Mangala Moorthe vignahara Thuritha Nasana Kripaakara!


Few days back, I visited Smt Mahalakshmi Mami’s residence and on my way out, she showed the Pillayar Sannidhi she built in the apartment complex.  He is called “Sri Chandrasekarendra Ganapathy”.

She narrated the context behind the lines written on the wall. My apologies for not capturing the whole thing properly on my camera – it was getting late for me and I was practically rushing out…So took a small video….

It seems that an auditor’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and the couple went for Mahaperiyava darshan. Mahaperiyava gave this mantra to be chanted by them. Mahaperiyava did not say that she will survive but asked her to chant. She did. Later, unfortunately, auditor’s wife passed away after few years. When this Sannidhi was built in the apartment,  auditor wanted to share this mantra with all and mami decided to write this up on the wall so that everyone could chant.

Mangala Moorthe vignahara
Thuritha Nasana Kripaakara!

Thanks mami for sharing this mantra with all.

Mahaperiyava Sharanam!

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  1. I visited Sri periyava Adhishtanam yesterday and happened to see this sloka written on the walls of Anugnai vinayakar sannithi at Adi sankarar sannithi. (Of all my visits so far only yesterday I saw this sloka the next day after reading the post here)🙏

  2. I think the first word of second line must read as : duritha

  3. Can anyone explain the meaning of this Sanskrit verse and what effect it will have on us if we repeat them?

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