Mahaperiyava Padhuka Mahimaigal – Tamil Book

This book may not be new to all or many of you but for me, it is. I knew that this book was published a while ago but I never had a chance to get one. I recently contacted Dr Shyamala, who is the author of the book and she was kind enough to send me this book along with one more book on Mahaperiyava “Kanchi Mahanin Karunai Alaigal”.

First book there are about 67 incidents about how each padhuka was blessed to different devotees – mine included. Very beautiful book – very nicely written, good layout. I took this book after I boarded in Frankfurt and couldn’t keep the book down…I was in tears many times while I was reading it. For me, this was such a great recharging experience on Mahaperiyava. Although we have His holy padhukas at home and do nithya puja etc, many times, we do not realize how great it is to have His padhukas. In this book, Mahaperiyava Himself had said “I can be with them if they have my padhukas”. That itself is a great vakyam. That does not mean that He is not there with devotees if they do not have padhukas. Periyava is everywhere and even through a photo – He is with us. It only reassures and makes the devotees to be reminded of the importance of taking care of the padhukas properly by being achara anushtanam. The experiences that are written are quite amazing…So many blessed devotees. I am almost done with this book…Hopefully in few days I should complete this.

There are so so many more devotees who have the padhukas and hopefully the author would do Part II of this soon.

When you read this book, one can realize how Sri Balu Swamigal had played an important role in helping several devotees to get padhukas. So many devotees – including me. We all are indebted to Swamigal and any other who had helped in getting the padhukas.

I requested Dr Shyamala to do a translation of this to English and interestingly, that work  is underway.

The second book is also very nicely designed – it has two parts – Divya Charithram of Mahaperiyava and some devotees experience. I am yet to start reading this book. I could see some incidents are familiar but some are not.

I have included her contact details and bank details to get these books…If you are interested, please contact her DIRECTLY. Do not send me any questions – I will not be in a position to answer.

Padhuka book costs Rs 325 and the other book costs Rs 300.

Periyava Sharanam!


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  1. Sakrud smarana maatrena bhavaroga hare dicha (vinasake)
    sri chandrasekhara padabje pasetham hrday mein sadha

  2. It is just time that I re-read SRI Guru Padukaa Stotram by Bhagwan Shankaracharya…

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