Balu says everyone takes pictures of me and not him!

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Narayana Sankar is a retired GM from State Bank of India. He is such an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava, we invited him for our Oct 6th Anusham programme to share his rare experiences.

Anusham Speech by Sankar

Sankar went on to narrate his life long experiences with Mahaperiyava, who was his guiding force in every aspect of his life. Sankar narrated a Miracle which was beyond words to explain :

“As uusual when I got a new Camera, I wanted to take the first picture of Mahaperiyava. On that day, there was, as usual a long queue. A few heads,  ahead of me, was a very Senior Police Official with a Polaroid Camera on hand. Curiously I was watching him when he neared Mahaperiyava.

Police official :’I wd like to take a picture of Mahaperiyava with my New Polaroid Camera? ‘

Mahaperiyava :Have you already used this Camera or this is the First picture?

Police official :Swamiji’s is the First one! Mahaperiyava refused permission asking him not to Click Him!

Sankar was obviously disappointed as he also wd get the same treatment but since he was nearing Mahaperiyava, Sankar didn’t want to hide his Camera, hanging on his shoulder! Sankar wanted Mahaperiyava’s Blessings when his turn came, and didn’t talk about taking a picture!

Mahaperiyava :Are you a Journalist? Sankar :No I am working in SBI! MAHAPERIYAVA :You are having a Camera hanging, on the shoulder, what for?

Sankar cdn’t control his emotions and added, ‘I saw Mahaperiyava refusing permission to that Police Official and that’s why I didn’t want to seek permission for a picture!’

Mahaperiyava :I refused to him, not to you. But you shd take Balu also with me as Balu says’ everyone takes pictures of me and not him! ‘

That was the picture as above By Narayana Sankar. Afterwards the Police official was seen telling others’ I shdnt have lied to Mahaperiyava as I had used it before!


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  1. True devotees always get blessing from HIM. Hara hara shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  2. Blessed to hear the Great words.

  3. Beautiful incident! Great picture of Mahaan with ardent Devotee and Anukkath ThoNdar! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.Very Glad to see the Maha Guru and ardent devotee in one frame.Janakiraman. Nagapattinam.


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