Another Artist -Shri Umesh- shares his work

Blessed to see such highly gifted devotees…..Thanks Umesh for sharing this great work…

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  1. Superb lifelike drawings. Pradosha Pooja is so nice and lifelike. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Good drawings . Thanks for sharing

  3. From Guwahati I had the opportunity of visiting Kanchipuram alongwith my middle sister , athimber and their first son to have darshan of Mahaperiyava. It was my first visit. That day being ‘moola’ nakshatra , Mahaperiya was on ‘kaashta mounam’ (my birthstar is also moolam). He was in trans condition and wearing a big ’tilakam’ on His forehead. Devotees were moving just by having His darshan. I felt sorry that He did not see me nor gave any aashirwadam. He was sitting in such a position that His feet was very much visible. All of a sudden Shri Maha Periyava bent his feet fingers as if He was bestowing aashirwadam with his feet and I was elated to have that darshan. I can’t forget this .

  4. Excellent ones, especially kailas manasarovar photo and childhood to old age photos are really appreciable. I appreciate the work of Umesh

  5. Very beautiful & Divine.

  6. Very divine, what blessed souls.

  7. Nice drawings, Umesh!

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