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  1. This is a real gem and great treasure. There has been an undercurrent of antagonism among the various sects of Hinduism in historical times. We can see this in the time of Sri Ramakrishna, when in Bengal there was constant quarrel and bickering among the Saktas, Vaishnavites and Shivites. We see how Sri Ramakrishna unified them in his own life. In Tamil Nadu, there have been bickering among Sri Vaishnavas, Smartas, Shivites; there were problems even within each of these sects. Then, there was the peculiar problem of Aryan-Dravidian division, resulting in not only anti-Brahmin feeling, but antagonism towards all Brahmanical institutions; some people even tried to establish that the South Indian Saiva Siddhanta had no Vedic base, and the ” Naan Marai ” mentioned in the Saiva Tirumurais actually referred not to the four Vedas but to different works. In such circumstances, Mahaperiyava reached out to all sections of the astika society, and all religious orders and sects. He did this without ego, without superiority complex, and in genuine humility, devotion and affection. He was very fond of Devaram. It was he who popularised the “Kolaru Padikam” of Sri Jnanasambandha at the time of the conjunction of eight planets in February, 1962. It was he who popularised the singing of Tiruppavai and Tiruvempavai.
    He brought together all the heads of diverse Hindu religious Orders for the Agama Shilpa Sadas. He joined the meeting convened under the initiative of Tamil Nadu Govt to counter the nastika propaganda, where the heads of all religious orders were present; but he did not seek a preeminent position, but let the head of one of the Tamil Saiva Mutts assume the role of Chairman or President.
    However, this visit to Dharmapura Aadheenam is of great significance. We do not know whether any previous Acharya had paid such a visit. We should treasure this photo.

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