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Devotee of Sri Kanchi Matam and Mahaperiyava and a strong believer in advaita and guru parampara. We all are blessed to live in the time period of Maha Periyavaa. Let His grace be on us at all times to guide us and elevate us to next level.

  • Experience with Mahaperiyava by Kalladakurichi Sri Narayanan, BHEL

    Beautiful interview! Interesting thatha – with impeccable memory. Oh boy – he remembers every second of the incidents that happened in his life so far. He recollected not to minutes but even to seconds that happened 40 years back. It… Read More ›

  • Acharya, you can punish me!

    It 1912-1915. Soon after the initiation of Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal as the new peedathipathi of Kanchi mutt, his Vedic studies started at Kumbakonam. Sri Anantharama Sorwthigal was the Vedic tutor (Prathama Adhyapanar) to Periyava.  His teacher was then residing… Read More ›

  • Go to matam – a surprise awaits you!

    I met Sri Sriram of Mumbai in Sri Matam last week and he narrated this incident. As with hundreds of us, he was also longing to get Mahaperiyava padhuka. He reached out to so many people and asked. Almost all… Read More ›

  • Living with Mahaperiyava – Smt Meena Narayanan

    Thanks to Smt Meena and Sri Bharath for this interview. It turned out that Smt Meena is a relative of my friend in Chicago. She has a great story-telling skills – able to captivate the viewers. It is very clear… Read More ›

  • Three fine sketches by Sudhan

    As I have been saying for a long time, one day Periyava is going to really jump out of Sudhan’s drawings and come back to this world to bless us all 🙂 Thank you Sudhan for this drawing….Simply breathtaking! Hara… Read More ›

  • Kainkarya List for 125th Jayanthi from Vignesh Studio

    Originally posted on Periyava Karyam:
    I am pleased to share the kainkaryam list for Jayanthi celebration at Orikkai and Sri Matam. We have witnessed the grand scale of the puja events organized by Sri Kumar in the past. Please show…

  • All-day at Sri Matam

    In Jan when I was here, I was at Sri Matam, watched the puja etc but did not get the darshan of HH Balaperiyava due to various logistic reasons. So, this time, I decided to go to the Matam on… Read More ›

  • Artistic sketch by Ms Kirthana

    What a brilliant and artistic work by Ms Kirthana Subburathinam!

  • Capturing the moment

    Good photography is all about timing and capturing the moment. Here is one such example! Hats off to the photographer. Got this photo from FB.

  • Sri BN Mama & Umesh

    It is so wonderful to see both the great artists together. Although I have seen Umesh’s photo in FB and BN mama’s photo (not so often) it is great to see them together. Apparently, this was taken in Hyderabad.Their contribution… Read More ›

  • Fine ther photos from Trichy

    Found this in FB Trichy page. Very beautifully shot. What a majesty of having swami in the ther and going through the streets with such a large gathering of devotees!

  • A divine bliss – Sri Sri Periyaval’s Anugraha Bhashanam 

      Must watch a thought-provoking talk, indeed. A divine bliss – Sri Sri Periyaval’s Anugraha Bhashanam 15 நிமிஷ ஒரே வீடியோவில் பல அற்புதமான விஷயங்கள் அடங்கிய தெய்விக குரல்: * கங்கை நதி பூமிக்கு வந்த அருமையான நிகழ்வை பற்றியும், *வேதத்தை பற்றியும், *மஹா ருத்ரத்தின் முக்கியத்துவத்தை பற்றியும், … Read More ›

  • 125th Jayanthi invitation from Sacremento Satsang

    I am pleased to share the invitation from Sacramento Satsang for the 125th Jayanthi of Mahaswami. Great opportunity for North California devotees to attend. All are welcome Hara Hara Sankara Jaya jaya Sankara!  

  • இரட்டை மஸ்தான்

    Thanks to Sri Hariharasubramanian for this share. தஞ்சாவூரில் இரண்டு முஸ்லீம்கள் ஸ்ரீ ஸதாசிவ பிரும்மேந்திராளை வணங்கி அனுக்கிரகம் பெற்று உன்னத நிலையை அடைந்தது பற்றி சத்குரு ஸ்ரீ சிவன் சார் தெரிவித்துள்ளார். இரண்டு முஸ்லீம்கள் நமது ஞானியின் மகத்வத்தைக் கேள்வியுற்று அவரை நபியின் அவதாரமாக நினைத்து தரிசிக்கவும் மனம் கொண்டு விட்டனர். இந்த… Read More ›

  • 125th Jayanthi Celebration @NC – May 12th

    I have a great pleasure in sharing the 125th Jayanthi event in Morrisville, NC organized by KKSF NC Chapter volunteers. Devotees in the nearby states should attend this event and receive the blessings of Mahaswami. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya… Read More ›

  • Short & Beautiful Video on Nellaiappar

    Thanks to Sudarshan & Nurani Subramanian for the share. Beautiful song and lovely to watch this…Enjoy! நெல்லையப்பர் கோவிலில் தீர்த்தவாரியின் போது எடுக்க பட்டது, இதில் இணைந்திருக்கும் பாடலை சற்று கவனமாக கேட்க வேண்டும், வெளியே சென்று வீட்டிற்கு வரும் எம்பெருமான் வீட்டின் கதவை திறக்க உமையாளிடம் பணிப்பதும், பெண்களுக்கே… Read More ›

  • Beautiful photo!

    Thanks to Sri Tarakkad Kannan for this share.

  • காஞ்சியில் ஆதிசங்கரர் மடம் வைக்கவில்லை என்றால் வேறு இடங்களில் அவர் மடம் வைக்க வேண்டியதே இல்லை

    Thanks to Sri Ganapathy for this treasure. “காஞ்சியில் ஆதிசங்கரர் மடம் வைக்கவில்லை என்றால் வேறு இடங்களில் அவர் மடம் வைக்க வேண்டியதே இல்லை என்று சரித்திரம் தெரிந்தவர் தைர்யமாய்ச் சொல்லலாம்…” – Dr.வே.ராகவன் ஸ்ரீஸதாசிவ ப்ரஹ்மேந்த்ர ஸரஸ்வதீ ஸ்வாமிகள் விஜயம் : ஸ்ரீகாமகோடி ப்ரதீபம் வெளியீடு 1961 Dr. வே.ராகவன் அவர்களின் முன்னுரை…3

  • The Ghost of Bharcchu

    Thanks to Sri Ramesh Narayanaswamy for this wonderful share. This is a post on HH SarvaJnAtman (the 2nd acharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam) writing called samkshepa shArIraka (संक्षेप शारिरका). A brief note on the Acharya Sarvagnatma When Adi Sankaracharya ascended… Read More ›

  • Athirudra Sathachandi MahaYagna Sarva Shaka Sammelan Mahotsavam @Washington DC – July 16-22

    I am very glad to share the invitation from Washington DC Kamakoti family for their grand Atirudra Shatha Chandi maha yagnam to be held in July. I am told that as per Sri Periyava’s direction, they have maximized the vaideekas… Read More ›