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Sri Ganapathy Subramanian, devotee of Triplicane Periyava is known to our blog readers through his articles on Valmiki Ramayana, Mahaperiyava, and meaning to Shankara stothrams on his blog many of which I have shared here. I have a very high regard for Ganapathy – as a person, his simplicity and more importantly, following the teachings of his Guru, Sri Triplicane Periyava.

Last year around April time-frame, I shared a post about meeting him and his plan to do Valmiki Ramayana parayanam and teach Mooka pancha shathi full time. By Mahaperiyava’s grace he is able to stay that course he has chosen.

In the same month Sri Balaperiyava asked a few who had His darshan to learn and chant mooka pancha shathi and the connection happened through this blog. Ganapathy started online mooka pancha shathi classes and the word spread and as of this week, Ganapathy has completed 4 batches of mooka pancha shathi classes, each taking about 15 months and has another 4 more batches on going. I am writing this to announce that he is starting another batch in January first week and if Mahaperiyava wishes, he wants to start a new batch every two months. So if you are interested to learn this wonderful stothram on Kamakshi devi, send him an email at

There will be 2 classes of 30 min each in a week and it goes like this for 15 months. Timing is arrived at based on the particular batch students’ convenience. The focus in this class is to learn to chant the stothram correctly and completely. For meaning you can go to his blog where he has given the meaning of around 250 slokams, all of which he has connected with Mahaperiyava in the spirit of Gurumoorthi is Kamakshi. As a student you also get an opportunity to attend his daily mooka pancha shathi parayanams to fine tune the chanting. But Ganapathy wants me to add that those who express interest should be really keen and committed to attend regularly and learn fully.

As one of his students, I can say this – this is a no-nonsense class – I mean it. We start on time, class starts right at that moment – no chit-chats, no time wasted – we barely even say good morning/evening – straight dive into the class! He is very patient and particular about pronunciation to get perfect – not speed. Eventually you get the speed by practicing at home. I thoroughly enjoyed and so are my other friends. One most important thing that we need here is “pure commitment”. If you signup, stay committed until you finish – otherwise, don’t join – by dropping out, we only mess-up the rhythm of the class.

Although, Ganapathy is not doing this with commercial intent, any vidhyai becomes fruitful by giving our sambhavanai to the acharya. From that perspective, we all gave our dakshina – whatever made sense to each of us – no lower/upper limit.

Pl reach out to Ganapathy ( and learn this wonderful work and the potent of each slokas are quite powerful. I will tell you that you will thank me greatly after you’re done with the class.

Let Kamakshi bless us all!

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  1. My name is Jeyalakshmi and mobile no 8939840206. I want to know the timings as I am employed

  2. Wish to join in your class through online Already I m learning Devi Mahathmiyam Narayaneeyam and Sundsrakandam I m a devotee of Mahaperiva so I want to learnMookapanchasathy also can you please whatsApp to me about the fee structure Thank you sir My whatsApp no 9884113005

  3. Namaskaaram I want to join mookapanchasathi class

  4. I would like to join this to proceed

  5. Thank you. Wish to join

  6. Could you please share the online class details. Would like to join.


  7. Those who have whatsapp can get connected through mobile phones -video. No need to have Skype or laptop.

  8. 🙏💐I have been associating with Ganapathy for nearly a year. As rightly mentioned in the article, the way he teaches us patiently, the importance given to pronunciation of slokas and the presentation of the meaning of them quoting references of various mahans are the highlights of his style. His Guru bakthi, devotion, sincerity in teaching, sharing valuable as well as treasurly information are awesome. We are all thoroughly enjoying his sessions and feeling so blessed. In turn he expects from us nothing but commitment in learning slokas correctly. I wish him great success in his spiritual journey in coming years.🙏

  9. I am interested in joining the Mooka Panchasathi

    online class that is starting from January. thanks

  10. Thank you Mahesh for your kind words.

    • Sir, I wish to join the online classes. I have whatup: 9444776865. Also, I can open a skype account. Please guide me. My sincere respects- Vanaja

  11. i am writing now-i am in office and have very limited access during office hours-i.s.t.9 a .m. to 5 p.m.

  12. i have written Sri.Ganapathy Anna;however i have no laptop;no skype nor access to a laptop,skype.please guide.periyava charanam

    • Hi Krishnamurthy,

      I will decide the timings and let you know. If you can come to my place at that time you can join the class.


      • I k venkatesan aged 65 want to join mooka pancha shathi online class. I am a brahmin and performing trikala Sandhya vandhanam. That much knowledge only I know in Sanskrit. My wife and sister in law are learning from you. I will be much blessed if I am admitted in your coming online class. I will honestly get involved and dedicate to learn. Namaskarams.

  13. Is this an online class? Like Skype?


  1. New mooka pancha shathi batches starting next month – Sage of Kanchi

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