும், சகல துறைச் சாஸ்திரங்களையும், தத்துவ உண்மைகளையும், பாமரரும் புரிந்துகொள்ளும் வண்ணம் இந்நூலில் அவர்கள் குரல் உரை வடிவில் ஒலிப்பதை கேட்கலாம்; படிக்கலாம்.
    மொத்தத்தில் இது ஒரு அருட்பெரும் அறிவுக் களஞ்சியம்; ஞானக் களஞ்சியம்.
    மகா பெரியவாளின் பாதார விந்தத்தில் நமஸ்கரித்து இந்த தெய்வத்தின் குரலை படிப்போம்; அடுத்த சந்ததியினர்க்கு படித்து காட்டுவோம்.

    ​​I ​
    have​ uploaded first ​FOUR​
    parts in e book form and further shall reach you in the course of time as soon as it is ready. If your have any old files with you please delete them and these are latest, with all error correction

    ​You can download this file from the link :



    Note on e-book.

    1-It is digital book that can be loaded in any electronic hand devices too.
    2-From the contents, just click the chapter you wish to read and reach there directly, no turning of each page is required.
    3- Click the link and you shall reach the web site directly, no copying and pasting link URL.
    4-Very compact and font hassles etc.

    I am not sure whether he has the Engloish Version. Shri KRaman currently in USA can be reached on the email id :
    Raman K

    Jaya JayaSankara

    VLS 1130ist May21, 2015

  78. Can anyone tell me where do we get the book ..Voice of God( English translation of daivatin kural). I could not find in Giri traders or any book shop. Please suggest

  79. Dear Mahesh,

    You are doing such a great work and keep doing this Sevai. We are all getting benefited by your service by hearing and learning the teachings of HH MahaPeriyavaa.

    Mahesh, we need a favour from you, we will be travelling to India in July and would like to meet Sri Ramadorai Mama and Sri Annadhaanam Aamravaneswaran (Yaddhumaagi Ninrai) Maama. We sawtheir interview in youtube and would like to pay our respects to them.

    Can you please share their contact details or guide us to the person who can give their contact details.

    Harini & Swamynathan
    email: hariniswamynathan@gmail.com

    This site is one of my favourites.Daily in the early morning I go to this site to know about SRI MAHA PERIVA and related stories.It is wonderful.You are doing a great service to the devotees of Maha Periva.I used to see the BAL HANUMAN.BLOG also where you are a contributor Since two days I am not able to login this site.Can you please help me?My email ID radha1931@gmail.com. Radhakrishnan.V

  81. Namaskaram,
    Thanks for offering 24/7 satsang through this forum. We listen, watch, read and share with like minded people the valuable treasures stored here.
    One question-What Mahaperiyavaa had said about the crossing of the oceans!
    Is it referred to in Deivathin Kural?

  82. i am truly feeling elated . just completed listening to ganesa sarmaji’s sapthaham on periyavaa. It was a bliss and periyavaa blessed me with this site to get his blessings — thanks to all who are doing this site. I pray to periyavaa to give us the bhakthi of kannappa nayanar and the love of the gopikas at all times so that we are all liberated . we are safe under his grace — in tears

  83. what to say! A small ordinary mortal to comment on the Magnum Opus of an effort to bring THE MAHA PERIYAVA close to the millions of minds and hearts of people and turn them into ardent devotees for HIS BENIGN BLESSINGS AND INESTIMABLE GRACE!

  84. Namaskaram,
    I have tried to send a maiden attempt of Pencil Drawing of Mahaperiyava but I do not know how to send I posted in your Google plus page .
    I count as a blessing of my Manasiga Guru Narayan mama’s blessing and grace of Mahaperiyava to have made me do the sketch.can you guide me how to post the picture?

  85. I really wanted to thank everyone for doing an excellent job in maintaining blogs and conducting interviews with various devotees.

    I only came to know about Mahaperiyava recently (2 years before) that too while casually browsing for some spiritual subjects in youtube. Till then I have only known about Mahaperiyava as another Sanyasi and never paid any attention. Even though my family were devotees with Mahaperiyava (I came to know recently only), I never know anything about Mahaperiyava at all.

    Mahaperiyava with his grace accepted me as his disciple 2 years before. (wasted 37 years of my life) From then on, I have been following almost every interviews and enjoying all the blogs. While I have been
    really enjoying these, I had a doubt in my mind always. Are all these really true? Can I ever experience Mahaperiyava’s presence in my life? What should I do in order to feel the presence of Mahaperiyava and how should I pray?

    Unless it happens to me, how can I believe all these? Belief is something but real experience is another thing. This thought was going on for several months within me.

    I can now say Mahaperiyava has cleared all my silly doubts as well.

    I had a few, which I would like to share.

    1. One night, I had a soppanam, where I was reciting Gayathri manthra opposite to Shri Madam. Mahaperiyava was walking towards my home and he is telling his followers, that if someone ever recites Gayathri mantra, it should be like him (myself).
    Never know why this soppanam happened as I don’t do Sandhya vandanam at all. But I do recite Gayathri mantra (108) times every day but very slowly.

    2. This is unbelievable. My wife is suffering from Alcer. We have seen lots of doctors and never could get some one to treat properly. We just ended up spending money in India as well as here in UK. The treatment is going very

    slowly here in UK and we have got another appointment in a week’s time. However,the pain became worse for her one night and I did not know what to do at all. I was feeling very bad for the suffering my wife was going through. At that time, I talked to Mahaperiyava (within myself) and told him this. “I keep hearing your miracles often. Does it only happen when you were alive? If that is the case, you are not Ishwara. Why can’t you help my wife now? If you cannot help my wife, how can I believe you. I am completely depending on you at this time.” Thats it. In couple of seconds, my wife stopped crying and started sleeping nicely. This was a big surprise for me. How can my wife now sleep so well after struggling all these time.

    Now I became more confused. I woke my wife and asked what happened. She said the pain has gone completely. This shocked me even more. I could not believe this at all. It took me sometime to realise the reality of the situation and I became very happy. The happines is not because my wife was sleeping well now but because of realising Mahaperiyava is with me only all these times. My wife is still having some pains occasionally but I am completely confident that she would be ok soon.

    These incidents in my life even though very small, I still wanted to share this with all of you as my realisation so far is due to all your hard work only. Without your efforts, I would never have known about Mahaperiyava. Again my sincere thanks to all of you for managing this site as well as conducting various interviews with devotees.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hari hara Shankara.

  86. Many times we see that the whole article is translated into English but the key conversations are only in Tamil script which does not help non-Tamil devotees like me. Can you please make sure that articles get translated completely and not in parts?

    • We try our best to completely translate the articles in English. For certain words in Tamil/Samskrit, like for instance, ‘Prasadham’, ‘Upadesam’ etc. words conveying the true meanings may not be available in English; Even the closest will not convey the true meaning. Only such words are used as they are, and these unique words are known to most non–Tamil knowing persons. We have noted your concern, and we promise, we will improve.

  87. Namaskarams to MAHA PERIYAVA

    Namaskaram Anna, Myson ( 8 1/2 years old ) is currently studying in a vedapatasala for the past 1 1/2 years. He is having home sick so i decided to continue veda keeping him with me. can you suggest me a good teacher for this. I will shift my home wherever we get a good teacher. hope you will help on this. Namaskarams. contact no 9840929973/9092223468

  88. dear mahesh,
    thanks for your valuable informations
    your work & service towards our lord cannot explained through words.

    i pray our lord to give you strenth & support for you continue your valuable work.

    great work

  89. i want divya vidya trust books about mahaperiyava by ra ganapathy
    N JAYAKUMAR 9444455320 jr1531963 @yahoo.co.in 8 maduram street ram nagar ambattur

  90. BLESSED MAHESH ! NO WORDS TO COMMENT ON YOUR DIVINE SERVICE. Only thing we are very much fortunate enough to follow this precious site. JEYA JEYA SHANKARA ! HARA HARA SHANKARA !

  91. Dear Sri.Mahesh and Srimathi.Mahesh
    I just saw your brilliant site/Temple to MahaPeriyava and right from that day it is like having Gangasnanam everyday and reading it invigorates every cell in my body. Bhagwan is called Aaravamudhan eagerly I read all the snippets and there is none which does not provide the thrill and joy of having Mahaswami’s Darshan.
    Your service though a reward in itself will be blessed and rewarded and all of us wish you the boundless Anugraha of Periyava

  92. Amazing Site Mahesh.I am emailing you a personal chronicle.You may read and publish as appropriate

  93. Dear Mr. Mahesh,

    Namaskarams. My name is Yegna Narayanan, a devoteee of Kanchi Madam and an ardent volunteer of Perambur Sankaraalayam for the past 50 years. I am visiting my daughters in USA now and during my stay I have been following your posts and immensely enjoying them. In Perambur, as per Maha Periyaval’s Utthiravu and blessings we have been performing many social and religious activities such as ‘Pidi Arisi Thittam’, ‘Conducting VEDA SAMMELANAM’, ‘Dharma Upanayanam’, ‘Veda Padasalai’, ‘Distributing RAMA NAMA books’, ‘Bhikshavandhanam to HHH’, ‘Hospital Prasadam Distribution’, ‘Assisting Vedic Ghoshti in the North India as per HHH instructions’, ‘Helping Sanskrit College & Cancer Institute’, etc. In 1972, Sri. Bharaneedharan (Anandha Vikatan), wrote an article ‘PERANBUR VAZHI KATTUGIRADHU’ about the ‘Pidi Arisi Thittam’. Just wondering if you had a chance to read that article? If not, I can send it to you from our Perambur Sankaralayam.

    I had a very nice dharshan of Sunday’s Anusham Poojai from Chicago. Thanks for that.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

    Yegna Narayanan

  94. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

    In the ‘Keep Calm and Read Deivathin Kural’ section, Volume 3 and 4 has the same index and contents. Kindly review. Hopefully we will also see the remaining 3 volumes as well.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

  95. Hi Mahesh

    Thanks for the wonderful links about Sri Maha Periyava. sometime back I read a post on experience on devotee that Sri Maha Periyava asked him torecite some sloka in Narayaneeyam. I couldn’t find that post in this blog. Today I searched your blog continuously one by one. Nothing I couldn’t find about that post.
    I sincerely request you to let know the link of that post.


  96. Sriman Mahesh,

    Lot of Hindus across the globe, do have some doubts in their daily life. Your blog/shared articles clear such doubts to many. Some of the Pravachanams of Mahaperiva, experience by some devotee with HH, are remain within the little circle. Your blog is doing tremendous job that it is sharing those little circle info to wider circle across this planet. This is also a service to human kind. ‘Manushya Seva’ is ‘Madhava Seva’, indeed. That is what Mahaperiva was always wanted from all the followers of this great Sanatana Dharma. You and your service deserve the blessings of Mahaperiva. My best wishes!


    • Thanks for the kind words…If I don’t do this, I would be probably watching TV, movies and spending time in useless way – for sure. I see Periyava has given me an opportunity to something useful to me and also to others…More than anyone getting benefited, I am getting benefited a lot…

  97. I got the address.

  98. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Day starts well by reading your mail on Blog updates first… It is highly energising, motivating and pleasure to share with others.

    God Bless you… Sri Periyava & Sri Bagawan Ramana Mharshi Blessings in abundance be showered on you, your loved ones and friends on this greatest service to mankind.

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah.. Sri Ramanane Atharam
    Sri Sri Maha Periyva Patharame Saranam.

  99. Dear Mahesh,
    I met a gentleman by name Kamakoti who is running a patasala and goshala on his own near Chengulpet. Probably you would have already met him or known through your sources. He has planned for kumbabhishekam of Kanchi swami anugraha mandapam on 31st Aug 14. I can email you the scanned copy of pathirikai. Would request if the same can be passed on to Paramacharya devotees as well as veda samrakshakas. It will a wonderful help. Regards. Sekar

  100. Namaskaram,

    I’m Guru Krupa, from Bangalore. Myself and my family have been flowing the blogs on Mahaperiyava for the past couple of years.

    we cant thank you enough for providing us such a wonderful opportunity to here and read about Maha Periyava.

    blessed we are.. Jai Sathguru…!!!

    We pray Swamy, to provide you with good health and spirits to keep up this good work. So that every Sanathani get to know about the greatness of our Sanathana Dharma and Maha Periyava.

    Main problem we Sanathani’s face is that we are not aware of the greatness of our dharma and acharya purusha. Your work in this aspect of compiling all possible information about Maha Periyava would teach us the greatness of our Acharya, importance of Guru and the need to practise our Dharma.

    Learning about the karunai and his baktha vatsalyam, re instills our faith in Him and in times of hardships it is the sole companion.

    Jai Sathguru.!!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara..

    loka samastha sukhino bhavantu..

  101. Dear mahesh anna its a great privilege to be a part of sage of kanchi!! great service extended!thanks a ton!!

  102. இந்த மனத்துகினிய ஆத்மார்த்தமான சேவைகள் தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள்/
    சீனிவாசன் மதுரகவியாழ்வார், சென்னை.

  103. i have one more request . if you get ekagni kandam mantra artham please send me the link .

  104. Thanks for sharing this !!

  105. Dear Sir,

    I am not sure if my earlier detailed email to your gmail id was recevied. But for the benefit of all I am repeating the contents here.

    With Mahaperiva’s blessings I am also privileged to have been in the family which has been under his directions. My Grandfather Late Sri D.H.Ranganatha Iyer almost spent half his life time serving Sri Mahaperival preparing Biksha, and doing Puja Kaikaryams for Mahaperival and stayed entirely with him.

    His Second Son and my Paternal Uncle (Chittappa) Brahma Sri R.Venkatrama Ghanapatigal was constantly guided by Mahaperiva and with his blessings setup

    Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala and has been running the same for the past 25 years with many successful veda vidyarthis coming out.

    We are also trying to maintain a site http://www.vedabhavan.org and I am likely to update the site with more information.

    My chittappa is also the managing trustee of Sankara Bhaktha Sabha Trust which was also started by Mahaperival to serve the devotees of twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad.

    I just thought will keep you posted of all the activities we do here at Vedabhavan so that you can share it if possible in your site too so that devotees can make use of the same.

    To start with, we have prepared the audio recording of Yajur Upakarma and you can publish the same with the link to the vedabhavan site if possible.

    The link http://vedabhavan.org/dharmaprabodhini/yajur-upakarma-avani-avittam-2014/

    The link for Varalakshmi Puja Vidhanam : http://vedabhavan.org/dharmaprabodhini/varalakshmi-vrata-puja-vidhanam/

  106. saraswathikadaksham comes to the site too is itn’t !

  107. Namaskarams,
    I want the address of pune krishnamurthy sasthrigal. Can someone help me in this regard.

  108. Sandhyaavandanam by Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshitar full version anyone has . Kindly send the link

  109. jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

  110. Namaskarams,

    Today I happened to see an interview by ganapathy subramanian and pune krishnamurthy sasthrigal. I wanted to know sasthrigal’s address inorder to send MO. Can you please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

  111. Feeling very sad to hear the sudden
    demise of too many bhakthas in the last few months.

  112. Any other recording by any good speakers on Marriage Customs .Kindly try and let me know

  113. In the interview with chandramouli mama (son of periyavas poorvashrama sister) he says about mahaperiyavas gothram , the words were not clear. Can some one tell me what he says as periyavas gothram.

  114. if anyone has the below file also please post the link. This happened in kanchipuram sankara mutt
    17th October 08: “Marriage Customs” – Vedabhasya Ratnam, Brahmasri V G Subramanya Ganapatigal

  115. not only mahesh , anyone who regularly visit this blog can also help me in getting the file

  116. Kindly get the file and upload it so that everyone can enjoy those moments

  117. Vaamanaavataaram discourse given by my guruji brahmasri. V. G. Subrahmanya ghanapatigal @ salem on 22nd June. Occasion was d upanayanam of Salem Bhaskar’s son chi. Purandara vitthalarama Sarma.

  118. Kindly post the vamana avatharam discourse by V.G. Subramanian Ganapatigal at salem last month ..

  119. I heard Smt. Amba Kamakshi song on akaara periyava ashotra, very nice to hear, can you help to download this audio file, i tried, couldn’t download

  120. Dear sri.Mahesh and sri Sivaraman,
    Thank you for this wonderful website and the amazing interviews with blessed souls. Heartfelt appreciation for your yeomen service. May GOD bless you. I stumbled upon your site a month or so ago and now I am hooked. After reading this blog I retrieved from my late parents home a full album of black and white pictures of maha periyava and pudu periava. My father late Shri N.Viswanthan was a professional photographer and was blessed to have had the opportunity to take so many pictures of them. I think it is their visit to madras in 1965 ( may be their camp at sanskrit college). Periyava sitting in a flower decked palanquin, blessing devotees, pudu periayava astride on an elephant….. There is a picture where periayava is shining the torch on his own face, so that my dad can take the picture as its dark inside the palanquin and the flash light is not adequate. Looks like he clicked the whole pattina pravesham. Will be happy to share them, if you can let me know how. You can reach me at meenakshi_v@yahoo.com if you don’t have such pictures already in your collection. Thank you once again.

  121. My earlier message got posted before completion. I had an excellent darshan of Mahaperiyava’s Parameshti Guru Srimad Sudarsana Mahadevendra Sarasvati Mahaswamigal at his Adishthanam in Illayathangudi on 1st and 2nd June 2014. It was extremely peaceful there.
    There is a Yajur Veda patasala with 5 vidyarthees next to the Adhishtanam. There was a photo of this Periyava (I will confirm shortly) just at the entrance which I would like to share after confirmation. Mahesh let me know the way to do it. I am not on the social media.

    N Subramanian

  122. Sri gurupyo nam aha. Thanks a lot for your blog. I am currently in US and by Mahaperiyava’s grace had a chance to hit upon your blog. I am really blessed and thrilled to know about Mahaperiyava’s greatness. I wish to know more with His blessings and share the nectar with everyone around me. Thanks once again

  123. om sri gurubhyo namaha. . can u please enlighten us about Mathur swamigal, please.? We heard that He is following the footsteps of our mahaperiyava .please tell us about Him.

  124. It is for Go shla. I have some issues to transfer from my nidian a/c. Since i live in chicago I want to know if I can pay in US .

  125. The posts dates few years back. So wanted to know if they are still looking for contributions. Also l’d like to know if there is a local (US) account that we can transfer to. Thanks!

    • not sure on what context you asked that question….if you are asking for veda patasala – no. If you are asking for cow protection – yes, please see my recent posting on cow protection rescue mission Tuticorin….you don’t have to pay me anything – you can pay directly to the team that is rescuing the cows…

  126. How do I enquire details about a goshala under the head
    samrakshanam. I dont see any reply button there.

  127. Mahaperiawa has entered my life too .. When i writing HIS name in this blog ..Mahaperiyava – word correction has given me the option Imperishable , and when i tried writing Mahaperiawa it gave me Maharishi… I see HIM everywhere and in everything.

  128. We are ardent devotees of Kanchi Maha periawa. So many miracles we have experienced. He is omnipresent.we HV seen Him and He has spoken to my children and me. What a heavenly experience.even now He talks to us. Often have Darshan of His Holiness at His Adhishtanam in Kanchi mutt.

  129. Why was the tv programme on Kanchi MAHA periawa abruptly stopped on Friday 11 April.the programme started with the happenings in three diff families.suddenly they showed about MAHA periawa and ended.this is very insulting.what happened to those three families. Want to know the reason for this abrupt end.we are worshippers of MAHA periawa.please give an answer

  130. Hari Om Mahesh
    I tried to send a comment but it failed. So, resending it. I want to know if there is anyone who can conduct the daivathin kural classes in R.T.Nagar Bangalore, India. If you know anyone, please let me know

  131. The US panchang inthis blog is based on eastern time or central time?

  132. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  133. I checked I doesn’t say anything about gothiram

  134. Wonderful site. Am really addicted. Can you tell me which is mahaperiyava’s poorvashrama gothram.

  135. Hi Mr. Mahesh,
    You are doing a phenomenal job in giving us valuable material on Periyava. We eagerly wait for your interviews with his devotees. Please do continue this great service.

    If by any chance you, are connected to the crew of Mahangalum Adhisayangalum please do share these comments with them…. Good initiative. However way too far from perfection in terms of depiction.SOME EVIDENT FLAWS INCLUDE : WRONG MADISAR KATTU FOR WOMEN…THEY ARE WEARING AN IYENGAR KATTU. IYER KATTU WILL BE ON THE OTHER SIDE. SECONDLY, THE LANGUAGE USED IS COMPLETELY NON BRAHMNICAL… I AM SURE THERE IS NO DEARTH OF BRAHMINS IN TAMIL NADU TO BE CASTED IN THIS OPERA… Though the initiative is good, its a murder of depiction… The incident where PERIVA buys vada from an old lady is falsely depicted , as the lady was a Brahmin lady in reality… Someone should save this Serial.

  136. Radhe Krushna , Namaskarams Mahesh,

    I am Magesh from Bangalore. I am very happy to see the kainkaryams you do in spreading the messages of Sri.Sri. Maha periyava.. I would like to know whether any audio version of Deivaththin kural ( in Tamil ) is available anywhere so that who donot find time to read as well all the elderly people can get benifit ?

    Radhe Krushna,


  137. Dear Shri Mahesh,

    I happened to see some of these videos of gifted souls who have shared their direct experiences with the Living God. It would not have been possible without you. Great work. Keep it up. BTW, my grandfather was said to have been an ardent devotee of Maha periyaval and have done bikshas and paada pooja and Periyava had titled my grandpa as ‘ksheeram’ venkataraman ( because he had given lots of cow’s milk ) in those days. My grandpa was from kumbakonam. As Balu mama mentioned about Dunlop Krishnan, I remember he was close friend of my Athimber (Late G.Krishnamoorthy alias Cauveri ) from palakkad. I had an opportunity to see periyaval once when my father (Late V.Balakrishnamoorthy, Pammal, Chennai) took the family once to kanchipuram. I was a school boy and was not knowing much about periyavaa then. we as kids just prostrated shaashtangama. I repent now for having missed him for my life. I remember an instance my father (who’s no more now) had told me once. He went to see periyavaa once to request some rudrakshaas and distribute to people in our town during kumbabishekam of a local temple in our place. As usual there was a long queue and my father was there in the morning and when it was his turn he introduced himself and requested periyavaa about the purpose of his visit to get some rudrakshaas. Periyavaa simply told him to wait pointing a corner around that place. And my father was waiting anxiously but slowly loosing his patience because he had to come back to Chennai the same evening. And this was going on till 2 in the afternoon. To my father’s surprise suddenly someone from north India had come with a bag of rudrakshaas and he was offering it to periyavaa. Accepting that, periyavaa looked at my father and called him “indha nee ketaye, rudraksham, appadiye edithuko” with a smile and had said “poyi saaptuto kelambu”. OMG, what an enlightenment it was!

    Our family believes that it is our grandpa’s service we are still having the blessings of periyavaa forever.

  138. Hi Mahesh

    I found this piece of writing about Mahaperiyava — http://anuradhamahesh.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/periyava__music_-bmn_m_urthy.pdf while searching for music compositions on Periyava. One such composition by Maharajapura Santhanam — Thillana in Basanth Bihar – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u15H9RiJApg


  139. Dear Mahesh

    I am one among the billions of viewers of this great site. also I had one quality any body can call is good or bad. I never fail to point mistakes . Two glaa ring examples one on Mahalaya Paksha. Sannkalpams
    and other the Adyar Ananda Padmanabhasamy Temple. REgarding latest Kumbabishekam. Itt would have been that the Kumbabkishekam was performed during August 2012 instead of will be celebrated during August 2012. When I pointed out the misakes still he same under moderation. In case when find out any correction to be done, you can verifiy with learned persons about these corrections and if prima facily it is in correct it can be sttraigfht away accepted. I get mail seeking confimation, tthe proceedure for the confirmation may please be informed. But the two instances I have pointed out definitely needs acceptance by the modrator. As I have already informed you already , I want to hand over one copy of Kajaranya Mahathmayam when you come to India/Tiruchy

  140. I am Krishnasrinivas, my dad is N.Raman, back in old days, he used to stay with HH Mettur swamygal when both were working as chemical engineer in mettur chemicals, I have met Swamygal couple of times, truly divine. My dad remembers him well.

  141. where is kanchi periyavar’s samadhi? pls inform me…

  142. “Rejuvenation for all ” is the essence of our religion with catalyst like involvement if so is the application of religion then patience and perseverance is the only essentially and with this the erstwhile souls have rendered Himalayan service .

  143. without knowing the sanskrit and its ‘ essence of religion especially hindu religion our ancestors have sacrificed themselves from time immemorial just for the sake of rituals and that too without assurance of end results without any tangible gadgets except bamboo sticks and only with shear faith and now the applying Einsteins theory of relativity of time space and event , now the space should be midway between the earth and heaven with all pancha boothas to have effective reality of religion which is very easily done by space scientists of course with scientific gadgets for metaphysical application. and the soul selects its own society the poem written by i forgotten

  144. we are BLESSED TO BE CONTEMPORARY of Mahaperiyava the paramaathma the chord of infinity to the cosmic world must have a nodal place on this punya boomi the india that is why we have Darshan of great rishis it is philosophy phenomena only very very few can resolve and thankful for this wonderful website and i feel blessed again and fortunate enough to come across the url of this site
    thank you

  145. Dear Mahesh ji & all other contributors to this site. This site has helped me in refining my life through the divine blessing of the ‘voice of God’ – ‘Deivathin Kural’ – by Mahaswami – Ever since I started reading this site and Mahaswami’s experiences through his devotees, I have done the small humble bits as below:
    1) Started to wear only traditional dress while at home and while going around near by places.
    2) Started to do Sandhyavandhanam ( which I have been constantly doing from my upanayanam ) with more commitment.
    3) Joined a sat-sangh at near by Shankara mutt @ Adambakkam (Chennai) and started learning Sandhyavandhanam with correct swaram.
    4) Started and in progress of learning Krishna Yajur Vedam at the same above mentioned place – all these during the weekends evening.
    5) Daily reciting Vedic chants after Sandhya vandhanam – bought Mahan Sri Anna ( Ramakrishna Mutt)’s book on Sandhya Vandhana Bhashyam.
    6) Learnt of Gho Samrakshana and its importance as stressed by Maha Swamiji – in this regard, I happened to see a link in Late Sri Gopalaswami’s posting and visited http://www.goseva.net and recently become a humble Gho – Sevakar.
    7) After going through http://www.goseva.net – given up using leather products – changed my watch strap to metal, switched to synthetic leather ( faux leather ) shoes, slippers and purse – using only rubber slippers else where, when ever possible, spreading the message of Gho – Samrakshana – its spirituality and economics of protecting cows.
    8) Many happy things are starting to occur around me because of this – even things that were falling apart in office and home – have miraculously started to get in shape and calmness prevails in my life.

    Thanks again – and please keep up this good work for many people like me.

    Thanks and regards,


  146. I wanted to comment on the blog article “Deivathin Kural” but the comments were closed. SO, I’m just putting my thoughts here.
    Sometime back I wrote to Math asking if they have an website where Deivathin Kural can be bought online. Even though I didnt get any response, I could sense that they would be having a difficulty in terms of finding volunteers or technology. It would be really great if an online store be added ( Like the one’s Sri Ramakrishna Mutt has).

  147. Dear Mahesh,

    You are doing a Noble Service and created more faith and bhakthi on Sri Maha Periyava in the minds of so many new readers.
    Let Sri Maha Periyava bless you for ever.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  148. Radhekrishna , i am Tanjore Subramaniam currently based in Coimbatore , i have no words to express for this divine service undertaken by you , indeed its all his grace, you are blessed to be selected to do this activity,this site has gone long way in making people understand mahaperiava and his preachings and after readings through the posts there are changes in people and are taking right path as advocated by periava.

    My best wishes to you.


  149. Mr Mahesh Thanks very much… Really you are a blessed soul

  150. Hi. Thank you for providing other devotees like me with such a splendid blog. I am one of the ardent devotees of Maha Periyava. He had come to rescue me in many critical situations in my life and hope his blessings are showered upon me in the future also.

    During one of the most difficult phases in my life, He helped me to regain my original life. At that time i made a promise by heart to him that when ever I have a opportunity I will donote a part of my earnings to Vedhas. I want to help students learning vedha. but i dont know any vedha schools. I would be very grateful if you or any of the blog visitors can provide me with some vedha school address or phone numbers.Thanks in advance.

  151. Ramram
    Great work.unfit to comment. Pranams

  152. Sairam Mahesh..

    My name is SrideviKIshore..Greattt work..U are really a blessed Soul.. U haven’t mentioned ur email id.Can u Pls send me a test mail.srisai825@gmail.com


  153. Dear proprietors (Mahesh sir and Sivaraman sir and other blessed souls), I’d like to request your permission to share Periyavaal’s videos on my website (now under construction). At the behest of Shri Bala Periyavaal, my website will be for the sake of promoting Sanathana Dharma and providing online resources for the same. I will give you full and due credit for all videos, of course. Jaya jaya Shankara, Hara hara Shankara.

  154. Hi. Could you please provide with the address of Hosur Sri Ganesan. Would like to visit this blessed soul.

  155. Hi Mahesh,
    I watched some of the interviews that you have posted and I am awestruck at the passion and devotion that you have on Maha Periyava. To be honest, I am not a great devotee of Maha Periyava except the fact that I used to tell my friends that the only sage who look so real is HH. But such is the power of HH that a sequence of events led me to you. My friend had shared a Crazy Mohan interview about Madras. I started watching it and stumbled across another interview of him where he talked about “Deivathin Kural”. He told about this book so many times that prompted me to do a, as usual, google search. Then I started watching your interviews and kept watching for more than 3 hrs now when suddenly thought that I should appreciate and thank for all your efforts in recording all these interviews. This is where I think HH shows his blessings. I got your blog and searched about you when I found your profile in LinedIn and that you work for Cognizant. Still more, I still couldn’t believe that there is only one person by your name in the whole of cognizant (atleast my Web outlook showed only your name) making my search easy (Periyavas kindness). To make things so pleasant for me is that you are working out of Chicago and in EIM which is the same as mine 🙂 I am pleased to be in the same circle as you are and I am very much interested in doing a part to this divine cause. I hope to talk to you sometime if you are free. I can be reached at 2245380578 and my mail id is rnmuralee@gmail.com

  156. With every devotee’s heart, he is live with his mission;
    Through every devotee’s mind, his strategic plan is accomplished;
    Every devotee has to perform his life time preaching to bring glory of Hindu sanatana Dharma.

    In that way, you have taken his mission with the power of your tech.

    I am here with you blog, bringing a request to be through http://www.vvvipfoundation.org , a mission of Mahaswami still strangling for attention. If you can do something on this front, please do and we take this as a great leap to make it happen.

  157. while mettur does not entertain any talk on comparison of singeri and kanchi he gladly discusses a lot about mahaperiava and sivaraman is blessed to have dearshan of him regularly. whenever mahesh comes to india he can always visit mettur at govindapuram and any talk of periava he will be tirelessly speaking. one would be amazed at his knowledge on saivasiddhanta now a days!!! He was unwell and has since recovered fully by periavas grace. once should visit the tapovanam at govindapuram where periavas temple is there and where mettur also dwells. such a nice and calm place and such a lot of hospitality. blessed are those.

    • Mama,

      I had a great opportunity to get darshan of HH Mettur in my last trip. I spent 30-45 mts with few others and one full hour with Him alone! It was absolutely a great environment and that conversation meant a lot to me! I intend to visit Him everytime I go to India.

      • during 1957 @ kancheepuram I had an oppurtunity to stay in the Matam for about a fortnight.I was lucky to be with Maha periava in close proximity.and has occational personal conversations.As ordered by Him I got Vedhadhyayanam am that much lucky.by his grace.

  158. Hi Mahesh,
    I have been following this blog for quite some time.Its truly an amazing work It is a treaure house of knowledge and information on the Acharyas for the future generation.

    Recently my mom had visited Kanchi mutt. She got introduced to ” Annamma Paati” an ardent devotee of Maha periyava ( infact devotee of all three acharyas).She has donated her house worth crores to the mutt.( which is the current Vanchinaathan trust , just opposite to the Kamakshi amman temple). she resides in a small room in the mutt.

    I tried to figure out if any video of Annamma paati is available.However I didn’t come across any.

    It would be really nice to hear her experiences. Can you please post a video interview of paati (If not taken already).Or I can also try taking a video and sending it to you if needed.

    Please let know.

    Thanks & regards.

  159. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    Even though we ( my (late) parents and kith & kin) are all devotees of Maha Periyava, my devotion to HIM is intensified in 2011, after my retirement
    when I suddenly received the Sage Kanchi mail from one of my well wisher. So I will be ever grateful to you Sir. Yours is the real Manava seva..
    I pray and wish that you, your family members and the entire team of Sage Kanchi will continue to receive the Anugraham of Maha Periyava always.

  160. Mahesh
    I came across this video (sent by my friend Venkat in Toronto).
    Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge–Full Length
    If appropiate, could you please review and publish?
    Vazhga Valamudan,
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

    • As per an. Author. All. Scientists. Philosophers. Etc, Helpful. To. Mankind. Are. Rishis. Thanks. For. The. Video. The. Presenter. Is. Also. My. Guide/guru. His. Talks. Are. Illuminating. I certain. Aspects,, persons. Like. Sagan, whitehead, referred to. Therein. Are. Rishiss. One. Master. Revealed. That. Dirac is airship. Even. Perils a. Indicated asramams. Of. Rishis. In. California. ,in. Siberia. Rishis Are. Not. Limited. ToIndia. Only. Then. Why. There. Is. A Divergence. Among. Followers. Direct. Is. A British. Physcisist

  161. Dear Sir,
    I am in London. Many thanks for your service… Can you pls share your contact details? I need to speak to you sir regarding my donations to some people you interviewed.. – Gowtham

  162. Mahesh : Thank you very much ofr your wonderful and thankless service. I will like ot have your email id and that of the gentleman from Chicago area. I am also known as Valady Madhu Send your reply to my email id only V L Swaminathan ( Valady madhu) 0620ist 130113

  163. A humble request: Please arrange an interview with Shri Selvaraj, the Sarathi to Parthasarathi (Mahaperiyava) Himself. He currently resides at the Math and is always by Periyavaal’s Adhishtaanam chanting “Ram Ram.” That Thatha has a treasure chest of wonderful stories. He is also very sweet to talk to and any financial help from devotees to this beautiful soul is also beseeched.

    • Kindly provide the contact number Shri Selvaraj, if you have. I will pass it to Sivaraman sir.

    • Kindly provide the contact number of Shri Selvaraj, if you have. I will pass it to Sivaraman sir.

      • I don’t think that Thatha has a phone so calling any of the two Periyavaal’s Sevakas may be your best bet. He is normally besides Maha Periyavaal’s Adhishtaanam all day so he should be easy for them to find even if Shri Sivaraman chooses to call them. Either way, I will be going to Mahaswami’s Aradhana on the 8th. I’ll inquire around and let you know.

      • I was at the Aradhana the other day. He doesn’t have a phone or a contact number but said he is always at the Math and is happy to oblige anytime Mr. Sivaraman drops by.

      • Further clarification. He can almost invariably be found with a brown Dhoti and can be identified by his constant loud “Ram Ram” chanting.

  164. Dear Mahesh

    Thank you very much for posting the videos and for this blog. You have no idea how much this means to us. For somebody who has had the privilege of Mahaperiyava’s darshan only once…this is a true blessing. If there is anything that I can do to help you in this endeavor, please do not hesitate to let me know.

  165. Dear Mahesh….

    Firstly i would like to thank you from bottom of my heart for providing us with this wonderful videos of MahaPeriyava.. i am 26 yr old guy now. I did not have the privileged of having MahaPeriyava’s Dursan… i am not a great and true devotee like you all also… i am a very below normal human filled with worldly interests..watching these videos, i am indeed very much jealous of you all…u all have such a ardent devotion to Periyava and this will keep you all in a great place in life….hope MahaPeriyava will accept me into his devotees list and be with me always…. your videos have transformed me a lot ! thanks for sharing !

    Koti Pranams

  166. Nameskaram. I am R.Balasubramaniyan working in Doha, Qatar. Please send Dr.Sivaraman Phone No; I want to meet him. I am come to India on 21st December 2012 for my Annual Vaccation. I want to do some resanable donation as per HH Paramacharya.

  167. This is a great effort by all involved. This will not be possible without the blessing of His Holiness Paramacharya. Please let me know how I can share any information / article on HH Paramacharya to this group.

  168. Congrats. and great effort. May the blog prosper in Maha Periyava’s Grace!

  169. Dear Mahesh,

    My Namaskarams to you….Amazing Divine Efforts…. Absolutely no words to explain your Enthu, Energy and Bhakthi…
    By God’s grace I’m too with Cognizant now…I’m live in New Jersey now. When I came to the USA 5 months back, I badly missed MahaPeriva, Seshadri Swamigal and Sri Ramana Maharishi..(my stupid ignorance even now is that they are in India only..) This blog is the only resource, indeed a blessing for me, making me feel as if I’m in India and near Periva as well…:-)

    My sincere thanks……If you don’t mind please let me know your contact details. One sincere request, I have been longing for more than 2-3 years to hear Pradhasham mama’s voice and also see his photo. With your help, I heard his speech on Bhakthi today. It would be great if you could share or help me get his divine Photo..

    My email id: sesharudhran@gmail.com


    Balaji A

  170. Dear Mahesh,

    This site came to my attention as someone posted a bit of Sri Tiruvannamalai Gowri Sankar’s interview translation to me.
    So dense I was that even after being swept away by the Mahaperiyava’s answer( about the vedic language being the most ancient and pro genitor of all languages) I didn’t bother to look at the link that was posted below.
    I then forwarded that email to some other friends and one elderly mama told me that he also looked at the link which led to this website.
    Only curiosity led me to this site. I can tell you that this is one of the first things I do when I log into the machine. Seeing the videos brings a feeling of joy and sorrow, joy that such a mahaan lived and interacted with all of us and showed us the lofty ideals of our motherland. But sorrow also, because we were not fortunate to be blessed by his saanidhyam.
    I have visited Kanchi and seen Mahaperiyavaa 3 times, I was in college and my thatha and periyathata took me, amma and a chiti there. I saw Him, and nothing much else, some ladies burst into song. I could have been a stone or a tree. He went away and we also headed back after lunch at a hotel.The second time was with my parents which had a larger impact, but nothing personal.The third time was after my son was born.
    I wish that things had been different . And it hits me hard when I see the others more fortunate than me.
    I also had a chance to see Sri Ganesa Sarma’s video interview. He recounts a saptaham at Nelicherri with Nochur where Nochur did a Bhagavata saptaham and Sri Sarma did one on Mahaperiyava corresponding to the Bhagavatam. Could you please post this?
    My salutations heartfelt gratitude to you to bring Periyavaa within my reach.
    Another thing, would you write more on Pradosham mama and his interaction with Mahaperiyavaa as well?

    Sorry for the long post,

  171. I am sure that this is indeed created by Mahaswami himself through you . A great blessing for his devotees. I am from chennai and currently live in Hyderabad and my number is 8106801414 and mail is mani_343@rediffmail.com. I was fortunate to see the Nadamadum theivam twice as Moolavigraham between 1989 to 1993. And since then have been longing for his grace. I am sure every ardent devotee of Mahaswami will follow this blog and I will consider most fortunate if I am able to establish links with them. May His grace guide to in all your actions. Hearty reverences to you.

  172. Benediction of Kamakshi thoughts plunged into Mr.Mahesh mind in the form of bringing interviews of devotees on Lord Paramacharya. we all are blessed by reading this blog on Paramacharya. But I found some of them even they saw the Almighty swaroopa but still the ego does not drop not even in to Millimeter.I really admired some of them they shed tears when they are talking about Lord Paramacharya. Maha swamigal never had felicities such as someone behind waving the hand fans( visiri in Tamil, Visanakarra in Telugu) but i saw one devotee discussing about benediction of Mahaswamigal behind I saw this scenes. I have only one dream in this if Mahesh could get blessing interview on Mettur Swamigal this entire web content attains totality. Even now I dont understand among the devotees who different see the Sringeri and Kanchi mutt different. If Adi Sankara did not established this Matha Paramacharya swamigal never told this is not peeta of Adi Sankara. Mahaswamigal speaks only truth but he knows all. Mahaswamigal only found the Srisaialm penance place of Adi Sankara and how Adi Sankara family moved to Kalady( Tafe Ganesan speaks).Even Acharyal of Sringeri also in all the anugraha Bhashanam reiterates only four mathas by Adisankara( Dakshinamyna). This hurts like anything to me when Sri Kanchi kamakoti is not told by any Achrayas. But Maha swamigal always has reverence to Srigeri math and He quoted many times on Sri. Chandra Sekhara Bharathy Swamigal.
    I have only one dream the two acharyas of Sringeri and Sri Kamakoti gave a darsan the whole devotees will be showered like Kanakadhaara storam. when this day comes only Sri Kamakshi and Sri Saradamatha knows abut their kids of two peetas.

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

    • I have met HH Mettur Swamigal and He does not even allow photos etc. So interviewing Him is not possible. However, there are lots and lots of handwritten papers by Him when He accompanied Periyava in several yatras. I will find a way to get them published.

      Kanchi and Sringeri differences – they are there for ages – not sure if we can completely eliminate them. At least in my blog, there are no such feelings – I post articles from both the mutt. That is all I can do!

      • Dear Mahesh,

        In one of the Sapthāham on Maha Periyavāl, it was said that Adi Sankara Bhagavatpādā established 4 Mutts (rather Houses!) for the continuation of Sanāthana Dharma and Advaithā on the whole. However, Bhagavatpādā had to have his own House right? He established Kanchi Mutt as His own House and made it a Sarvajna Peetam. And the Great Lineage still continues!

        I left a separate note/comment (a detailed one) to you earlier. I know you will be held up with hectic schedules. Kindly let me know after checking my previous messages.

        Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!!

        With Warm Regards,

    • There is a book on DOB of Adi Shankara, IT is a 200 page treatise, by Kanchi Mutt. It answers most your querries.

  173. Dear Mahesh,

    I hope you are busy with multiple activities. Did you happen to check my previous post to you? I don’t have your direct email id to be contacted. Please check my previous post above (when you have time) and let me know.


  174. Dear Mahesh,

    I am Sriram, working as a Consultant in Infosys. I am in Perth, Australia currently and was glad to see my ex-organization name in this page! Yes, my career started with Cognizant only. I hail from Thanjavur and born & brought up in the old time capital city (now a town !!) itself :-). I am an ardent devotee of MahA PeriyavAl and used to collect lots of artifacts related to PeriyavA. I have been following your blog without missing each and every post. It’s really an amazing service which you are providing to all of the people and help the younger generation in knowing about the God who lived (and living with us still) during our time. Very heartening to see and read anything and everything about PeriyavA.

    I have a collection of 13 audio files on PeriyavAl which I got my one of my friends way back and I used to listen very often. It’s a SaptAham (discourse) on PeriyavAl’s life, PeriyavAl’s miracles and more importantly His Upadesams. I would like to contribute those files as part of your blog and let all the BhaktAs enjoy listening about PeriyavA 🙂

    Let’s stay in touch!


    • dear sriram, r u now in perth still? i am in perth now and feeling soo much deserted. if there is some one periyava bhaktha then it would be great to know them.

  175. A masiha for paramacharya devotees. like me.. At present I am in chicago with my grand children. If destined would like to meet

    • Interesting….where in Chicago you live? I live near Algonquin…..You need to take one of the Elgin exits (Randall Road) exit on I-90 West. Pl call me when you’re free.

  176. It appears many ardent devotees of Periva are in Cognizant Technology Solutions !!!i

    Excellent Un-tring work done needs special appreciation.

    Best wishes and blessings.

  177. Dear Mahesh,

    Thanks for postings of Shri Narayanan Bala’s paintings. As we all know, without Mahaperiyava’s blessing, it is not possible. I paint Mahaperiya. http://umeshsadasivam.blogspot.in/

    Can you please send me your mail ID? I will forward my paintings.

    Umesh S

  178. Dear Shri Mahesh
    Thank you for your wonderful service. I am not far from you as I hail from Valady. Shri Maha periva visted our Village Valady tfour five occasions , earliest one bing the year around 1910 immediately ascending to Kanchi Mutt ( as told by my parents, grandparents). On three occasions in 1969 1976 our ancestral house was used by His Holiness for their camp. Can I have your email id and phone no? I will talktoy you without disturbing you much
    Valady Swaminathan

  179. Mahesha! what a beuatiful blog on Sarvesha! Thanks to your monumental efforts we get to taste a few sprinkles, drops, tidbits and trivias from the occean called Mahaperivaa.

  180. Dear Mr.Mahaesh,
    Yours is an yeomen service to all the Hindus all over the world. I have been following your blog on a daily basis, for the past one year or more. I am also a dhasaanu dhasan of Mahaperiava, but, unfortunately ,I had never had a dharsan of the living GOD. I realised HIS Greatness after reading Bharaneetharan and Ra.Ganapathy. As an atonement to what I have missed in my life ( I consider that as the greatest loss in my life, as such Avatars happen only once in a few centuries), I started doing His paintings and sketches. I have done about 50 so far and continue to do. I have got some of my paintings in my face book wall. You are welcome to it. You can search as Narayanan Bala.
    Once again, thanks for your Divine service and May Mahaperiava bless you with long life and good health to continue this,

  181. Mr mahesh
    i need to know whether we can join u in attaching photos etc. if so how do i go about?

  182. chithra——- my neighbour is an old man 96 yrs old and seemed to have spent many occasions with Mahaperiyavaa.i wish if your office could find time to approach him to cover his experiences with Mahaperiyavaa and upload in this site. Since he is very old, pl make it faster to do the needful. iam chithra and my mailid is chithracb_00@yahoo.com and i shall be contacted –9840623937.

  183. one of my relatives, who is a great devotee of MAHA PERIYAVA desires to share his personal experience with PERIYAVA in the form of video.Let me kindly know as to how to proceed in this matter and whom to be contacted?

    • Please provide a contact number. I will check your relatives availability/free time and inform Sivaraman sir. You may reach me at 9710401004

  184. Mr Mahesh,
    I am very grateful for this site.I have learnt about Mahaperiyavaa a lot and told my kids too. Thank you.I am planning to visit Kanchipuram with my kids,of course only with the blessings of the “GURU”!My uncle has a problem downloading the video interviews( currently in India)Is there a possibility that he could have copies of CD’s available for him to watch? Also my email id is rgeeta06@gmail.com,could you please reply to this email id?

  185. Periyava Sharanam. Mahesh, could you please notify people about the Satyamangalam (near Erode) Athi Rudram. It is a dream come true project. Details available on http://www.jagadgurutrust.com

  186. How do i contact you? I am based out of Chennai

  187. Namaskaram sir – This blog is excellent.Can i get the download link for soundarya lahari en karyam by mahaperiyavam – not able to get it downloaded. My mail id is bharathirajesh3@gmail.com.

  188. Namaskaram

    You have a wonderful collection of mahaperiyava on your blogspot. May god bless you bestow you with the best.

    I heard you have periyavas paduka and take it around for Pooja. I live in Cincinnati and would love to host such an event and be blessed.
    Kindly let me know if this is possible?

    Lots of regards

    Uma Ram

  189. Dear Sir,

    My name is Hariprasad & i am in Bangalore. I listen to the videos posted by you regularly. Maha periava has appeared in my father’s dream few times . He will be interested to share his experiences. We have the padhukaas of Mahaperiava at our house in Chennai. Can you please give your contact details .. My no : 91-99002 35554 . My email : prasadhari@yahoo.com

  190. Hello Mahesh, -Few days back only i came to know about this great work towards periyavaa.I would like to contribute my share towards Veda Rakshan,Is still accept donation or it is closed ? Please let me know

  191. namaskarams. Based on Kalakadu Dr Seetalakshi interview, I am interested in the MP3 of Lalitha Geetha Narayanam.

    Where can I find the MP3?

    HIS blessings will be with you for your great service.

    • I do not know 🙂 I did a google search and nothing came up. I suggest talking to some sastrigals/vedic pundits to know more….

      • Hi mahesh- I also want convey my wishes to you for this great effort. Can you pl guide where I can go and find photographs of periyava. There are lot in net, but I want to go and check in stores.i did finds big painting in VIT, mount road, but was not sure if I will be able to maintain that big portrait.

        All the videos after watching we feel blessed. I have made it a habit to watch one each night before sleep.

        Sathish ganesan

  192. No description can bring home the great contribution from you. Yes, we all agree that this work cannot happen unless it has the devine grace of Mahaperiyava. Devinity has it’s own way of spreading message, We will offer all this great work back to divinity it-self. For long i have been contemplating the idea of bringing DEIVATHIN KURAL as “AMAR CHITRA KATHA”, for the younger generation. I think you and your team should spear-head this work as well. .

    Namaskarams to you.

  193. Namaste,

    Your site is most uplifting and harmonious.
    Reading the articles and watching the video interviews which are so beautiful and simple and natural, brings peace of mind and a hope and courage to the mind and heart.
    Somedays we are just too overwhelmed and life seems such an uphill task. At such times these videos especially fill us with great peace and lightness and reiterate the bhavam of saranagathi.
    Thank you sir, for your enormous service.

  194. Hi Mahesh,

    All the experiences are really good and give more light on Maha periyava. Thanks for the great job.

    I need a help from you. I had many wonderful experiences with Mahaperiyava and like to share the same with all.
    I painted Mahaperiya in 1982 and he blessed the picture and said he is in that picture and no need to come kanchipuram to see him. That picture has high power and many miracles happens in our house after that.
    For one of my Ramar patabhisekam paintings Mahaperiyava did Thanda Namaskaram and said Rama came to see him. He was very happy on that Sri Ramanavami day and I also got a great chance to sing my own composition song on Mahaperiyava near his ears and he was so happy and blessed me. He also asked Sri Vedapuri mama to represent him for my marriage and blessed us with one silver coin as his gift to me with prasadam.

    We are celebrating Mahaperiya Jayanthi regulaly with homam and pooja every year and invite everyone for the same.

    Like this I had and still feel him with me at all the times. I like to share all these with every one. Please give me your contact number.My number is 9600064140. , 044-22482982.I am in Pallavaram, Chennai.


  195. Hello Sri.Mahesh

    I got a forwarded mail yesterday on the subject Vedic language as the oldest language.I was quite fascinated and I watched the video interview with Shri.Gowrishankar.I was looking for a hint of that verse they are discussing here.Can you tell me the exact verse in both Rig Veda and the Hebrew verse? I think if we quote that verse and the corresponding sound changes to the vowels/ words/letters,it would be more helpful. For people like me who don’t have much knowledge on Vedas but have staunch faith in it, knowing this realation will be more helpful particularly in an environment where people expect proof for almost everything.When I forwarded this mail to my friends,the obvious question was what verse was that or atleast how to transpose.Can you help me here.

    It’s a great work that you are doing.We really appreciate that.

    Indira Lakshmi Narasimhan.

  196. Hi Mahesh!

    From the above article:
    “In Vedas it is mentioned that the world has been classified into 32 portions/regions. And in each of the 32 geographic regions, Vedas say how the Veda Aksharas have changed/pronounced in those places!”

    Do you have any more information on the above topic, either on your site or elsewhere? I have always wondered why we have so many languages in the world, and what would prompt our ancestors to start making different sounds (seemingly) ‘at random’ to create entirely new languages (vocabulary + grammar). Even if many of these languages are related, why would there be need at all to create lesser/imperfect languages compared to Sanskrit/Tamil?!

    But after reading this article, it appears that these apparently very different languages may not be all that different at all! I find it quite intriguing in fact that Vedas are directing people to say things differently in different regions (32)!! Therefore, I would like to get more information on this, if possible.

    Would greatly, greatly appreciate if you could provide me the information or point me in the right direction. It is not possible/practical for me, for example, to join a gurukul in India and learn Vedas and Sanskrit. Next life, may be, but not in this one.)

    Many thanks in advance,
    Gob bless –

    PS: I’ll try to post the above as a reply to the original poster also, to see if he can provide more information on this.

  197. Hi,

    RE: “Vedic language is the Oldest Language in
    the world – Kanchi Mahaperiyavaa – from Gemini

    Recently, a friend of mine forwarded me the above article. His email ended with the line,

    “Translated from Thiruvannamalai Shri Gowrishankar’s
    tamil video interview in http://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com

    Would you please point me to the original tamil video interview?

    Many thanks.

  198. Dear Sri Mahesh,
    Finally I found what I wanted through you. May I request you to please e mail me at srithang65@orcon.net.nz your contact details please. I want to talk to you at length.

    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara.


  199. What a payback to the Young & future generation.

    A humble suggestion : There can be a section witn Veda classes in this wonderful site, to benefit the future generation learn veda (E-learning ?). People who wants to learn veda but not able to pursue the Veda parayanam can benefit out of it. The preaching of Vedam spreads to many generations.

    And more, there can be a ‘Sandhyavandanam’ class on a E-learning portal, stress the importance and duty of a Brahman to perform Sandhyavandanam. etc.

    Thanks to my beloved mama Shri. Ramasamy who let me know about this great portal.

    • Is this Madhu? Good to be connected with you after several decades…..

      Great idea. On sandhyavandhanam, I have some material, links etc, which I will add..mon r-learning Vedas, I am against it(!) as Veda should be learnt in the old fashioned way….from the vadhyar to the student directly…that is my stand…that is what Periyava instructed too.

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

      • Mahesh..this is a great effort and thanks for consolidating and sharing information about Maha Periyava..I live in the chicago land area and have been trying to learn Rudram and Chamakam for a while but have not been able to find a teacher. Do you know someone who teaches suktam, Rudram and Chamakam? It will be helpful if you could share the information. Appreciate your help.

      • How about creating connecting vathiyars from remote villages to interested vidhyarthis through google hangouts? We can create a e-payment model through which we can create some opportunities for vathiyars in remote locations as well. It can be a good way of veda rakshana.

      • good idea….this however requires lots of supervision and commitment….

  200. Beautiful site, and enjoyed reading and watching all the videos, especially Sri Gowrisankar’s interview was very moving. Could you please let me know where to send the checks , if we have to donate for the Vedha Samrakshana Nidhi. I did not see any address in the site. My email address is g3govi@gmail.com


  201. Greetings and Namaskar the Creator of this Wonderful Site. This is indeed a yeomen service to the devotees of Maha Periyaval. Hv been composing Tamil lyrics on various Deities, particularly Ambal Neelayadakshi of Nagapattinam and my son has helped me to bring out an album of ten of my songs. Hv also written two compositions on Maha Periyaval. When HE was camping in Satara, I took the opportunity to have HIS Darshan and went there. It occured to me that I should show him my composition on Maha Periyaval and started scribbling it on an available piece of paper and instantly a feeling occured that I should not boast about it. The moment I wrote that, He would have known it and therefore, I did not proceed with that scribbling. When I was third or fourth in the queue, the Sage gestured at my side and I thought it was for someone else, but then when His attendant told me that He was calling me, I just shivered and tears rolled down my eyes. Deivam was calling me, an atom of a dust particle and that Deivam was talking to me enquiring about me, my family – What to tell HIM who knew everything? HE Blessed and I felt that I was blessed with the purpose of my life.
    Would like to share those two songs I have written if permitted please and if I can know the email id too. Thanks. May our Maha Periyaval Bless this Site to be known the world over for the World to become the beneficiary.

  202. Hello Sir,
    I want to donate my part to the veda drive. I am in California. If i can get your email address, I can clarify my questions.
    My email is srirams88@hotmail.com


  203. Dear Mahesh

    Excellent work. Thank you so much for the same. There is something that I find is missing in the blogs and I would like to discuss the same with you. Please could you contact me if it isn’t too much trouble. My email id athreyaa@gmail.com


  204. Dear Sir,
    Great work done in consolidating the works of collecting the experiences of devotees of HH Sri. Maha Periyava.The effort taken by you in bringing these experiences in to limelight is very much respectable.

    I am the grandson of Brahmasri Gudalur Ramachandra Sastrigal and we feel very proud on my thatha sharing his experience.

    I was also at Cognizant till December 15,2011 and I am not so fortunate to get in touch with you when I was there. I happened to see this blog very recently after my maternal uncle (Who was with my thatha) told about the interview and let me to search and find it. Please be regularly in touch with me. You can reach me at vijaylogins@gmail.com.
    My mobile -9940086456.

    I wish that your work reaches all people around various corners of the word and get enlghtened.

  205. dear Mr Mahesh
    recd ur mail regarding that u will be available in west mambalam in couple of days
    let me introduce I am R.S.Sivaraman practicing Chartered Accountant in west mambalam, I am an ardent devotee of Sri Mahaperiava .I have collection of more than 280 books on mahaperiava and some photographs also

    If u free at ur visit to west mambalam kindly call me on 9445111150 i will come and meet u

    my email id is sivaramharith@yahoo.com


    • Wow! Amazing collections…..surely will call u and meet …thanks

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

      • Hi Mahesh: Need not say that I am a devotee of MahaPeriyava and a subscriber of your blog on Him. I need a help. Some time back a group from the USA made a trip to Varanasi to do the rites for their forefathers and a write up appeared in your columns if I remember correctly. Is it possible to give the contact nos of the person who organized the whole trip? I need to get some help for my trip to Kashi planned some time in early September this year. If the person is in Chennai I will be doubly happy to meet him. Thanks a lot in advance. Regards. S V Ramakrishnan (ramakrishnansv@ymail.com/9444023566) URGENT

      • Sorry Sir. I don’t recall that and don’t have any of their contacts. >

  206. I was blessed by Maha periyava in the year 1992 or 1993 when I was 10 or 11 year old, I faintly remember him too old sitting in a chair inside the room where His maha samadhi is located now & there used to be a stage , i was standing over the stage just facing him & praying to him without knowing what to ask to this incarnation of shiva. Since then if ever i think of Guru only his face flashes in front of me.

    You are doing a great service to Humanity by sharing the life of a maharishi with people like me who could not live our life along with the sage.

  207. Nice work dude. Please continue your good work.

  208. Glad to see this post. Sri. Rao is out neighbour in Nanganallur. Was fortunate to be with Sri. Sivaraman when the recording was done a few months back.

  209. Thanks for a great service!
    Many in the present generation do not know much about HH Mahaperiyava., His Knowledge and His Teachings. They know Him just a Seer of kanchi Mutt
    Reading all anecdotes is a great learning experience.
    Thanks again to you and your team!
    Venu Ganesan

    • i am blessed to have come across this Great site in deed and thank you

    • I am very much wondering the availability of gold mine in the flash photo object and it is a welcome object flash video indeed good service

      • i am kousalya ramakrishna. my maternal grandfather the late shri s. annadurai iyengar was one of the greatest devotees of Kanchi Mahaperiyavaa. in fact our entire family owe our very existence to Him. so many miracles have taken place in the family and is still taking place that i think its going to take a lifetime to narrate each and every one of it. even today, my family and my brother’s family are tightly holding on to the lotus feet of Mahaperiyavaa knowing fully well that he’ll not let us down. i think this website itself is due to the grace of mahaperiyavaa as he has brought all His devotees under one platform.

    • Many thanks for all your service, I shared few emails, but guess you are a lot occupied.
      All the best, if I can be of some help please do let me know.

    • Nice to see new layout with many new things. Your untiring efforts and poise towards our great Periyava will be blessed by HIM.

      Best wishes.

    • is it right to pronounce as God a saint. Saints are different from Gods They are not omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent. They have amsas but full powers of Gods cannot be attributed to them. They are also prone to mistakes or errors

    • Thank you Mr. Mahesh. I wake up every morning to this divine site and read one work on His Grace. My father and grandmother Smt. Nagalakshmi were great devotees of His Grace Sri Paramacharyal and had the privilege of being called and blessed in a large crowd by His Grace. THANK YOU. I start any celebration after paying my respects to this Maha Sage of our times. Do you have devotee group in Chicago?

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