Deivathin Kural Tamil – All Volumes available in PDF


Good for offline reading, iPad or any handheld devices….The only issue with this document is lots of slokas, other texts are lost due to font issue… This may not be a big deal for everyone….I  am thinking of creating a proper electronic version of this (if time and Periyava permits) without losing any contents.

Many of you have commented that you were unable to download from scribd and also from I may have to stop using scribd. Actually I liked scribd a lot – it enables me to embed the documents in my posts nicely.

Here are the steps to download this from

1. Click this link – (

2. On the left hand right side at the top, you will see a box “View the book”

3. Down below, you will see “PDF (20.4 M)”. Click the word PDF to download this.

(I just tried this to ensure if this step works – it works!).



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  1. I have made some pdf files both in English and tamil, I can mail for your viewing . Please mail your contact id.

  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    My email id is
    I tried to download it from Scribd but it expects me to have a premium membership to Scribd. Is there any other way I can get all the 7 volumes in english and/or tamil.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  3. Please send the book to my id as

  4. not possible to download,can u pl download so that we can download from u

  5. Mr. Mahesh if you don’t mind can you send me all the 7 volume documents you downloaded to my email address
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    Thank you

  6. Mahesh, regarding download issue .. it looks like one has to be logged in to scribd account (free) to download. Perhaps you can download it and put it in mediafire or dropbox. – Hari

  7. One more suggestion, whoever uploaded the pdf to scribd, if they have the source word doc, please share it. Some volunteers can make it more readable by making table of contents. Just a thought.

  8. Dear Mahesh
    As you know Scribd is not allowing free downloads for quite some time now and as this book was uploaded by Shri Ramkumaran in 2008, it is better that this is uploaded in which is also a completely free site, for all kinds of files, so that everyone can enjoy this treasure unhindered.

    The other thing is that your desire to make it readable in ipods and hand-held devices. It would be easier if you use the now newly introduced unicode font files from kamakoti site, so that the font issues stand resolved. With the best regards

  9. Mr. Mahesh & Raman … Equally I am interested in Deivathin Kural. Can you provide me a soft copy to my email id I shall be ever thankful to you. I prefer in Tamil rather than english.

  10. This is great …Yesterday only I was thinking if only i can lay my hands on a PDF…and it is HIS BLESSINGS that today I saw this mail about PDF …. very very truly thankful and i bow down to HIS grace.

  11. this is absolutely a tremendous service. thanks a lot for sharing this. looks like we need scribd premium login. would it be possible to share this through email. my email id is “”

  12. Hope you are aware of this link
    up to part 6

  13. As suggested by one of our members I have uploaded “DeivathinKural” in
    Anybody can download the same. May MahaPeriyavaa Bless everyone. (Request Sri.Mahesh – You may please notify
    our bloggers so that interested persons are benefited – I do not know how to spread this to all; Hence the request)


    • No, this is the same I posted too….this has lost several Sanskrit slokas and other fonts… Also, none of these documents have a proper table of contents etc. This is a simple cut & paste from elsewhere…..I guess if we spend bit more time, we could make this in a presentable form. Pl give me some time and I will figure out a better way to do this…..

      • Fine, I agree & Understand -I am not aware of the technicalities. I thought it is simply download issue. Better to wait for a complete work. Thanks for the feedback.

  14. Can anyone share the english version of Deivathinkural please. my email id is

  15. mahesh,
    could you please share the english version to my id…

  16. Deivaththin Kural — 7 volumes — is printed by Vanathi Publications. They are all priced. The money generated from the sale proceeds goes towards maintaining many Veda Patasalas, Gosaalas, temples etc. If someone is intent upon reading them they should buy those books for the purpose — just as I have done. Please do not give it away free of cost. That which is received free is never valued.

    • Yes, I agree. At the same time, Kanchi Mutt has given the whole content for free on their site. Given that as a precedence, I thought of doing this. However, if there are any volunteers in Chennai who can talk to VAnathi and see the possibilities of getting an electronic copy would be great. Ideally, the publishers can do this much faster and in a neater way.

      Any volunteers???

  17. Very nice effort Mahesh. Also, nice suggestion to involve the publishers also to produce an electronic copy.

  18. Mahesh,
    Could you please PDF all the volumes in ENGLISH to my id… I see that Raman sir has it in English as well.I am waiting to read it…Thank you. may Mahaperiyavaa’s blessings always be with you.

  19. sudhakar
    could you mail the english pdf files to

  20. Dear All,

    Can anyone share the english version with me. My email id is

  21. On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:47 PM, Sage of Kanchi

  22. It is a fantastic effort in digitising these invaluable treasures of the great Maha Periyava.

    Please accept our appreciation for the time and effort spent on it.

    Maha Periyava’s words which have mammoth depth and Gyan were made available to public by the print media.

    Carrying the books seemed to pose some issues.Even the size of the books have been reduced to just 20 MB of memory space.

    How lucky we are.

    A BIG THANKS to you and those who worked in this project.

  23. Can anybody mail me Maha Periyava’s Voice of God – english in pdf file in my mail id I am stationed in Bahrain ( outside india ) otherwise I would have bought it.

  24. Hi Sir,

    Is it possible for you to mail Voice of God (English Version) to ? Will be very helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,

  25. Periyavaa periyavathaan indha book soft copy irukka namaskarams k.s.pasupati my mail id

  26. I’d request can somebody please share Deivathan Kural ( Voice of God ) english pdf’s to my email id ( ) would be helpful .


  27. Kindly provide details about url where i can buy electronic copy of Deivathin Kural (tamil version)

  28. Request English Version PDF to my id:

  29. Dear All,

    Can anyone share the Malayalam version with me. My email id is


  30. Request Tamil version PDF to my id :

  31. Kindly send me both English and Tamil version to
    -Vinodh Kumar TM

  32. Waiting for a response to my request to email soft copy of Deivathin Kural to my email i.d.

  33. Mahesh Sir,
    That was so nice of you.
    I visited the site as you mentioned and could download promptly.
    Thanks for the selfless service.
    Needless to mention, I will enjoy bliss reading every page.

  34. It’s long losting ever

  35. Dear Raman Sir,
    Can you please mail me the english version of the pdf ? Hats off for this tremendrous service.
    Much obliged.
    May God Bless You.

    My email ID:

  36. Dear Sir,
    Please accept my pranams for the great philanthropic service you are doing to the mankind.
    I dont understand Tamil. Can you please email me an english version of the document?
    OR please let me know where can i order it online sir?
    Thanking you sir
    My mailid:


  38. I want an english version of deivathinkural in .pdf format for my son.

  39. Hi Sir,
    Can you please Share me the english version of deivathinkural kural .pdf?

  40. my email id is : Please share me the pdf files both English and tamil versions. Thanks a lot

  41. my mail id is kindly send the pdf of english versions

  42. sir,

    could you please mail me the english pdf version? will be forever grateful


  43. sir,

    viswanath again.

    forgot to give my email id in the previous request.

    it is:



  44. Pls mail me Tamil & English version deivathinkural vinod.aadiya@gmail.Com

  45. Please mail me tamil and English version of Deivathin Kural please. Thanks… Krish. My mail I’d is :

  46. That’s an inexplicable divinity..My humble request to you, kindly share Deivathin Kural in English PDF. I am too eager. Kindly help, Shrinivasa Rao

  47. Sir, Could you pl.mail me the Tamil Version of Deivathin Kural. Thanks.

  48. kindly email me the english version. my email is

  49. Namaskaram,
    could I please have the English and tamil version
    my email. id.
    I would be very grateful if I could this version as we live abroad and there are no shops around selling this book
    with joy

  50. Can you please send me a copy of English PDF to ?

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