FYI on Annadhanam in Chidambaram

Recently, a friend of mine visited Chidambaram and shared this information as they have been doing Annadhanam for 13 years with great sincerity. He requested me to share this in this forum. Please remember, I have not talked to them in Chidambaram and I suggest you talk and do your checks before working with them.

Om Hreem Nama Shivaya!

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  1. i always wonder on continuation of MISPLACED COMPASSION of charity in our society,. Avvaiyar who demanded “do not eat unless you partake that food with some one else” (ஐயம் இட்டு உண்) also curtly declared in very next sentence that it is dishonourable to accept almsஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி . There are two terms दक्षिणा (offered and accepted as a fee for a service rendered or product transacted) and दानम् (which is received with no expectations of return. The Upanishads that declared . अन्नं बहुकुर्वीत produce as much food also declared “Do not waste food” अन्नान न निन्ध्यत . I was offering money to a charity that fed people on every KRITIKA star day for years. They kept pestering me to visit the place at least once. When i went there, what i saw pained me. AT least 15% of those who ate were organisers. Another 20% were supporters. Another 45% were well to do people who had enough money to BUY food rather than accept alms. Hardly 20% were poor who “NEEDED FOOD FOR SURVIVAL” And most painful sight was that close to 40% food was wasted. When something is free, there is no value even if it is food. If some one who is an adult and physically / mentally fit, that person has to feed others who are incapable of protecting themselves – children, old people, invalids, In all other species, you see this rule operating. But in today’s society in India, every one looks for freebees – no matter who works and pays for them. I am too small a brain to judge. would like to know whether we are on right track

  2. This annadhanam is done privately by Sri Sivathandava Deekshithar and is not in any way connected with either with the temple or Podu-Deekshithars.
    I have seen his appeal in some Tamil magazines including Thuglakh.

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