Happy English New Year!

Dear readers,


Although we have some more time for our Tamil new year, thanks to western influence, we largely celebrate english new year for all practical purposes. However, violating agama shastras and keeping the temples open till midnight is unwarranted for.

Thanks to each one of you for supporting and encouraging me throughout this journey.I also want to call out several of you who have been sending your creations (poems/stuthis/drawings) and sharing rare articles/photos to me on a regular basis to keep this blog running – thank you very much. If you have experienced any inconveniences, please accept my apologies. Also, if I haven’t answered your question or taken care of requests, it is simply due to my work schedule etc….I will try to respond quickly in the coming year…

On behalf of the blog, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2020!

On New Year’s day, people take many resolutions – starting from eating right, doing exercises etc. Let us take resolutions that will make our  ummachi thatha happy.

I have the following in mind – these are not too hard to follow to greater extent….

  1. Let us all do our nithyakarmas without fail – no matter what happens – even if we are going to take our last breathe, let us do the sandhyavandhanam and then die! Let us do namaskaram to Sri Musiri mahan and follow his direction on this.
  2. Wherever/whenever possible please do your best to support gho-rakshanam. Although we can’t eliminate cow slaughtering, let us do our best to reduce and prevent sending existing cows to slaughter houses. Same applies to veda rakshanam. In addition to sending money, let us take extra effort to visit a ghosala, patasala – spend time with vidhyarthis etc and support them – at least once a month.
  3. Guru darshanam is koti punyam – if you are in the vicinity of Kanchipuram, please make sure we all visit Sri Matam once a month (min) to get blessings from our acharyas.
  4.  Aahara niyamam – although swayam pakam may be too difficult for all practical purposes, let us do our best to eat satvik foods.
  5. Nama japam and mantra japam – HH Triplicane Periyava and Mahaperiyava had talked a lot about the nama japam mahatmiyam. With the help of proper guru, let us start some japam. Only in our religion, these mantra/nama japams have been found so powerful and help us elevate.

Let us all pray our acharyas to give the vairagyam to follow some of these or any other resolution we take.

I will do a separate posting later on all our activities we did in 2019 from various kainkaryams.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Thanks to Sudhan for sharing this priceless video – I don’t recall seeing this before….

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  1. Can we find this beauty in the present generation girls/woman these days who are the lamp for the family?!!
    * Bright Red Kumkum on the forehead (and near the straight partition of the hair for the married);
    * Great-smelling flowers on the hair that is neatly combed and tied/plaited one side with no hair left loose;
    * Gold Chain and Yellow thread called maangalya sutra worn throughout after marriage;
    * Gold Ear-rings; Gold/Diamond Nose rings; Glass Bangles on both the hands; Silver Anklets (and silver toe rings for the married);
    [gold & silver, since it brings certain positive vibes on the person wearing them. No gold to be worn beneath hips.]
    * Paavaadai, half-saree, 6 yard saree, 9 yard madisaar saree that are worn as we grow up from being kids to teenage girls to young women to married women (Wearing decently covering one’s body completely);
    * Learning the various arts — music, dance, arts, crafts, cooking, teaching, etc.;
    * Avoid stepping out of home atleast on “certain” days and not touching people/things and instead, taking adequate rest;
    These are “some” of the many features common among-st the the girls and women of our Rich cultural nation!!

    Where’s the talent of these super-woman gone? One can check the way the woman of those days’ dressed up neatly and fully – the beauty is unparalleled! They were the real goddess!!

    Go on metros, go on buses or trains — some of those nastily dressed up woman with hair let flying from one end of the bus-seat to other — these woman think for themselves they look best, but in reality if one had the power to openly comment, they only look like ghosts or witches or some doomed creatures!

    • These are “some” of the things that our ancestors have always followed. This is our tradition and culture!
      Let us all follow the same (atleast, start following if we are yet to!). Let us not forget our “Dharma” wherever on earth we are!
      – Respecting our माता पिता गुरु देवम् always;
      – Remembering the Sun God during sunrise, noon and sunset;
      – Seeking the blessings of elders in the family;
      – Remembering and making our sincere prayers to our Guru and Gods;
      – Prayer to ancestors;
      – Prayer requesting the “planets” (Navagrah) to shower its grace for our goodness;
      – Thanking the mother cow (“go Maathaa”) for giving us milk everyday;
      – Remembering the holy rivers while bathing, for cleansing us externally and internally;
      – Doing Naivedya (offering to God) and then offering the first portion to crows before we start our meals;
      – Thanking Annapoorni for giving us a blessed sattvic and vegetarian diet;
      – Complete Narayana smaranam and fasting on Ekadashi and Avoiding “rice” if food needs to be taken;
      – Listening to good, Seeing good, Speaking good, Thinking good;
      – Trying to learn Samskritam, which is the Language of the Gods;
      – Always chanting God’s names (Rama, Krishna, etc..) — for getting peace of mind;
      – Remembering and thanking the source of everything, i.e, Paramaatman.
      – Loving all the creations of god!

  2. Even on Diwali or Karthikai, there weren’t much sound of these crackers! But, for last midnights’ Christian celebration, even Hindus shamelessly joined hands and bursted as many as possible.
    Pollution occurs only on Diwali and Karthikai and that their eyes can’t see the “pollution” on this day! (maybe because they were busy boozing and bursting!).
    Hope that right from the roots, the useless and baseless cultures that had ruined the existing divine culture of India, should be thrown out to their own lands including any burnt remnants (vaasanaas!). Never again we should entertain the non-sense we had gone through these years!

    • Cheaper still is these fools draw a kolam in front of the house/apartment with the words Merry Christmas or Happy New Year on 25th Dec/1st Jan and decorate the outside of homes with artificial stuff like plastic, etc!
      Complete western culture in Hindu homes! One should have the basic knowledge to know where to distinguish friendship and culture!

      The primary blame for all this crap happening is only on the parents who sent/send their girl child out of their homes. Now-a-days are woman, woman? They want them to be like non-Hindu men – drink, party, earn, tattoo, let hair loose, be independent and enjoy devilish life without showing respect to anyone anywhere!

      Shame and Blame the parents who set a wrong trend blindly thinking they’re right and the generations until theirs were fools to follow our culture meticulously!!
      Well-deserved hit !

    • Yes, you are right. There is a systematic movement by non-Hindu forces [ NGOs, leftist activists, self-styled intellectuals etc] who are raising noise about Hindu festivals and the so called noise and other pollution. They are also objecting to traditions like temples keeping elephants. They are resorting to courts to interfere with Hindu practices. The courts are also falling prey to their tactics/ For instance, if keeping elephant or killing a goat or buffalow by some Hindus is objectionable , how can killing millions of goats for Id or chicken for Christmas can be permitted ? If controlling pollution is the aim, should not automobiles which are the chief air pollutants be banned first? Thus the courts are also illogical. The movement against Hindu customs is a deep conspiracy by world non-Hindu forces with money, economic and political muscle. Unfortunately, Hindus cannot organise themselves intelligently to counter the world forces. Jallikattu was the lone exception. We must build up on that example. But it requires political backing.
      By the way, many Hindus light candles, while the Catholic church itself has started lighting lamps, waving aarati, etc. How can Hindus wake up when they send their children to Christian schools and let them be brainwashed slowly?

      • Most pathetic situation is parents who send their children to Christian and Muslim funded schools, they follow their customs viz., not wearing bangles, no Tilak on forehead, no flowers on head, no ear rings, etc. While Hindu lead schools simply allow Muslims to wear Burqa, etc. Why this discrimination against Hindus in Hindu majority country? Why Hindu parents do not understand this? Heeding rules of Christian/Muslim schools/colleges is a secularism, then do they follow the same rules when implemented at Hindu based schools/colleges? They won’t! We need to make understand our parents who are the actual culprits for these deviations and that cause great devastations to our culture. Parents, awake now at least!

      • The innocence in kids are absolutely lacking. Parents think by dumping all the so-called-western-knowledge they learnt over a period of 40-50 years should be forced inside the kids’ brains by the age of 3 or 4! And these selfish parents portray they have the best children on earth that they know what marriage is, etc even at the age of 3 or 4! These kids talk like adults, behave like adults and lose all their charm! Am sure the children will be cursing their own parents/grand-parents/elders at one point of time in the future if they realize that if only they were taught about the beauty of our culture at the right age and were protected, they would not have been reaping heaps of sorrow that they will be facing in the future.
        The kids giving (Harikatha) upanyasams/sing in some stupid film song competitions in TV, etc conducted these days – frankly, are not something the parents should feel proud of. These kids’ innocence is missing!
        These kids wear thick glasses at the age of 3 or 4 and play on mobile 2* or watch TV/computer/laptop throughout!! Innocence clearly missing!!


  4. அபார கருணா சிந்தும் ஞானதம் சாந்த ரூபிணம் ஸ்ரீ சந்திரசேகர குரும் பிரணமாமி முதான்வகம், ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர ஹர ஹர சங்கர . சரணம் சரணம் ஸ்ரீ மஹா ப்ரபோ .
    ஜானகிராமன் நாகப்பட்டிணம்

  5. India has accepted Western civilization and its dominant mores for all practical purposes. This is clearly seen in the increasing trend of youngsters adopting dress, eating, entertainment and other western modes. This is a conscious, worldwide movement with powerful international financial and political interests and backers. We in India have simply succumbed to this force.This is the mainstream and growing majority due to the rise of the younger generation in our population .There is simply no force among Hindus which can stem this tide.

    Though there are still enough elders of the older generation devoted to traditional values, they cannot assert themselves as the youngsters are increasingly subject to brutal peer pressure outside the home. This is so even in the case of school-college going girls.

    Those who have studied even a little of Hindu conception and scale of time, know how scientific is our calendar, connecting the whole cosmos and defining our place in it. Compared to this, the Western concept of time is shallow, arbitrary, unscientific. And above all, the Western calendar is intimately connected with the Christian dogma. Dr.C.K Raju, leading Indian mathematician, has explained all this beautifully. If still we are unable to stem the tide of Western onslaught, it can only be attributed to Kala, the time spirit.

    Yet there may be a bright streak. This January I falls in our auspicious month of Margazhi. Any thithi or Nakshatra on which it falls can be interpreted to bring out its connection with our religion. So, it too can be celebrated as part of our Margazhi observations. Only, our temples cannot remain open beyond the hours permitted in our Agamas, nor should we visit temples at midnight.

  6. Mahaperiyava saranam.

  7. Hara Hara Shankara. Jaya Jaya Shankara. Happy New Year to
    Maha Periyava Devotees and All.

  8. Although it is celebrated widely across India, I am afraid had Maha Swamy approve the English new year celebrations.

    For present generation, it is boozing, dancing, shouting, cutting cakes, etc., etc. Unfortunately so much so that elders are also doing this and setting example to the gennext.

    Where is the devotional aspect here?

    Our festivals are not only celebration but also scientific and religious meanings carrying inherently.

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