Two Mahishams Saved from Cruel Bali (Sacrifice)

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

In this day and age, there a lot of things that we think we have moved on; like war between countries, cruel sacrifices of innocent animals, etc. Unfortunately, they  continue to happen even now right in front of our eyes. From whatever little knowledge I have gained, sacrifice is all about we giving up our own resources (be it money or any kind of avarices). However in the name of sacrifice, man has chosen as easy way to get hold off an innocent animals and butcher them cruelly to please god.

Recently it was brought to my attention that in a village near Kanchipuram a group of village people sacrifice Mahishams cruelly every year. When I started digging deep and looked at the pictures I was horrified at the extent of cruelty behind this. All this happens in wide open with all men, women, and children watching where they behead them mercilessly and also chop their legs. I’m not posting the pictures here but posting a link to it so you can see how gory it looks. Posting the pictures of the mahishams below that were saved from the last minute cruelty. Rama Rama

HERE is the link to the mahishams that were sacrificed a few months back.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam
Rama Rama

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  1. Really salute you for doing this noble job from the front.

  2. Periyavaa has only sanctioned the bali for yaga pasus strictly as laid down in vedas. This benefits the animal also. There is no place for any other form of sacrifice ..kk8i

  3. It’s TIME.. now’ for All Bhaktas…. to Awaken to the Fact about the Human birth… That’ GOES thru 84,00,000 YONIs before being conceived in the HUMAN body ~~~ as a WaAris….heir}\heiresses ☮️🌐 Though the Pooja Rituals ~~~🌐 ensures the Strength of character Among the Humankind () the Punya and PurushaArth is NOT only Preserved in the Sarpa Loka *’*”:::::: these Kaarmic Balance sheets get Audited Too ~~~ & So the Ashlesha Pooja Rituals { every 27 days in a month } delivers the necessary Fruits to the devotees.. & the Bali @ the Devi” Balipeetham…. is the Deficiencies….in the chakras….any human being….. COULD be …. experiencing some I’ll health…..& supposedly set right by the animal sacrifices…. [ Goat 🐐 sacrifices… SETs right the Ketu ❤️⭕⚔️🎲🕰️🦘 relevant Chakras in the human Spiritual ANATOMY 🌐
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    Om Sri Gurubhyo namah ~~~

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