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Devotee of Sri Kanchi Matam and Mahaperiyava and a strong believer in advaita and guru parampara. We all are blessed to live in the time period of Maha Periyavaa. Let His grace be on us at all times to guide us and elevate us to next level.

  • Rama Nama Japa Signup

    Sri Ravi Natarajan, AZ sent me this message and want to share with larger audiences on Sri Rama Nama Japam Yagna – 24×365 – non-stop – for the life! He has been doing this for a while. In addition to… Read More ›

  • Pushpanjali to Durga – Thenambakkam – 30/05/2020

    Thanks to Sri Guruvayurappan for FB share…. Om dhum durgayai Namaha! இன்று யாரும் எதிர்பாராவிதமாக விஷ்ணு துர்க்கை புஷ்பாஞ்சலி காணும் புண்ணியம் கிட்டியது. சிவாச்சாரியார்கள் இன்று பெரியவா அவர்களை தரிசனம் செய்து, புஷ்பா அபிஷேகம் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று விண்ணப்பித்து கொள்ள, பெரியவா விஷ்ணு துர்கைக்கு புஷ்பாஞ்சலி செய்யலாம் என்று ஆக்ஞை… Read More ›

  • Experience with Mahaperiayava -“PERIYAVA ENGINEER” Sri Jaganathan, Sri Pradosham mama

    Thanks to Bharath Subramanian for this interview. Blessed couple! Periyava Sharanam!  

  • Guruvara darshanam

    Thanks to Sri Narayanan for the share. Periyava sharanam

  • Sri Balu & Sri Kantan Mama

    Thanks to Sri Sabarish for the FB article. It is very true – the inner circle (for lack of better term) of Mahaperiyava is very unique – it is very hard to do even half a day of service to… Read More ›

  • Request for volunteer

    Can I request any of our readers to compile the following dates for all three acharyas in both English and Tamil? We just need the English date and Tamil month and thithi / nakshatram as applicable. I feel that at… Read More ›

  • Manimandapam for Mahaperiyava Potriya Mahan – Sri Seshadri Swamigal

    (I have never seen this beautiful photo of Swamigal before – sitting like an emperor!) Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha! This is a little longer post – please read it fully! About 15 years back when I was buying some spiritual… Read More ›

  • Few more rare photos of Mahaperiyava

    I saw them in different forums and do not recall seeing some of them before…..Last photo – we have seen that Periyava alone in millions of places – in fact I have seen cut-outs and framed photos of this Periyava… Read More ›

  • Sri Periyava’s purvashrama photo

    Thanks to Hariharan for the share. Such a treasure! I wish we could identify others in the photo! Periyava Sharanam!

  • Mahaperiyava sketch by Sudhan

    Thanks to Sudhan for this wonderful drawing and sharing with us. It seems he took 5 hours to finish this drawing! Great job as usual – keep it up! Periyava Sharanam!

  • Angapradakshanam to Mahaperiyava

    Thanks to Smt Radhika Chandramouli for sharing this in FB. Imagine doing angapradakshanam in pouring rain! My mother expressed her wish to do angaoradakshinam of Sri Mahaperiwa. She kept asking Him and got zero response. Around 4:30 to 5pm, there… Read More ›

  • How to respect vaideekas and vidyarthis?!

    (Sri Pradosham mama is doing angapradakshinam to Mahaperiyava) Thanks to Smt Radhika Chandramouli for this beautiful short clip of Sri Vikku Vinayagaram mama doing angapradakshinam to vidyarthis and vaideeaks in some event. Importance of guru is exhibited here. Mama’s guru… Read More ›

  • apara karuna sindhum

    Certain photo will trigger some phrase in your mind – this photo is one of them. From my secret source! Mahaperiyava padham sharanam  

  • Kamakshi Periyava painting by Sri Anand

    I was awestruck when I saw this in FB! Simply unbelievable – absolutely flawless work. Great job Anand. Aum Sri Matrey Namaha!

  • Drawing & a poem on guruvaram

    Fantastic drawing by Sudhan and a beautiful poem by Sri Anand Vasudevan. Periyava Sharanam   உ ராகம் – நவரச கானடா பல்லவி யாம் ஒரு விளையாடும் பறவையா ஜகத்குருவே சிவமே உந்தனுக்கு   அனுபல்லவி   சிறகுகள் இன்றி கூட்டினுள் உழன்றது போதாதா உந்தனுக்கு   ( யாம்… Read More ›

  • Today is Mahaperiyava’s Kanabisheka Day

    I did not know this until I saw a FB posting on this. I wish I had known this before – at least I could have reminded many in advance so that we could have done some puja to Periyava…. Read More ›

  • நாளாம் நாளாம்….திருநாளாம்…

    Beautiful poem by Smt Padma Gopal. Very creative thinking! Love it! Non-Tamil readers – this is a tamil poem – can’t be translated to retain the same level of beauty and choice of words etc. Sorry! திதிகளெல்லாம் ஒன்றுகூடி தம்பெருமை பேசியதாம்!… Read More ›

  • Veda Parayanam video sessions in Chicagoland

    Thanks to KKSF Midwest for taking the lead in organizing these sessions on Mondays & Thursdays and also offer some support to those vaideekas from Chicagoland. I am sharing the details of the rest of the program for you all… Read More ›

  • மீனாக்ஷி அம்மன் காலணி

    Thanks to Sri Sathasivan Subburaya Chettiar‎ for FB share. திரு ரோஸ்பீட்டர் என்பவர் மதுரைக்கு 1812 முதல் 1828 வரை கலெக்டர் ஆக இருந்தார் மக்கள் மீனாக்ஷியம்மனை வழிபடுவதை கண்டு அவருக்கு ஆச்சிரியம் ஆனால் வெளிநாட்டவர் என்பதால் அவருக்கு கோவிலுக்குள் செல்ல அனுமதி இல்லை இருந்தாலும் அவருக்கு மீனாட்சி மீது அளவு கடந்த… Read More ›

  • Beautiful abishekam of Lord Narasimhar

    Thanks to Smt Madhu for the share.