Radhakalyanam Mahothsavam Invitation – May 28 & 29, 2016

Radha Kalyanam

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Very happy to share the Radhakalyanam Mahothsavam invitation to be held in  Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple, Morganville, NJ. Ram Ram

The second Śrī Rādhā Kalyāṇa Mahotsava in New Jersey is being celebrated during the Memorial Day Weekend in 2016, i.e.,May 28 – 29th in the premises of Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple, Morganville, NJ.

We request all the devotees to partake in the Śrī Rādhā Kalyāṇa Mahotsava and receive the blessings of the Lord for reveling in His glories.

The Sri Satguru Seva Samājam, USA (SSSS) is committed to promote and nurture the centuries-old tradition of Nāma saṅkīrtana and support the Bhagavathas, the practitioners, of the tradition. In addition, SSSS is dedicated to sustain Veda patashalas, to preserve the traditions of temple worship and to enable reprinting of old scriptures/books. Please join hands with SSSS and contribute generously to these noble endeavors.

As a part of the function, Sri Satguru Seva Samajam has started an initiative to enable devotees to write “rāma nāmā” The Samajam has printed a “rāma nāma japa” booklet. A donation of USD 5 is suggested per booklet and this donation will be used towards Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam. The cover page of the booklet is attached below and it highlights the importance of rāma nāmā. A single booklet will enable you to write ~1000 nāmā.

After you finish writing the nāmā in the booklet, give it back to us and it will be offered to God in the Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam and returned back to you. For those who are living outside of NJ (and within the U.S.), the books can be sent by mail if you request at least 10 books. You can donate online at http://satguruseva.org/support-us/ or contact us at info@satguruseva.org

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