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Devotee of Sri Kanchi Matam and Mahaperiyava and a strong believer in advaita and guru parampara. We all are blessed to live in the time period of Maha Periyavaa. Let His grace be on us at all times to guide us and elevate us to next level.

  • Deepawali Special by Sudhan

    All artists are busy with their work during this busy Deepawali….Here comes from Sudhan….Brilliant drawing – he has been trying combination drawings for quite some time – with ambal/swami with Periyava – coming out good….Thanks Sudhan for sharing… Umesh &… Read More ›

  • Happy Deepawali

    Thanks to Smt Ranjani Sathyanarayanan for sharing this drawing…Not sure if I have seen this earlier and also not sure who the artist is – done a fantastic job…. On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and… Read More ›

  • Pradosham special from Sri BN Mama

    Mama has been doing several natural scenery drawings lately and now he has combined Periyava with one such drawing that brings enormous beauty… Although, this is an imaginary location, who knows – Periyava might have been to a place like… Read More ›

  • Sri Sivan Sar at Sankarapuram

    Few days back I posted about Sar vigraham getting ready…Today on His Jayanthi day,  Vakkil Anna had sent this photo that the vigraham is ready.. Our namaskaram to this Mahan on this auspicious day!

  • சிவன் சார்! யார் ??- Brief write-up about Sri Sivan Sar’s life history

    Thanks to Smt Bhuvana Siva for the WhatsApp share… சாச்சு. பிரம்மஸ்ரீ சதாசிவ சாஸ்திரிகளின் செல்லப் பெயர் இது. ஆனால், இன்னொரு பெயரும் அவருக்கு உண்டு. அது… ‘சிவன் சார்’! ஆச்சார-அனுஷ்டானங்களைக் கடைப்பிடிக்கும் குடும்பத்தில் பிறந்தவர். எனவே, உரிய வயதில், எல்லாச் சடங்குகளும் நடந்தேறின. கும்பகோணம் டவுன் ஹைஸ்கூலில் கல்வி; பதினோராம் வகுப்பு… Read More ›

  • Humpi

    Humpi, like Tenambakkam and Satara, is another important place where Periyava stayed for quite some time and gave darshan to so many people. We have read so many articles related to Humpi. One of our readers, Sri Venkatesh, apparently visited… Read More ›

  • Interview with Sri Ilanko Kumanan on Dheivathul Dheivam

    Thanks to Sri Karthi Nagarathnam for sharing this link to me. Don’t miss this interview….It is a long interview with commercials and some other clips etc. You can skip some of them and watch the team/brain behind this great work…. Read More ›

  • Sahasra Bhojanam to 1000 Vedic Priests on December 31, 2017!

    Originally posted on Shankara!:
    All the details are mentioned in the above flyers. The organizers need Sponsors for this noble event at a place called Vedal (which is about 10 kms from Kanchi) on December 31st, 2017. Our Acharyas have…

  • Periyava abhaya hastham by Akshaya

    Thanks to Anand Bharadwaj, Dubai who sent his sister’s drawing to me to be shared with  you all for blessings….As per him, she got very rejuvenated after completing the drawing…. She has done a fantastic job in this drawing…Looks like… Read More ›

  • Attention parents…

    This is a very important and a serious and long posting. About 18 months back, I got a call from a lady here in US, whom I never met. Her entire family is very devoted to Sri Matam and she… Read More ›

  • Dheivathul Dheivam – Periyava Drama

    This was probably the talk of the town in Chennai for the past 1 week or so. FB, WhatsApp was flooded with photos, videos etc from this great show! I waited for all the dust to settle before I post… Read More ›

  • New found rare photos

    Thanks to friends in WhatsApp group who shared these….

  • Invitation to HH Mettur Swamigal’s 4th Aradhana Celebration

    The organizers have arranged sampoorna veda parayanam started from yesterday. All are welcome to attend and receive the blessings of Swamigal. Let us pray Him to bless us all with Periyava bakthi. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!    

  • Sivan Sar & Mahaperiyava Poorvashrama Parents at Sankarapuram

    Thanks to Sri Venkatasubramanian Anna for sharing the photos….these vigrahams are getting ready as part of Sankarapuram Temple. It is amazing how tatroopams these vigrahams are….It is always surprising and heartening to know how blessed these stapathis are….I know about… Read More ›

  • Today is Valmiki Jayanthi

    It is celebrated on Purattasi Pournami day. Thanks to Sri Ganapathy for this beautiful article…. வழிப்பறிக் கொள்ளைக்காரன் வால்மீகி முனிவராக ஆனதெப்படி? நன்மையும் செல்வமும் நாளும் நல்குமே தின்மையும் பாவமும் சிதைந்து தேயுமே ஜென்மமும் மரணமும் இன்றித் தீருமே இம்மையே ராம என்றிரண்டு எழுத்தினால். [வால்மீகி முனிவரின் பூர்வ சரிதம்]… Read More ›

  • 3 Periyava books available in US

    Thanks to Kanjira Sri Ganesh Kumar for sending these books to me. He sent about 50 books of “Kanavilum Arulum Periyava”, I think 30 on “Rama Iswara Periyava” and 10 books on “Arutpamalai Pokkishangal”. Click on each image to read about… Read More ›

  • Grill gate completion @Athur patasala

    On behalf of all readers, through KGF, we supported installing grill gate for Athur Patasala temple sometime back. I just received photo today. Sharing with you all… Here is the message from the trustee: “Sir, Namaskarams. Thanks to your support… Read More ›

  • Kuchela Upaakyanam by Dr Veezhinathan mama

    Thanks to Ganapathy Subramanian for sharing this….As Ganapathy mentioned, an outstanding lecture – shows mama’s bakthi and makes every word goes right into our heart! Don’t miss!

  • Attention: Chicagoland Periyava Devotees

    First my apologies to non-Chicago readers for doing this post to address Chicago-only devotees. Chicago devotees – For monthly anusham celebrations, I have been sending emails to many of the folks whom I have in my contacts. I do know… Read More ›

  • Sri Sivan Sar Jayanthi – Oct 14th

    All are welcome to attend…. Honesty is absolute spirituality said Sri Sar….. It is not just enough for us to keep quoting such golden quotes but to follow them as much as possible. If you step back and look, all… Read More ›