Today is the start of Magha Navarathri – Raja Mathangi

Devi Raja Mathangi is one of the Pancha devatas in the Srividya Upasana and also part of dasamaha vidhya. She is an embodiment of knowledge and blesses us all with skills, art, music etc – similar to Saraswathi. She is seen with Veena and in green color. Madurai Meenakshi is Mathangi Herself while Akilandeswari is Varahi.

Let us all pray – particularly students and artists to get Her blessings.

Om Sri Rajamathangi Padhukam Pujayami Namaha!



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  1. is it enough if Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam is recited all the nine days. Is there any ASTOTHARAM for Sri Raja Mathangi. Thankful if clarified. Janakiraman Nagapattinam (

  2. Jai Ma


    The most holy SriSri MahaPeriyava is the most complete and most accessible form of all the Deities. He has made Himself accessible to love and prayers, as the Will and EMANATION of the Absolute. Praying to Him with enormous love would be the easiest.

    He is always all-forgiving, all-understanding. There can be no better way than to offer love and respects, in any way possible. Just remembrance is fine, words from the Heart, the holy seat of the Devi Matangi.

    Srimat Shantideva, a great Buddhist saint writes in the Shikshsamuccaya:

    bandhashcet cittamAtanga smRtirajjava samantataH

    bhayamastam gatam sarvam kRtsnam kalyANam Agatam

    bind the (unruly) elephant, your chitta, with the rope of continuous smaraNa

    all fear will flee, and comprehensive auspiciousness will come to you

    SriSriMatangiDevi resides in the Heart chakra, and the most holy SriSri Varahi in the center of the forehead. There are so many aspects for each of these holy Deities, and when the holy Sri Gurunatha empowers one on the specific rites and mantras, only then is it advisable to become engaged in the particular aspect worship.


  3. Is there any more information on this vratam? What we can do, etc?

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