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  1. Pls periyava aruliya Sani baghavan slokam post pannunga

  2. I want this in english pl can u arrange for me

  3. Beautiful verses just amazing cadence! His poorvashramam name was Lord Skanda’s

  4. very nice with full of Bakthi. Thanks for sharing this wonderful composition. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.!!!!

  5. This is excellent,flowing from a heart that is fully packed with Bhakti.If we watch our thought process, we could find interesting transformation. In the Vedic days our ancestors worshipped Indra, Varuna etc. Then the focus was on threemurthies, and Devies like Sri Lalithamba etc. After some time our focus switched to Istadevataas and now to great Gurus like our Mahaswami.In the absence Gurus, who could impart Knowledge and show us God? Hence Gurus like our Mahaswami has no match. Gita says “tat viddhi pranipaataena, pariprashnena sevayaa… Upanishads says “Achaaryovaan purusho Veda”

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