Grahanam Significance and Sankalpam

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara to our blog devotee for sharing all the below info. and videos. Rama Rama


Vyasa Peeta Acharyas stresses on the importance of the Divine Strength of a Grahanam. Please perform this Grahana Sankalpam and ask everyone to recite any or nama or stotra in this Maha Punya Kalam.

This pdf is in multiple languages and these videos will also be helpful.
This year’s Vdsp sabha grahana upanyasam
Last year’s grahana upanyasam where sankalpam is read clearly PUNYAKALANGAL – Grahana Snana Sangalpam / புண்யகாலங்கள் – கிரஹண ஸ்னான சங்கல்பம்.

The last year’s video will be helpful (for practising) for beginners and the sankalpam will slightly differ with the present sankalpam, still it will be helpful for those who are unable to pronounce the words clearly.
One Rama nama uttered will have the potent of 100 Rama namas.
Punya karmas gain extraordinary strength.
Even dhanam for GoSamrakshanam will be very beneficial for both the receiver and donour.
Gayatri japa can be performed facing East, by those with Yagnopavitam.
Any other stotra or mantra may also be recited.
First-timers and those without adequate sastric knowledge about Grahanam, must listen to VDSP sabha’s vids !!



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