A surprise meeting with a super-mami

During my recent India trip, I met musical maestro “Isaignani” Ilayaraja in Prasad studio. It was truly exciting to see him for his achievements in music, his bakthi towards Bagawan Ramanar/Annamalayar etc. My excitement tripled when I met this mami. Why?



I need to step back and tell you a bit about why I was excited. My professor friend used to forward me lots of mails about various kumbabishekams going on in Tamilnadu done by a team. I hardly read any of them – i am honest here! However, I saw all the photos from those emails…I saw a mami (Smt Mahalakshmi) in most of them…walking in the green fields, standing in the middle of a abandoned temple, praying, standing with different adheenams, periyavas etc. I used to think that this lady must be really rich to do these kaingaryams. Only recently I came to know that this mami is not a millionaire, comes from a middle-class family just like you and me – retired as a school teacher. I was completely awestruck to know that she has done at least 50+ kumbabishekams for old and great temples. So, how is it possible? Just her unshaken faith on Mahaperiyava on purna siva and lakshmi kadaksham  – nothing else. It is simply not possible for anyone to even think about doing even a small siva kaingaryam without Parameswaran’s blessings. We can’t even move a brick without His anugraham. Mami’s achievements and her simplicity are beyond words.

When I was in Ilayathangudi, a day before acharya’s aradhana function, this mami and her family came. I was able to recognize her face and was very excited to know that I am looking at the same mami who is doing all these kaingkaryams. She quickly identified me and we both spent quite some time talking. She was so kind and soft-spoken – talked to me like a mother! She was talking to me about some of her plans to bring a sannidhi for Mahaperiyava in new temples that are going to be  built in the future!

I have requested Shri Shivaraman to interview her about her experience with Mahaperiyava. If Periyava wishes, it may come soon.

I, on behalf of all of you, offer my namaskarams to mami for her selfless service and pray Him to bless mami with all health, energy to continue her Shiva Kaingaryam for much more in the future. I am excited to know that she may be coming to US to visit her daughter soon. If possible, I will meet here again!

Mami lives in T.Nagar and can be reached at vcsmani@yahoo.com.

Shivaya Namaha!!



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  1. greatwork done by mami

  2. Dear Mahesh, this soul is thrilled to read the kainkarams of Mahalakshmi mami and Sri subramaniaiyer. They have enormous blessings of Mahaperiava the God incarnate. This soul is presently in land of Sri Kapilavasudevar. On return to Chennai this soul would like to meet Smt.Mahalakshmi mami and Sri Subramaniaiyer. This soul is also blessed by Mahaperiva.
    Thanks. Mahaperiava saranam.

  3. Tremendous work really. Maha Periyava used to encourage people to get their own place old temples properly maintained, poojas regularly performed and the Archakas’ welfare being taken care of. Smt. Mahalakshmi Maami and Sri Subramanyam Maama are doing the work very dear to Maha Periyava, a work fit for Maharajas! Let us all participate in this kainkaryam at least to some extent. Sri Shivaramanji must produce an interview of this great couple and upload. Will be a great inspiration! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Great work being done by the dedicated couple sow.Mahalakshmi Mami and Mr subramanyam sir, who is by the way a wonderful photographer too.they perform kumbabhishekam for a temple,second one foundation being laid after bhoomopooja,third one half finished and the fourth one getting ready for finishing touches is their programme and work chart.
    May Periaval give the couple long life ,strength to go ahead and do as many Punarudharanams as possible and very good health.pranams

  5. The amount of Kaingaryam done by the most respected Mami (and Mama) has no parallel in recent history. Only the Chola Raja (Kotchenganar), who got the thapas sakthi from being a spider and doing Shiva Puja to Sri Jambunatha Swamy in Thiruchirappalli, seems to be one of the few others in the history who has done as much for temple renovations, etc. All this extra-ordinary work can be traced back to the great Blessing from Sri Maha Periyava, according to the respected Mami.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. vcstrust.blogspot.in is a blog dedicated to the activities of Smt Mahalakshmi Subramanian mami. More details, updates, etc., can be found there.

  7. it is Periavaal’s blessings . we also know a gentleman from chrompet, mr venkataraman, who has worked under kanchimadam after retirement from Bank service, doing yeoman service in identifying old dilapidated
    shiva temples , renovate and perform kumbabisegam ; you should meet him during your next chennai trip

  8. Hare Krishna! It is extremely kind of you to share your experiences with others, particularly who adore the great Acharya. Through you, some of the totally unknown persons’ contributions and their devotion to the great Acharya are a secret revealed to us. The great Acharya has been inspiring in his life time and in his samadhi days as well. The great Acharya’s moral remains may not be visible, but his gunas are visible to us in one form or the other. Pray to the Lord to bestow His grace on you, members of your family, near and dear ones to enable you to continue to post such of these experiences. Hare Krishna. R Venkateswaran, Bangalore

  9. May Maha Periyava’s Blessings be ever on Mahalakshmi Maami in continuimg her stupendous work. I feel that old Temples should be rejuvenated. Building new Temples are not a priority. Maha Periyava lives in every Temple! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  10. Very glad to see both of you,
    One quick thought, in Nanganallur Sri Ardhanareeswarar temple, at Sri Shanthidurga sannidhi, there is a separate sannidhi for Sri Mahasamy with a big dhyana mandapam,
    The uniqueness of this sannidhi is its made entirely of wood with vimanam and it has provisions for having it placed on swing or carry it on processions.
    Why not we make similar ones at all temples associated with Sri Mahasamy,
    We could take the moola moorthy or bimbam of Periyavaa itself for procession on anushams this way, as per the wishes of our great wanderer for lokashema, our very own Mahaswamy.

    Just my thoughts.. Excuse me if its not good.. Goodness if any is only Sri Mahaswamy krupai

  11. Mahesh,We feel dwarfed,when I read about mami

  12. Namaskarams to Smt. Mahalakshmi mami. When “Kopura dharisanam is koti pava vimochanam, needless to say about kayingkaryams for 50+ kumbabhishekams. Thank you Mahesh for the info. I will be highly interested in reading and listening to her interview on her experiences.

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