Experience of Udayarpalayam Samasthanam

Udayarpalayam Samasthanam is equally or even more important than other samasthanams when it comes to their contribution to Kanchi Matam and our religion.  Their contribution is something we should remember for our life time. Without them, we would have lost our Gods/Goddesses….
  1. Protection to Kanchi Kamakshi, Chidambaram Natarajar & Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal under one roof during Muslim invasion
  2. How Periyava surprised them with vaideekas during kumbabishekam
  3. His thatha’s viswasam to Kanchi Matam
  4. Periyava’s respect to our king
  5. Periyava’s gift of a baby elephant to samasthanam
  6. Photo of Periyava sitting in the mandapam in the theppakulam
  7. Periyava’s respect for other matams…
By now we have seen so many videos. It is beyond clear that Periyava had remembered each and everyone who have contributed to our matam till His last breath and have taken care of them. This video is yet another example.
It is beyond sadness to see how a glorious majesty has fallen down to ruins  – too pathetic. Until I talked to Shivaraman, I thought they are living elsewhere and came to this place for interview. Shockingly, they are living in this ruined place as they have no other place to go..What a downfall!
This is yet another proof for all of us – nothing is permanent in this world. Whether we are rich or poor, let us stay the same, have more bakthi towards Ishwaran and leave the rest to them. Periyava only knows why they are suffering. Regardless, we all are indebted this samasthanam for our lifetime and have to absolutely pray to Periyava, Kamakshi, Nataraja and Perumal to rescue this family from their poverty. He is a karunamurthi and He will save these people soon.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. My Wife Janaki’s Mother that is my mother in law Smt Jayalakshmi’s father Shri Ramalinga iyer was working in the Udayar Palayam Zamin. He told his daughter so much about the Period of our Acharay’s association with the Zamin.My wife’s house is at Valady ( Trichy) The sanskrit name of the Valady is Chathur Veda Mangalam. Sri Lakshmi narayana perumal koil , Sivan koil and Pillayar koil are all very famous in that village.The Village conducts yearly Radha Kalayanam every year,they are performing it more than 90 years,Function is in the month of January every year . ( Thai masam) Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Acharyal’s association with this village is remembered by the people in great esteem. Many Vedic Pundits once lived in that village. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. I have travelled through Udayarpalayam JayamkoNdam Road and the shade provided bt huge trees on either side of the road should be experienced! I had passed by the old palace which was in poor shape even in 1981 when I travelled there. Now had a chance to see what it looks like through Sri Ganesa Sarmaji’s presentation. Felt very sad and heavy at the turn of events. I sincerely pray to Maha Periyava to lessen the difficulties of these people whose ancestors did yeoman service to Maha Periyava and the Sri Matham during those difficult days. We stand humble in front of God and ravages of time, yet our hearts go out for these people. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Excellent interview. My forefathers belong to Udayarpalayam. I have heard lot of stories of that Zamin from my grand father. Now I made a vow to offer prayers in that ancient temple very soon. This interview has given excellent satisfaction to me . Thanks a lot.

  4. It is pitiable to see places of glorious past are fading into insignificance. Government has robbed these Zamins and now they struggle even to make both ends meet. See the condition of the temples!!. It seems to have lost the Lakshmi Kataksham. We eagerly await turnaround of this place. May the Goddess Mahalakshmi shower her blessings on these people.

  5. Sri Mahaperiyava is a tri-kala gyaani, when we see how the samasthanam has transformed from its glory days to now, one has to also ponder how to put this transformation in perspective.
    As we think more and more about it, we have read and all our periyava’s have told us about the past glory of our mother land Bharata desam. We were the most technologically advanced and in our prime when every other civilization was in its dark ages. Fast forward to now, we trail other countries by far. What happened? There are several reasons, when a transformation like above has happened to our mother land, it then provides consolation that everything is happening for a reason alebit unknown to us ordinary mortals.
    Only with our Bhakti, devotion and affirmative action to tread in the path of dharma regardless of the obstacles we face as preached by our sages can we achieve our goal in life.
    Only Faith will carry us through all times and we can only pray to Sri Mahaperiyava to give us the strength to get through all troubling times.
    We all can sincerely pray that the samasthanam can be restored back to its glory days soon.
    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Mahadeva!

  6. Great Interview. It has opened my eyes to what extent our Periavaa has travelled and graced people all over India. I hope by Periavaa’s grace the Samasthanam gets it glory back.

  7. Good one.

  8. I am proud of Udayarpalaym = in my days it was a Zamin. I was born at a place near Udayarpalayam, called MEENSURITI near kattumannargudi Udayarpalayam Taluk, Trichy Dt., in those days i.e. I was born on 20.12.1932 and am 81 years young now living with my wife, children and grand children, 20,000 miles away from my mother land, crossing two oceans andliving happily in the eve of my life. This is what I call SUCCESS in life too. RAJAGOPAL SUBRAMANIAN. My thatha was karnam otherwise called now a days Village Officer, at Meensuriti = a noble soul which helped thosands and thousands of Dalits and others – In those days they are called Parayas but every one in their family loved my thatha for his noble deeds for them.


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