Devotee Experiences

Shivadharmam! Shivadharmam!

  Thanks Venkatesh for sharing this article! What a great shiva bakthi!! There was a famous nadaswaram vidwan in Kumbakonam called Shivakozhundhu. He had a younger brother. He was involved in dharmic activities during his entire life. There was a… Read More ›

அம்பாளோட சரணம்தான் கதி!

Thanks to Sri Lakshmanan Sankarasubramanian for FB posting… Very emotional posting.. ஶ்ரீ பரணீதரனின் உறவுக்காரப் பையன் ஒருவன் அழகு, குணம், அறிவு என்று எல்லாவற்றிலும் உயர்வாக இருந்தான். I.A.S பரிக்ஷையில் நன்றாக ஶோபித்து, அரஸாங்கத்தில் உயர் அதிகாரியாக பணியாற்றினான். யாருடைய கண் பட்டதோ! க்ஷணத்தில் ஒரு கொடூரமான கார் விபத்தில், அத்தனை பேரையும்… Read More ›

Hevilambi Calendar 2017-18

Thanks to Sri Kamakshi Seva Samithi for putting together a very nice calendar under the guidance of HH Balaperiyava. I will be making posting of Jaya Gosham and Cauvery pushkaram separately as they deserve special attention. Sri Rangarajan narrated his… Read More ›

Kasi Mahatmiyam

Thanks to Sri Ambi for sharing this audio…. Not sure who is speaking in this audio – he goes in lot of details on the greatness of this kshetram…. Kasi Viswanath Maharaji ki Jai!!!      

Goodbye to Coffee

Thanks to Sri Venkatesan Ramadurai for the share with a rare photo…. A spiritual leader of the highest order descending to the mundane world as ` obiter dictum’, to dwell on a subject for a few minutes, converted a nineteen-… Read More ›

Magic of Love

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri B.Narayanan Mama for the share. Ram Ram Magic of Love Once, a man and his wife from a well–to–do family in Kerala, had come to Kanchi, for Dharsanam of Periyava. The family property, as… Read More ›

Chin Mudrai

Last weekend, I had a guest who came from Chennai to get darshan of Chicago Periyava. This devotee’s family (who wants to remain anonymous) for generations have been greatly blessed by Kanchi Acharyas. Sri Mahaperiyava had blessed this family immensely in… Read More ›