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Chennai: 14/05/2011: The Hindu: Friday Page: Eyes that reflects Compassion of the  Heart - Sri Mahaswami During the Vijaya Yatra - 1983.

Chennai: 14/05/2011: The Hindu: Friday Page: Eyes that reflects Compassion of the Heart – Sri Mahaswami During the Vijaya Yatra – 1983.

There  is  no  need  to  say ( in  so  many  words),  that  Periaval  is  the  Embodiment  of  Truth.   He  is  one  with  the  one  and  only   Truth ,  isn’t  it?  But  though    it  exists  as  one  single  entity , when  it  shows   out  in  different  ways,  in  many  situations,  and  in  many  different  mental  status,  it  takes  many  many  different  shapes.    Great  scholars  have  shown  that  even  BhagavathPadhal,  has    paved  the  paths  according  to  these  different    manifestations  of  Truth,  and  leads  us  to  the  ultimate  Truth!    Maha  Parameswaran    manifested  Himself  as  Periaval,  as  an  avatar  of  Simplicity,  into  this   world  which  we  see.  At  that  time,  even  as  He  knows  that  He  is   a  phenomenon       beyond   this  human  world,  for  the  outside  world  of  Karma,  He  identified   Himself  as  a  simple  being.  In  that  state  of  Simplicity,   in  that  status  of  simple  mental  status,  Periaval  says   what  is  percieved  as  Truth.

‘Flawless  person’  as  He  was,  He  was  surrounded   by  two  ‘faults’.  One,  He  was  surrounded  externally  by  the  various  worries  and  problems   put  forth  to  Him  by  the  people,  and  two,  internally,   He  perceived   Himself  as  a  human  with  faults!

What  He  lectured  earlier ,  was  according  to  the  latter  status—as  a  human  being  with  shortcomings.

Sri  Sankara  BhagavathPadhar  has   said,  that  what  one   person   experiences  cannot  be  denied  by  another.   That  way,  what  we,  the  innumerable  devotees,  —-although  we  cannot  call  our  inner    feeling  by   the  big  word  ‘Bhakthi’—–  experienced  about  our  Acharyar,  with  our  own  eyes,  cannot  be  denied  even  by  Him.  Therefore,  we,  with  our  feeling  of  Bhakthi  towards  Him,  have  to  deny  what  He  said  about  Himself!

When  He  says  that,  we  go  to  Him  because  we  think  He  has  a  Divine  Power  purely  due  to  His  background,  we  have  to  deny  that  with  the  truth of    our  own  inner  feeling,  isn’t  it?    Those  who  approach  Him  because   they  think  that  He  carries  the  name  of  Sankaracharyar,  that  He  is  the  head  of  the  famous  Kamakoti  Sri  Saradha  Peetam,  will  form  a  very  very   small  number.  The  other  majority  of  us  approach  Him    purely  for  His  sake!  Although  it  cannot  be  explained  in  detail,  some  Greatness  in  Him  only  has  attracted  the  lakhs  and  crores  of  people  towards  Him.  The  greatness  of  Wisdom,  of   Devotion,  greatness  stemming  out  of   observing  the  daily  rituals,  intellectual  excellence,    and  the  greatness  of  Love  and  Kindness  which  excels  all  the  previously  mentioned  ones,  all  these  join   together     as   one  inexplicable  and    unique   Greatness   of  His  own ,  which  radiates  the  magnetic  waves,  which  in  turn  attracts  the  whole  world!   Unlike   what  He  says,  there  are  many  people,  who  developed  Devotion ,  respect   and  attachment  towards   Sankarar,   and   Sankara  Peetam,  ONLY  because  of  His  connection!


He  says  again  that  what  He  knows  is  a  miniscule  portion!   If so,   then,  how  come  all  these  scholars  in  Sastras,  wise men  from  other  religions,   scientists,  political  experts,  historians,  archeological  experts,   experts  in  law,  musicians,  dance  exponents,   great  sculptors,  business  greats,  and  other  experts  in  various  fields   are  amazed  at  His   wisdom ,  intellect,  knowledge   and  expertise  and  say  that  they  themselves  have  learnt  a  lot  from  Him—–Is  it  all  exaggeration?

When  He  says   sons  who   will  hesitate  to  share  some  confidential  matters  with  mothers  and  the  wife  with  her  loving  husband,    some  times  reveal  their  difficulties  to  Him  ONLY  because  of  His  background,  we  should  vehemently  deny  that,  isn’t  it?  Are  there  not  other  saints  with  similar  background?  Why,  then ,such  ‘confidential’  persons  do  not  go  and  flock  there?

“I  have  not  done  any  thing”—He  says.  We  will  come  to  this  later.

We  will  look  at  His  other  statement,  “  Except  listening  to  them  with  these  ears,  I  don’t  do  any  thing”—-we  will  analyze  this  ‘ear—lending’  matter!

Who  can  go  on   lending    an  ear  to  this  list  of  never  ending   worries?  Even  ‘Bhooma  Devi’,  who  is  supposed  to  be  the  pinnacle  of  patience,  will  get  tired  and  fall  down!  Besides  allotting  a  few  hours  specially  for  this  ‘listening  -to—the  worries’  section,  from  3=30 A.M  to  midnight,  He  accepts  our  endless   ‘grievance  petitions’  even  during  other  times,  obstructing  His  other  duties,  with  patience  and  smile.  Who  else  can  do   this?

How  many  absurd,  silly,  and  meaningless  ‘petitions’  we  would  have  submitted  to  Him?  Even  by  mistake,  has  He  ever  branded  them  as  silly,  or  absurd  or  meaningless?  Even  when  others  brand  them  that  way,  He  will   say,  “ They  only  know  their  worries!  If  we  were  to  be  in  such  situations,  we  also  would  have  appealed  the  same  way”.  Yes!  He  was  the    heart—felt   relative  of  those  people,  sharing  their  sorrows  with  them!

TO  BE  CONTINUED…………………………….



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  1. I got clarified. Thanks, Sir. Regards.

  2. It is not Kamakoti Sri Saaradaa Peetam. It is simply Kamakoti Peetam. And you have Ambaal Kamakshi as the presiding deity of Sri Kanchipuram — a Mokshapuri

    • The above is a translation of the original author. (though I am not sure if this that of Sh.Ra.Ganapathy or Agnihotram swami. Because this series started with translation of Sh.Ra.Ganapathy’s work. ( series 3 ended with Mahaperiava’s discourse)..Further incidents followed in series 4, and 5. Series 5 ended with Agnihotram swami being immersed in the brahmanandam of the Periava.).
      Be it Mahaperiava, or Sh Ra Ganapathy, or Agnihothram swami,I feel we can accept unquestionably what is stated.
      For academic information sake, interesting, and /or controversial information are available regarding establishment of the Mutts by Adi Shankara. In this context, one would know it is totally immaterial to dwelve into it.

      • Viewed in this context….one would know it is totally immaterial to dwelve into it.

      • Dear Madam,

        This is a translation of Sri Ra.Ganapathy’s article “My Strength” in Tamil, all the 9 parts. He has narrated the incident that happened in the presence of Sri Agnihotram.

        You are 100% right in saying, ‘It is immaterial to dwelve into it’. e main subject. Let us not miss th

    • Sir,

      I have only translated what Sri Ra.Ganapathy had written in Tamil, without any addition or omission. I think and believe that he had knew what he wrote.

    • 🙏💐🙏💐🙏💐

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