Varalakshmi Vratham – Useful document – for July 31, 2020

Thanks to Sri Maadhu for sharing this in a social media. Thanks to Swadarmaa team for compiling this.

Very beautifully laid out and very useful to all … Must-read. We need to know the sastra properly on things to do.

Click here to download –  varalakshmi pooja final D


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  1. A request – is it possible to translate this to English ? Will be very useful

  2. Rama rama

    Lovely document.. especially noteworthy info on அகத்தூய்மை, with eknath’ story.
    Especially on a festival day with so many things to be done by time , naturally what is lost is patience .. 🙂

    Must read for us to remember n plan to ensure we maintain a serene mind despite demands from kitchen and Pooja room.

    Very nice. With bold fonts, pleasing presentation.. did not read the puja vidhanam as I can follow the one I generally use (Sri anna’ puja vidhanam)

    Timely publish

    Thank you


  3. So after waking up, does one clean the house and put rangoli (and chandanam and samarpan flowers at house entrance) and do achamanam even before brushing the teeth and attending nature’s calls?

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