Anusham Celebration Invitation from Cuddapah-June 17-19 2016


Guided, Admired & blessed by HH Paramacharya, HH Sri Janardanananda Saraswathi Swamy (Sri Kuppa Lakshmanavadhanlu Garu, in previous ashrama) started the mission of spreading Veda along with its sub-streams, several years ago in southern India. The fruits of those efforts are the learned vaidikas and their lineage that we see across the 3 regions of telugu land today.

The Janardanananda trust is meticulously taking forward the spirit & vision by undertaking various activities in Andhra, Rayalaseema & Telangana. The vedic conference in Rayalaseema region is going to be held at  ‘Cuddapa‘  from  17th to 19th June 2016. , Veda pareekshas, Homam, sadgoshti, Pravachanams and many more activities are planned.

We are happy to inform that the organisers have accepted our proposal to celebrate this Month “Anusham” – HH Paramacharya’s Janma Nakshatra Ustavam as a part of the holy Veda sabha.  We are doing Paramacharya Pooja from 8-12 noon and sabha in the evening.

PFA, the heartiest invitation to all sanatana dharma lovers to participate, appreciate and take this forward.

(There are many ways you can be part of this noble dharmic event. Those who would like participate, to contribute physically or in monetary form are encouraged to kindly contact me or the other members listed in the invitation)



Parimi Venkata Atreyudu



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