Must-watch speech on Sri Jayendra Periyava Mahimai by Sri Periyava

Hariharan Pournami

Thanks to Sri Guruvayurappan for the video shares from Kanchi for the past 1+ week. This video, by far is the best video on Sri Jayendra Periyava Mahimai. It is not about a sishya talking great about His guru – it is about how a saint from a most orthodox Sankara tradition transformed Himself and worked with the people with available support to preserve our Hindu dharma, helped reduced the conversion, improved bakthi  – all not for His personal gain – for the Loka kshemam….

Of the reasons I loved this speech is the most informal setup and the style of delivery as if some of us sit at home and talk. He highlights the most important factors that many commonly forgets to callout. He touches the most important factor of where Sri Jayendra Periyava did not and did compromise on certain things. He did NOT compromise anything in the puja, acharam, anushtanams but made few changes to other things to bring all Hindus under one fold.

Beautiful speech – don’t miss this – also, save this video. Not for you..For your children, for your friends.

I believe Sri Periyava was addressing devotees in NJ during the Jayanthi Mahotsvam – I could hear few names that were mentioned in the earlier few mts of the video.

Non-Tamil viewers – I dont know how this can be translated – this video is 45+ minutes long and translating is going to be a Himalayan task.

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  1. Such a nice speech ! My humble pranams in front of all the 3 periyavas! I have not seen Mahaperiyava in person, but i see him and Pudhu Periyava in the profound knowledge and guidance of Bala Periyava ! Such great Guru Bhakthi ! Jaya Jaya Shankara ! Hara Hara Shankara !

  2. Thank you very Maha ch Mr. Guruvayurappan for the video where Bala Periaval has given a detailed speech about Pudhu Periaval and also Maha Periaval. Very nice.

  3. it works now….earlier i forgot to “publish” my video and i did it few mts after i it’s all good…

  4. Pls upload the video once again.

  5. THIS VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE. kindly arrange to upload video. Hara hara sankara Jaya Jaya sankara

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