Mahaperiyava Deeksha Dhina celebration starts from Friday


As we all know, sanyasa day is a critical day – that is like a rebirth – remember, how Adi Sankara got out of crocodile’s clutches? Only in sanyasa dharma and in Sridevi upasana, this deeksha dhinam is celebrated.

For Mahaperiyava, the world has been celebrating Anusham as Jayanthi day for almost 40+ years. I heard that Brahmasri Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal and few others started this with the blessings of Mahaperiyava. However, at least to the best of “my” little knowledge, deeksha dhina is either not celebrated or not done as prevalently as Anusham. Periyava assumed sanyasa on February 13, 1907 (maasi moolam).

Sri Kumar of Vignesh studio, as I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, is one of the few staunch Kanchi Matam devotees who breathes Mahaperiyava and doing so many services to Sri Matam. One has to write a book about the services he is doing. He has approached HH Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal with this idea of celebrating moolam and requested His blessings and anugrahams. Periyava has graciously given blessings to start celebrating this special day in addition to Anusham celebrations.

Starting this Friday (May 8th), on every mooam, there will be abishekam at adishtanam and at Orikkai mani mandapam. I requested Sri Kumar to video capture this for us to view as well.

Our sincere thanks to Sri Kumar for taking this request to Periyava and anantha koti namaskarams to our Periyavas for blessing this request.

For Periyava devotees, we have one more reason/day to do satsang and talk about Him and receive His blessings!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Can you confirm the date? Feb 13, 1907 (Valarpirai Prathamai) was a Avittam/Sadhayam nakshatram day!

  2. Great lovers and devotees of Maha Periyava let us do our level through service, Chanting Vedas,Implementing true principles of simplicity.
    In one occasion I rushed to Mutt when I was called through a person to Visit Maha swamiji.It is not the first occasion, when ever I change my path Swamigal use to call would make me wait before only to warn
    “never do experiments,If you are playful it would take another JANMA.
    I sought a prayaschitta, the rectification process took me six months to put me back on DOT wirh more refined quiet and calm seeker.

  3. Fine opportunity clean the holy places of our MahaPeriyava

  4. I am also one who used to wonder why the Dheeksha Dhinam in the case of our Sri Periyavaa(s) — which is kind of their Janma dhinam — is not being celebrated with special poojas and prayers!

    “Anusham” is great, it gave us our Chi. Swaminathan [Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s poorvaashrama name], but he demitted office [as Swaminathan] on the day he was born as a Sanyasi on 13 Feb 1907 — Maasi Moolam. In my opinion this is the day that needs to be revered more than anything else in the life of Sri Mahaaperiyavaa.

    My koti koti pranams to Sri Kumar of Sri Vignesh Studio that he has given shape to my thoughts [as he must have of several others].

    Being a sanyasi is the toughest thing on earth. You have to literally burn all your desires especially the one of Lust. Only one who has been tormented by it knows its potence.

    Therefore any Sanyasi deserves all the respects and support of the society at large. Their tapasya is one of the strengths on which the entire cosmos is run by Sri Mahavishnu [as the Sakthi component of Siva], and more so our own Sanyasis of our Kanchi Aacharya Peetam. || Om Sri Gurubyo Nama: ||

    • The very thought of our Paramacharya is blissful…we owe a duty to keep his worshipful places very clean….in particular Brindhavanam and orirukkai.perhaps some voluntary physical work is a must as done in SriRamakrishna Maths

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh,
    A Humble request ..can you make available for the whole post to be seen in the email itself for email subscribers of your blog… for people who are working and on the move -easier to have the articles read then and there– deferring something for later- likely will miss some precious gems…

    do consider the option if it’s do-able


  6. Namasthe. It is a great initiative and let us all follow it enthusiastically. We are planning the Rajagopuram construction in Melvenpakkam Perumaal Sannadhi in a few months time with the blessings of Mahaperiyavaa. It is said that Mahaperiyavaa was so fond of this Chathur Yuga Perumaal Thaayaar that he used to frequently visit this village to enjoy the beauty of the presiding deity with the help of Upanishad Brahmendra Matam. We have discovered the well in which he used to take bath and are planning to bring up an exclusive Sannadhi for HH Mahaperiyavaa when we do the Rajagopuram for Perumaal. Kindly Pray for this initiative to become a reality at the earliest -D.Manivannan,

  7. I remeber that Maha Periyava used to observe “Mounam” (silence) on every Moolam day. His Deekshaa Dhinam is also on a Moolam day may also be one of the reasons for his mounam on that day in addition to the fact that moolam is the star of Goddess Saraswathi.

  8. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Great and rare photo of Maha Periyava! Great thought of celebrating Maasi Moolam and monthly Moolam as Maha Periyava’s Sanyaasa Dhiksha Dhinam! We can all chant Maha Periyava Ashtothram on this Day and pray deeply to Him!

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