Mahaperiyava bakthi – are we over-complicating this?

This is a long and important post. Pl read this fully. This post is only intended for devotees who are confused and at guilt of not doing certain things by comparing themselves with others. Share your comments as well in a nice way.

Few days back there was a posting in Facebook about some Guru Puja to Mahaperiyava initiated by someone for a specific period of time and many people have been doing this and they are greatly benefited. It always makes us happy to note that people are benefited. Also this person talks to Mahaperiyava, gets His direction and communicates to others. I often get mails asking for some mama or mami’s name to get help from their current troubles.It is very surprising to see why one needs to waste time to look for mama/mami etc when in trouble. Praying to Mahaperiyava / kula dheivam is as easy as standing in front of their photos and chanting their namavalis. To do this, we do not need any initiation. There is a namavali for Mahaperiyava- “ஓம் ப்ரார்த்தனாமாத்ர ஸுலபாய நம:”, which means one who is easier to worship. What more pramanam do we need?

I am normally against any intermediaries between us and jagadgurus. Jagadgurus have taken avataram to be easily accessible and why another agent for Him?! Does not make sense – to me. I have also heard about people who talk to Mahaperiyava and receive directions etc. While they all could be true, what is important is to make our bonding between us and Mahaperiyava or any Periyava stronger. Point is that we should not be wasting our time in running between mamas and mamis.

I think we all should realize that there is no extraordinarily different routine needed just because we are Mahaperiyava devotees. Sri Pradosham mama told his people only one thing “Periyava parameswarandaa …gettiyaa puduchukkongo” – thats all. He encouraged all to read Sivapuranam, Thevaram etc. He kept the routine simple and insisted on unshaken bakthi towards Him. If we have that kind of bakthi, rest does not matter.

In fact a devotee from Malaysia asked me “What do you do daily prayers for Mahaperiyava?”. I did not respond to him till now. I will do this via this post. Here is what I do:


  • karavalambam in the morning for Lord Subrahmanya (my kula dheivam) and Kanchi Acharya karavalambam – although I thought this was written for Mahaperiyava, it is actually for any Kanchi Acharya.
  •  I also chant “Potri Yen vaazh muthalaagiya porule” – to wake up Thiruperundurai Atmanaadhar, who is same as Mahaperiyava – this is part of Thiruvasagam. (if I finish shower and do sandhyavandhanam all before 8 AM..If it is beyond that I dont do this – makes no sense wake Mahaperiyava/Swami at 10 AM!)
  • I chant Kanchi jagadguru ashtothram – dont know the author – i have shared in the blog long back – unable to find now…

Anytime (Morning/evening – doesn’t matter)

  • Used to chant certain thevarams like “Thirukurugaavur pathigam (ithanai yaamatrai)”
  • Used to chant “Thiruvum mei porulum …” by Sri Sundaramurthy Swamigal. Sri Jayendra saraswathi swamigal once handed out this pathigam to all devotees who went for His darshan…
  • I do rudrabishekam to my panchayathana puja.
  • On Thursdays or whenever I wish I do abishekam to Mahaperiyava/Pudhu Periyava Padhukas and ashtothra namavalis whenever I feel like.
  • On Fridays, if i remember, I will chant Vinayagar Agawal.  I 100% chant on every chaturthis
  • Used to chant Kolaru Pathigam – that stopped as well.

(many in my list is in past tense!!! – i need to make some effort to make it present tense soon)

This is my routine – is there anything that is targeted for Mahaperiyava here? No – these are all what He and all other Periyavas have asked us to do. I am not the standard – I understand but I know there are several folks who have lots of Periyava experiences on a daily manner offer very simple bakthi.

If you wish to elaborated puja, there is a book blessed by Sri Matam called “Sagunopasana”, which is available in this blog for free download. Download that book, get a sastrigal and do it at your place – they are completely based on vaidheeka procedure – so any sastrigal would feel comfortable to do this for you. If the link on this page doesnt work, please search for this in the blog, look in the comments section for email id of the publisher – Sri Ravi Venkataraman, PA – he will be happy to email you this.

I recently got an email few days back from a devotee who got a dream of Mahaperiyava putting His feet on his head. He was asking me what to do from this dream as he was worried if there is any dheiva kutram etc if no action is taken after the dream. He seems to be doing nithyakarmas properly and whatever he could – there is nothing to worry – we need to be consistent in our religious/spiritual journey.

Bottom-line – there is no extra special drill for Mahaperiyava bakthi. Whatever we do to any swami reaches Mahaperiyava too. I dont have any doubt. Having said that, I have strong belief that Mahaperiyava will take care of me as long as my bakthi is consistent and strong.

So, let us stop complicating Periyava bakthi and keep it simple. Our acharyas have come to this world to establish traditions and sastras. Whatever our tradition established by Adi Acharya is enough to please any devata including Mahaperiyava. Let us stick with our tradition and advises of our acharyas.

To wrap it up, let me quote an incident from Dr SV Radhakrishnan mama of Srirangam, who is a very serious devi (Bala) upasaka. He went to Mahaperiyava and asked “why I am not getting mantra siddhi? I am doing it very seriously?”. Periyava asked “You are a serious devotee of ambal. Instead of asking Her why are you coming and asking me? – go ask Her”. His message is that there should not be anyone between you and devata.

Thanks to Sri Suresh Panchanathan for initiating this thread in FB and I only extended that here.

My advance apologies if I have accidentally hurt anyone’s feelings, which is unintentional.

Periyava Sharanam!



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  1. Mahaperiavaa sharanam. Following the teachings of simplicity and being a karmayogi is the path to reach mahaperiava. Rather than a ritualistic Pooja of which we neither have full knowledge nor the pakuvam to do such pooja.

    • Avoiding silk vasthrams, giving up coffee as a drink.cows samrakshnam, abandoning varathakshinai during marrigaes, nithyakarma anushtanam and vedhapatasa kainkaryam….are the few important things MAHASWAMIGAL wanted us to folow.Adhering a few only will remain a great tribute for his lone war he waged during his days..

      Ram. Ram. Thanks and Regards

      Narayanaswamy K

  2. Its not fair to say that its waste of time. Just because you dont like it, you cannot put all your own words against mama, HE IS pure soul , without knowing his strong faith and helping for people ,he himself selflessly devotes, u by urslf has said pradosham mama, evn pradosam mama is disciple and many have went to mama even in periyavas golden era. So now in this age, periyava has blessed mama and mamis generously , to serve people ,think how punya atma they must be to be selected by MAHAPERIYAVA , without knowing anything just beacause u dont lik , dnt post such words against the punya atmas blessed by our MAHAGURU. They are not intermediates,they are richly immensly blessed personalities, please for heaven sake dnt post such wordings cant u even realize if Mahaperiyava has selected a person how carefully divine nature be bleesed for them . If u dnt lik keep with urself dnt post for world and dnt mislead people, if u can do pooja thats ur ability, not all can do poojas and not all have that strength to do. Think there are people in all ages, their situations,their karmas,so Mahaperiyavas selection cnt go wrong.Undoubtedly a generous blessings by Mahaperiyava for suffering people helped by periyava through mama and mami is much essential and immensely needed.please dnt ever say before u know anything about them .SARVAM PERIYAVAKU SAMARPANAM .JAISRIRAM JAYAJAYA SANKARA HARAHARA SANKARA

  3. I also feel the same. We can approach MahaPeriyava directly by following His advices. He is responding.

  4. This is very unfortunate as many here are picking up from statements made by few.
    The mama who has now got the tag of “Godmen” by few has never claimed this. you must visit him once to know what he does and his immeasurable bhakti for MahaPeriyava.
    Those who do Guru Pooja per mama are hugely benefited as they are drawn more towards MahaPeriyava.

  5. Dear Mahesh Anna, Thanks for such a post. I’m following your blogs regularly. I’m not knowing the reason why i’m coming up with my comment for the first time for this blog. With periava (he is my thaayumanavar) s anugraham and compassion i have been blessed with a very lovable family. It was my daily ritual during my pregnancy to listen maha periava’s experiences compiled by Mahesh krishnamoorthy anna and bharath sridhar anna. Periava is with us in every step of our life. And he answered to my deepest desire – our little deivam was born on vaigasi anusham of 2018. We have named her Kamakshi. My pregnancy and delivery is one miraculous story which i want to share soon with you.

    As you have said, hearing experiences even have become “past tense”. After a long time, i listened to one of the experiences not from the regular channel i follow but from a suggestion. The channel claimed to be miracles devotees are experiencing from doing guru pooja. The lady was mentioning some mama’s name. I was wondering who is this new mama suddenly sprouting from nowhere. The only mama with all due pranams and respect i know is pradosham mama. We definitely stand with you for this awakening post. We need no godmen. We know our god.

    Thanks again and sincere namaskarams.

    • My due respects to all devotees of Mahaperiava. I fully agree that we do not need another medium to communicate with Mahaperiavaa. One should not create a hype and a plethora of rituals which I doubt will be ever approved by Mahaperiava before his samadhi.
      For example if one is following Buddha, one should necessarily denounce non vegetarianism. Periava did not approve of silk. If you are true bhakth give up silk. I have also heard people giving silver builva malais.Do such people know what a bilva tree is and it’s relevance? So stupid to offer silver bilvas.
      In a nutshell, simple devotion with a pure heart is needed. On Sri Periavaa Sharanam

  6. nice post, btw – the gentleman who got that dream of mahaperiyavaa is very blessed. Generally, gurus give deeksha by way of sparsha – and if the guru keeps his feet on the devotees head, it means he is blessing him. So he should be happy.

    • Not just 1 time four different swapnas in various years . 1st and 4th both PADAS. Rest RIGHT PADAM ALONE. In 4th padukas were lying before swami but only PADAS were placed

      For deeksha absolutely unworthy and not disciple being Sri Vaishnava. Have very high regards for mahaperiyava as a mahatapasvi whose tapo bala was instrumental in safeguarding VAIDIKA SAMPRADAYA AATMEKA GNANA in 20th century from onslaught of naastika and European materialism charvaka matha

      Started wondering whether any thing is pending any prartana . In this janma no such pending

  7. This is so true! Mahaperiyava is saakshaat Parameswan. Surrendering unto HIS lotus feet with unconditional devotion is what is important.
    Avaa avatara purusha. All our baffling problems will vanish in no second when we offer our sincere prayers to HIM. Mahaperiyava is God in human form. There’s no doubt about this. His bountiful grace is what will take us beyond the mundane human existence.
    People are being misguided and they want immediate solution to their innumerable problems. That’s why this cropping up of godmen who exploit the gullible people.

    • Ninety years of sayasa asrama life is exploited by few selfish money mongers to their advantage.Mandapams in memory of Mahaswmigal are being constructed at huge cost with public donation leaving ancient Sankara Mutt in poor state without maintenance.No doubt bhagavathas are important but these pseudo god men know neither vedham nor namasankirtanam.

      • Correct. Mahaperiavaa would never approve of costly manapams in his memory. Just like Shirdi Sai who lived a simple bhiksha collecting Santa all his life. Now people present him with diamond crown. How he must be laughing .

  8. Periyava Thunai,
    One can follow one task at least in a day which Periyava asked us to do in our daily routine and also try not to do those which he does not like.
    This will be a great pooja we do for him
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara 🙏 🙏

  9. This was a much awaited post. It is very disturbing to see a new trend of Guru Pooja cult associating the person slowly in the posts as an avatara of Maha Periyava. We have a GURU PARAMPARA, Acharya Peetam and as MAHAPERIYAVA mentioned in GURU PARAMPARA shloka every acharya in our peetam is an avatara of ADI SHANKARA. Certain things should have been nipped in the bud unfortunately now it has grown to a big tree and lot of innocent naive bhaktas now don’t know what is right and what is wrong…

    Each of us experience HIS infinite grace and compassion every day. Because of this blog – I am sure lot of our lives have changed for better and the real greatness of this blog is – it has made us feel closer to MATAM, our Acharyas, Dheivathin Kural, GHO RAKSHANAM and all the good deeds and not separated us and identified ourselves as just MAHAPERIYAVA DEVOTEE.

    श्रीचन्द्रशेखर – जयेन्द्र – शङ्करेत्याकृति – त्रितयभृत् त्रयीव य​: l

    कामकोटि – पदभूषणो गुरु: भाष्यकृत् कुवलयं पुनातु स​: ll

    ஶ்ரீசந்த்3ரஶேக​2ர​ – ஜயேந்த்3ர – ஶங்கரேதி – ஆக்ரு’தி(ஶங்கரேத்யாக்ரு’தி) – த்ரிதய – ப்4ரு’த் த்ரயீவ​ ய​: l

    காமகோடி – பத​3பூ4ஷணோ கு3ரு: பா4ஷ்யக்ரு’த் – குவலயம் புநாது ஸ​:

    We need a strong voice to put a full stop…. better now than never! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


    • something is helping us to connect and make us feel closer and you realize the greatness of this blog. Why cannot a real devotee help us like this.? What is a big deal about it?

    • sir

      The person who is a Vaishnav mentioned in the post by me is just guiding people. He is not an swamiji. Nothing wrong people approaching him. He does not take money and just doing service. In fact he was not knowing who was Sri Mahaperiyava till he got experience with Maha periyava who gave Darshan in his Dream and guided him. Only after getting permission from his Manaseeka Guru Maha periyava he started this Guru pooja.

  10. Thank you so much! This was like a fresh breeze to my heart – appeared at absolutely right moment. Har Har Mahadev ki Jai! 🙂 Thank YOU! 🙂

  11. Between GURU and Sishya no intermediary is needed .Well said .Besides our MAHAPERIYAVA being the personification of kaarunyaa will always help any one who seeks him sincerely.

  12. One wise man said “It is not enough if you VALUE the MASTER but MASTER his VALUES”

  13. Gnanis generally do not do any miracles. INTENIONALLY They r GENERALLY in Brahmanubhava.(BEYOND THOUGHTS INTENTIONS) Such Gnanis r worshipped by even DEVAS. These Devas bestow their grace on those who pray to GNANIS.


    Similar statement made by HH Sri Abinava Vidya theertha of sringeri (contained in a book enlightening elucidations)

  14. A lot of people start out as sincere Bhakthas and then a stage comes when they start thinking that they are great devotees etc and some even assume the role of a Guru or intermediary and start giving directions to others. This is dangerous and is sure to cause ones downfall in the spiritual journey. Just like in other walks of life the ego plays its tricks here as well. I think it is best not to advertise what religious/spiritual practices one is doing (or share spiritual experiences however wonderful they may be) or start seeking/giving advice from/to others while one is on the spiritual journey. The Guru is there to guide sincere devotees and in the case of MahaPeriyava , he has already mentioned what needs to be done (or what he expects from His devotees) and how in Deivathin Kural (some devotees have already mentioned this above). My humble opinion is that it is best to avoid such posts/discussions or entertain such questions from others and instead the time can be spent remembering Him or His Teachings and practicing them. The sincere devotees will always get guidance while those who are more interested in general gossip or advertising about themselves will continue to be confused and make no progress till they correct themselves.

  15. You are spot on Mahesh Anna. The objective of any guru is to guide people in the right direction. They are God sent. They do perform miracles out of compassion but that is not the purpose of their avatar. In our case reading Deivathin Kural and living according to it itself is a great bhakti that we show towards Periyava.

    There are other ways such as Go rakshanam, Vedha rakshanam, Pretha samskaram etc through which also we can show our bhakti.

    Ultimately, it is our oozhvinai that dictates our life and nothing can be done to beat it. Let us try crossing samsara sagaram in this janma itself and make that objective of our life. Guru bhakti and deiva bhakti are means to achieve the goal

  16. A simple analysis of the situation mentioned in your article is something like this. A student trying to pass his examination by reading GUIDE books instead of reading TEXT books. Guide books are shortcuts. We should avoid this approach.

    We should be simple and sincere to access Periyava. In fact, he will not wait for us to reach out to him.

    Understanding Periyava through Deivathin Kural is the best way (as Reading Text books). Like we develop interest in various new subjects with various growth intentions, we should develop the interest to read Deivathin kural. Later, we can read the experiences of fellow devotees.(Guide Books).

    Another important thing, Periyava to be remembered all through our life and not only in troubled times.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  17. It is most disturbing some people who did not have opportunity to worship Mahaperiyavaa in His life time have started discourses about His mahimai as if they were associated with Him at the Mutt.They use what they heard and what they read but quoting the incidents not correctly.Only a very few confess they have never seen Mahaperiyavaa and they quote external material for their speech.Honestly they never say experience with Mahaperiyavaa.

  18. Just to let you know it ‘Devaram’ and not ‘Tevaram’. Recall Periyava mentioning about it in Deivathin Kural. Rama Rama

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