Devotee Experiences

பகவானைக் கூப்டு – போயும்,போயும் என்னையா கூப்டுவே?

We have read several experiences similar to this. Simple lesson fro all of us – “Guru Bakthi & Total Surrender”. Thanks Varagooran mama for the FB share. நன்றி- குமுதம் லைஃப்-கௌரி சுகுமார். தட்டச்சு-வரகூரான் நாராயணன் தமிழ்நாட்டைச் சேர்ந்த ஒருவர், அஸ்ஸாமில் உள்ள டீ எஸ்டேட்டில்,பொறுப்பான… Read More ›

This is Shiva bakthi

A perfect example to our ancestors on how they respected our religion, protected our temples and maintained the dignity and bravery.  Without understanding our roots, we are keeping silence to christian invasion and HR&CE atrocities in Tamilnadu. This is bravery!… Read More ›

Important message from Mahaperiyava

All, Yesterday I received a voice message from Advocate Venkatasubramanian, who is heading the Sankarapuram & chaturveda gramam under the direct guidance of Mahaperiyava. Each and every step in that project is guided by Mahaperiyava. Either He comes in dreams… Read More ›

TCS boy!

Few days back, I had a visitor from India, who narrated an incident that happened in 2017. As parents, they have been looking for a proper alliance for his son, who has been working with TCS. For some unknown reason,… Read More ›