Blessings to Students

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Ramani for the share. What a great and noble piece of advice. Rama Rama

Blessings to Students

Below is the summary of Swamigal’s lecture on December 18th, 1932 to the students at Hindu Theological High School situated on Thangasalai Road, Chennai:

“This whole world is one big family whose parents are Parvathi and Parameswara. The first verse of Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsam portrays this truth. The teachers and you are living like a small family. As children you have learn as much as possible in your youth. There are two aspects to learning: one is devotion to the guru and the other is morality and personal discipline. Students should avoid getting angry and not criticize anyone or anybody. Just like we maintain a diet while taking medication, while obtaining education, refrain from talking about freedom or disobeying the instructions of elders. Guru Bhakti, moral righteousness, and humility are essential for a student. Children who are humble in their youth will rise high later in their life. Devotion to mother, father and guru (matrubhakthi, pitru bhakthi and guru bhakthi) are all key for you. You should strive to remove the ego that destroys. Avvaiyar has said that mother and father are the primary gods. The Vedas also say the same thing. When you are studying, do not interfere in worldly activities. You might ask, ‘Isn’t it necessary to do service for the well being of the world?’ It is definitely necessary to do service. However, first obtain all the knowledge needed in this world to do the service. You have to think that your studying is your contribution to the world and involve yourself in it completely.”

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  1. At the tender age the Learners first job is to learn the unknown from known sources such as mother, father and teacher . HIS golden words spoken in Mint Street Chennai should be displayed in all schools so as to make the students to follow Maha Periyava advice.

  2. What a timely post for the betterment of the students. All the schools are re opening at this point of time. And the advice is coming from non other than Periyava. Every student should follow his preachings for their life to brighten. Though the speech was given in the year 1932, its still holds good for every student to thrive in their life. Periyava Charanam.
    R VISWANATH, rajakilpakkam

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