Are there any developers/experts available?

Following my India trip, I am working on one of HH Balaperiyava’s projects. I have selected tool to experiment few things. I am looking for some developers/experts who can spend some time on this to a quick POC as part of feasibility study.

Please send me an email to with your phone #, geographical location.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Technology(mahesh) accelerated by divinine guidence(HH) can amplify parapokaram!

  2. ramakrishnan vToMeenakshi NarayananCCR.Siva SrinivasanToday at 6:54 PMPl Read attached information/request.Please refer Sri Venkatesh’s Email address for whatever assistance /service he could provide .My regardsV.Ramakrishnan HOME › DEVOTEE EXPERIENCES › ARE THERE ANY SALESFORCE.COM DEVELOPERS/EXPERTS AVAILABLE?

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