Periyava Quiz-Which Kshethram did Manmathan win over Lord Siva?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

Here is the answer to the previous question. Most of them did not get it right though they were close. Only two, Sri Baskaran and Sri Arudran got it spot on. Some mentioned Periyava will never ask for any promises, etc. I will just tell one thing. Please read Deivathin Kural and we will see Periyava using many strong words for our upliftment and Aathma Kshemam. Also, Periyava strongly condemned dowry but used another weapon instead of ‘promise’ to control it. We will get to that shortly as well 🙂 Ram Ram

Sri Periyava wanted us to “Abolish Three Things in our lives forever”. Just not in words but he wanted us to “Promise on Chandramouleeswar Swami” about it. What are those?

1. Coffee
2. Cinema
3. Silk Clothes

We should also “Abolish Tea” as told by Periyava. Click HERE for details. Below is the direct quote.

//டீயும் அநாசாரம்தான். என்றாலும் காபி போல அவ்வளவு மோசமில்லையாதலால், சுறுசுறுப்புக்கு ஏதாவது பானம் வேண்டத்தான் வேண்டும் என்கிறவர்கள் டீ வேண்டுமானாலும் கொஞ்சம் சாப்பிடலாம். இப்படிச் சொன்னதால், “பெரியவா டீ சாப்பிடச் சொல்றா”என்று அர்த்தம் பண்ணிக்கொண்டு விடக்கூடாது. காபி, டீ மாதிரி எதுவாவது இல்லாமல் முடியவே முடியாது என்று இருக்கிறவர்கள் டீ வேண்டுமானால் கொஞ்சம் சாப்பிட்டுக் கொண்டு, அதையும் படிப்படியாக விட வேண்டும்.

வெறுமனே சொன்னால் போதாது என்று சந்திரமௌளீஸ்வரர் ஸாக்ஷியாக காபி, ஸினிமா, பட்டு மூன்றையும் விட்டுவிடுவதாக ஸத்யம் பண்ணிக் கொடுங்கள் என்று கேட்கிறேன். //

Next Question

According to Periyava, which Kshethram did Manmathan win over Lord Shiva?

1. This is a wrong question, could not have happened at all.
2. Himalayas
3. Kedarnath
4. Kasi
5. Kanchipuram
6. Rameswaram
7. Kashmir
8. Somnath
9. Omkareshwar
10. Bhimashankar
11. None of the above.

Provide a small description along with your answer. Ram Ram

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  1. I fully agree with Sri J Sethuraman

  2. Maha Periyavaa ask us to do away with three things. How many of us can refuse to buy silk sarees to our wife(s) and relatives? Reverence to Periyavaa is at mouth level. Periyavaa is serious as pointed out in a scholarly talk by Dr. Ra. Veezhinathan in Ratnagireeswarar temple sadhas. Periyavaa suggests ‘sathvega/ahimsa’ silk. One of my brothers bought only Co-optex cotton zari sarees to his wife. He has reached heavenly abode. In my family circle he is the true follower while all other like me are pseodo-followers. We have many fingers pointing towards us. The ladies keep quiet and keep mum on this issue which bothers the Mahaa periyavaa for decades.

  3. Kanchipuram. ….
    No temple in Kanchipuram having ambal sannidhi and inscriptions on some temples conveying manmadhan’s victory over shiva. …
    From deivathin kural….

  4. himalayas

  5. Kancheepuram. This is described in detail in the Kanchi Mahatmyam

  6. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. It should have been in the Himalayas only. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  7. It is Himalayas! After the death of Sati, Lord Shiva went to penance in the Himalayas.

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