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  1. Comments made my eyes wet.zThank you every one.

  2. Even if Mahaperiyava does not appear in the homam fire (as come comments say this must have been photoshopped), I will still surrender to him completely, believe him and in his divine power..Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  3. yes periyava is everywhere.. his figure came in the baana lingam thathrovamai which i use to do in my nithya poojai

    The above photo is from Thiruvengadu periyava manimandapam which is near budhan sthalam

  4. Ram Ram
    I never meant that the photos were illusionary or modified in photo shop or these should not be shared.
    But you have to accept others (Mahe Periyava devotees only) can post their comments too.

    You are right as it could be genuine also.
    But you have to keep in mind uch silhouettes get formed even in photos taken by an ametuer.
    Meditating on the actual experiences of a devotee is one thing and trying to find a miracle in such photos is another thing.
    Anyhow I would like to close my comments on this topic with Pranams to all.

  5. It is not my intention to divert attention to a different topic. I really dont understand what is meant.!

    • Yes . I agree with you. Nothing wrong in sharing such photos.

      ” Such photographs, with implanted suggestions, ” as Sri Sridhar, has mentioned is something that i am unable to digest..

      Such pictures ALSO do motivate us further to think of HIM and make us to put our best efforts to follow his desires, which HE expects from us.

  6. Sirs,

    Many of us may be aware that –
    1. Mind is capable of making out a desired form out of anything like fire, clouds, water and what not. But every time does the fire (flames) appear in the same form? This is what happened in Periyava’s case and that’s why it is special. Earlier in this forum a similar photo was published. I received a photo from SSSMM Trust , Orirukkai a few days back (for a small donation made)(It is copyright). The flames are in the same shape. (I do not know how to upload that photo). All the occasions, people involved could photoshop?
    2. People could call optical illusions. There is one popular picture of a young lady and an old lady combined. Some (young) people cannot see the old lady and oldies cannot see the young lady. (They do see after looking in many angles). Point is the brain is so rigid in ideas . Any way this is not for argument/discussion here. This particular difference of perception (Periyava in homam) carries a shade of ‘Marathil marainthathu maamatha yanai – ‘Maraththai maraithathu mamatha yanai’.
    3. Everybody knows (atleast followers of this forum) that Periyava is sakshath Easwaran..beyond, beyond. Given that most of us do follow strive to follow some percentage of Periyava’s teachings (which is most important, agreed) , it is only a sharing. But statements like ‘do not attach too much importance’, or ‘Periyava would never encourage any such thing’ I do not understand. Is it that devotees should not share anything that they are excited about some divine happening or this forum team will have to do moderation before posting anything.
    Periyava charanam.

  7. Well said Sudarshanji.
    My intention was not to contradict anyone’s feelings or beliefs.
    Afterall each has his own Vision in seeing things.
    Such photographs, with implanted suggestions, have nothing to do with our spiritual sadhana.
    As you have rightly put if Mahaperiyava never encouraged such suggested-miracles in HIS life-time.
    I had given this comments because similar photos were published earlier too.

  8. While these act as belief-strengthening incidents, we need to learn to move beyond. Because the human mind is always searching for proof everywhere. So the next time we are involved in a puja/homam, and we do not see Periyava’s figure appear in the flames, we may get disappointed. Furthermore, like Sridhar says above, the flames are bound to take any shape as they grow, and we can assign any figure we want to those shapes. Let us move beyond such miracles. There are other apparent godmen who became popular due to their supposed miracles, Our Periyava does not belong to this category, and our dharma is also not based on such flimsy things. Also, Periyava would never encourage any such things, too. Better let us not dwell on these things much.

  9. Paarkum Idamellam Nandalala,Nindan Pachchai niram thonrudaye nandalala…theekkul viralai vaithal nandalala, ninnai theendum inbum thondruthaye nandalala….- Bharathiyar.
    It is very very difficult to reach this level of ‘advaita’. But for the blessed some, they have darshan / Periyava grants darshan, even in / out of some scrap. It is like a very small toddler’s step towards bhakthi. (somewhere atleast a start has been made).
    2. One small incident. One lady invites Periyava for a function in her home and Periyava consents. On the function day the lady waits and waits but unable to see Him. Next time when she visits Periyava expresses her disappointment, when He says I did come to the function. Did you see correctly? If you have photographs taken on the occasion, why dont you check up? The lady finds image of Periyava in the homam fire!! Periyava is karuna sagaram and takes any form to please the devotees, like how you would give a choclate to a child to immediately please, Of course, may things will be reported. We can accept or discard with a smile (bharathi lines). It is their bhakthi. 🙂

    • Yes . I remember that i had read this incident earlier. True. This incident alone stands as a proof that Periyava or any other ista Deivam comes as a witness.

  10. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara. very very blessed to see periyava in homam.

  11. Periyavacharanam

  12. Yes.krishna appears in our homam.I am scared this time to take pics as last time I did and got five god.i see periyava this time as Krishna for past six months when I read Bhagavat gita and told periyava is none other than Krishna to my wife.
    to my surprise this time photos were taken by vathiyar(iyer)who done homam and showed me those pics when they leave.i was surprised.so periyava can be seen in all anywhere anytime just not in homam.we perform puja just it’s our duty.

  13. Mahaperiyava, even while standing has given darshan to various devotees, as Subramanya, Lord Venkateswara, Kamakshi amman etc. according to the doubts and expectations of the devotees. These should be considered as personal special favours of mahaperiyava. Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  14. Ram Ram
    The pictures are captivating.
    I do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings too.
    But such silhouettes do get formed even in some ordinary photographs.
    So it is my personal view that we do not attach too much of importance to such pictures as Maha Periyava is beyond all these things.

    • You haven’t said anything that hurts anyone for that matter. Correct. As you said Our Periyava is beyond all these. But sometimes, i guess that HE desires to make us understand that HE is there in the Homan to witness the occasion which is done by selfless devotees who do these just for Periyava’s sake,one and only Periyava, be it anywhere.
      Besides, this formation looks like the deity to whom we do this homan, here it looks like our Periyava.
      In one case I have seen a photo where the flames looked like sri krishna.
      This is my point of view.

  15. Hara Hara Shankara

  16. Jyothi Swaroopam our Periyava. HE shows Himself instantly only because there is true dedication with love and affection within the sevarthees for our Periyava who perform such homams.

  17. Anantha Koti Namaskarams. Periyava Darisanam kana kan kodi vendum.
    Darisanam Kanumpodhae udambellam pullarikkirathu. Kangalil irundhu anandha kanneer. Aho Bhagyam ! Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shankara !

  18. Mahaperiyava Thiruvadi Saranam

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