Daily puja routine in Sri Matam


Source : Kamakoti.org

Some info about the Nitya Puja at Shrimatam(as described by a devotee):
Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Shrimatam Samsthana Devatha is Sri Mahatripurasundari sametha Srimad Chandramouleeswara Swami. While Sri Mahatripurasundari is worshiped in the form of a Meru, Swami is the Sphatika Yoga Linga murthi gotten by Sri Bhagavadpadal from Kailasha. It is Panchayatana Pooja, with Subramanya being worshiped in the form of Naga and Velayudham. But foremost worship is offered to Swami and Ambal. Pooja is offered thrice a day – thrikala pooja – which is performed only by Pujyashri Acharya Swamigals.

Abhishekam is done twice, during the pratah-kalam and sayam-kalam. During Uccha-kalam, only prokshana vidhana abhishekam is performed. The ksheera abhishekam performed to Swami and Ambal to the accompaniment of Sri Rudram can be viewed by devotees.

Soon after this is completed, abhishekams with other dravyams are performed to Swami and Ambal. Alankaram is then performed by the Acharya and then followed by Rudra Trishati. After this, archana to Ambal is performed. This is followed by dhupam, deepam, neivedyam, alankara and karpura aratrika. Following completion of Pratah-kala pooja, immediately the Uccha-kala pooja is performed with all the rituals except abhishekam. The evening pooja is performed with abhishekam if it is a Pournami or Friday or Pradosham. During Navarathris, both Vasantha and Sharada, abhishekams are offered all 3 times, with Navavarana pooja performed during Pratah-kalam and Sayam-kalam.

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  1. Awesome dharisanam of both the Periyavas”In the Chandramouleeswarar Sannadhi.Periyava Periyava dhan.

  2. some info are wrong to my knowledge. Kindly check with authorities.,.

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