Experience of Dr Narayanan

Dr Narayanan is the cousin brother of Ra.Ganapathy .


  • ” பக்தி பண்ணாலே, முக்தி பெறலாமே “
  • ” கொய்யா பழம் ” – Periyava’s definition through Abhinayam
  •  “Shiva-sakthi” worship – Mahaperiyava’s view
  • “பெண்மையை போற்றுவோம்” book’s background

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  1. There is no such word as ‘cousin brother’ in English. It is only ‘cousin’.

  2. Scintillating.Koyya Pazha Upadesam is for everyone of us .Dr. Narayanan is a very blessed soul.We are extremely fortunate to see the association of Sri. Ra. Ganapati in this post.Extremely fortunate to see this video. Uma Mahesvaraaya Namaha! Maha PeriyavaL ThiruvadigaL CharaNam!

  3. So beautiful.

  4. Paramanada Anubhavam, Blessed soul Dr Narayanan.

  5. Superb one, Thanks

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