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  1. Sri Mohan knows so much about every thing,if he is this much advanced then there is no need of acquiring any language, Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. Dedicate everything to Kanchi Maha Periyava

  3. I am unfortunate .Because am unable to view photos .page doesnt open.Namaskaramsto periyvaa.

  4. Dear Mahesh

    I have visited the Srimatham several times as a child and , unfortunately, did so without realizing that I was seeing Parameshwaran himself! How I long to be able to have his darsanam now, when I am a infinitesimally more aware of his glory?

  5. Parameswarar is inside Rudran. Rudran is inside Vishnu and Vishnu is inside Bramha.. Bramham is inside of all Jeeva Athmas. Without Parabramham no world. Balu Mama and Vedhepuri mama (they seem) are standing like Dwarabraha for Parameswarar’s Garbagraham. We are lucky to see our own Garbagraham inside our Athma. We will pray ourself to keep us away from the re-birth cycle.

    As I do not know Sanscrit, please forgive me for spelling mistake.

    Thank you.


  6. Hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara!

    Dear sir,

    First of all sorry for spamming. I have sent an email to you too. But then I worried that it might go to spam folder and you would not have a chance to look into it. Hence I’m posting it here too.

    We are in great trouble and tomorrow(19-Nov-14) is a big day for us. We are in need of periyava’s anugraham to overcome our bad time and back to normal. We strongly believe if the members of SOK who stands somewhere in greater height in the bhakthi towards periyava pray for us, we will be alright soon. I beg you to post this in SOK . I beg all our SOK members to pray to periyava for our family’s success. I feel that I’m blessed to know and hear about periyava, although I haven’t met him. So, please consider me as one in your group and pray for our success tomorrow (19-Nov). Hara hara sankara, Jaya Jaya sankara.

  7. periava is so so kind that immediately on my return from ICU he is giving his darshan to me. it looks like from Hagari.

  8. He looks like the Lingam inside a GarbaGraham!!
    Om Nama Shivaaya.

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  10. My pranams to my Guru.

  11. Thanks Sriman Mahesh for sharing the photo and giving a chance of Periva’s blessing by viewing.

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