Take 3 – Chettinad Farm Auction Update – Off we go again Tomorrow!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – By Periyava’s Anugraham, around three weeks back the auction was stopped again (See HERE for the post). With all the e-mails we sent it seems the govt. has decided not to do auction but sent out a letter to 23 AWCB Gosalas (Animal Welfare Certified Board) to take all the cows/goats/varahams at book value. The deadline to respond was Sep. 3 (last Friday). However, not even ONE gosala responded. One guy came last Friday pretending he owned a Gosala that is Animal Welfare certified, however the govt. farm found out he is a fraud and did not even have the basic documents. That leaves us the only remaining party in the mix and we are starting again early tomorrow morning to Chettinad to close the deal. If we don’t take it they will again take the auction route which is the last thing we want to do. Will keep you all updated.


Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

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  1. You are doing a self-less task. God’s blessings with you.

  2. May victory be yours.

  3. A kind request to all, to transfer whatever one can afford, on a monthly basis to this account, so that we have corpus funds to always take care of these selfless Mothers’, who are feeding so many Babies, (other than their own) and various People and do not have a representation on their own, except God and good noble people carrying out such activities. As Maha Periyavas’ clear pronounciation, any small harm against such beings is not good for the world, it is high time all People, unite to form a strict Law, to protect them and in whatever way can support for their well beings, within their means singly or as well as many different groups to support such activities. Thanks, request you all to share the bank account details, so that I will try my level best to support on a monthly basis. I stored it earlier, but could not trace, it now. Thanks and pray Periyava to guide us all in this great deed and humbly request Govt. and other associated wings, Law and Order, Judiciary and Uniformed Services to help such social causes.

  4. Don’t worry Sai , Periyava is with you always guiding you ! You will return with success ! We will pray for you.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.
    Ram Ram

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