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  1. For those who don’t know about Swami Omkarananda swamigal, the picture is just show who and how Swami Omkarananda ji looks like. There is nothing hilarious about it. To my knowledge, no one has such a depth in knowledge both in Sanskrit and Tamil like Swamiji. He is doing enormous service to the society without expecting anything in return.

    • Sorry I didn’t know. So used to saying our Periyavas without fanfare In their usual robes and style , it was just jarring to see any other sanyasi in a poster with dhyana posture like the modi style sadguru

  2. Kavii udai has been made marketing commodity to increase sales. Attachment to deer and attachment to bird led to many poems

    • One must understand that to lead humanity n MANKIND, GURU, happens to be the guiding light…Above emotions, to align the human CONSCIOUSNESS with the SHRISHTI’ s Dharma, & above the WORLD of money, Materialism & the a acquisitions of terminal pleasures….THE KAAVI vastras instill this SENSE of disciplines, n the devotees have the INHERENT Awakening for the Venerable one’s…

  3. Swami Omkarananda has been explaining Tirukkural from the Hindu dharmic point of view for quite some time now. These are already available on YouTube. Just type Swami Omkarananda Tirukkural Classes and we can access the videos. There are quite a few.
    Tirukkural is a dharma treatise, in the line of Vedic/Sanatana dharma. It is classified as part of 18 Classic Tamil works of the famous Sangam period. [ பதினெண் கீழ்க்கணக்கு நூல் ] II of these, including Tirukkural are treatises on dharma. [ அற நூல்கள் ] This was well known to the elderly generation, till about 60 years ago. Thereafter due to adverse political developments in Tamil Nadu, the dharmic nature of Tirukkural has been deliberately obscured and all sorts of explanations have been advanced and propagated through govt. controlled school system, so that many even in orthodox circles may entertain doubts or uncertainty about it. Unfortunately, there is no book, in Tamil or English which cogently brings out the dharmic basis of Tirukkural, giving the references to original sources in Sanskrit like Manu or Chankaya Niti and others, though there are some stray articles on the subject. In the circumstances, Swami Omkarananda’s discourses on Tirukkural provide us the correct information.

    More than ten years ago, Alliance Company of Chennai ( Mylapore) brought out a Tamil book in two volumes on the theme of Dharma and Tirukkural ( authored by some Gurukkal) but it has been out of stock for many years now. Last year, Giri Trading Agency of Chennai brought out an English book by the venerable Dr. R.Nagaswamy on the same subject. It is more of a research monograph, but gives valuable insights. I mention this for the information of those interested, in view of the current controversy on the subject raging in Tamil Nadu. In the present charged political atmosphere, we may not be able to convince others of the truth that Tirukkural is a dharma treatise, but astikas themselves should become convinced of this fact based on facts. It is here that Swami Omkarananda’s talks and books mentioned above would help.
    It is high time that a comprehensive treatise on the subject is brought out by a competent scholar of the astika persuasion.

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