Karkeeswarar-Lakshmiswarar Temples Kumbabhishekam – June 19th

Dear Readers,

I am sure most of you remember about the project we owned up in 2016-17 to renovate these two temples in Kanchipuram. Although we started these two temples, one devotee from abroad sponsored the renovation cost for one temple entirely. All of us here together sponsored for the other temple (not fully). From KGF, we contributed Rs 6.5 lakhs for this project. Although it took little longer to get done, finally, the kumbabishekam date has been finalized by HH Balaperiyava and asked Smt Mahalakshmi Mami to do the needful to complete this. Date has been finalized for June 19th.

We all should be absolutely grateful to Mahaperiyava for giving us an opportunity to contribute whatever little we could towards this project. HH Balaperiyava was very keen and happy to note that we are part of this renovation work for the temple that Mahaperiyava did kumbabishekam several decades ago. If you look into the video here, you will see Mahaperiyava walking from one temple towards the other temple.

Smt Mahalakshmi mami is planning to send us the invitation for this kumbabishekam in the next few days. I will upload the invitation once I receive it. For now, please mark your calendar for June 19th (Monday) to attend this event.

As a reader, we all have a equal share of punyam by supporting this project. If any of you could attend this event, please pray for all of us here in the blog. This is not a one man project, this is a samashti kainkaryam. Thank you all for your kind and generous support without which we couldn’t have made this possible…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Status of the temple during Mahaperiyava days:


Status of the temple before kumbabishekam:


Status of the temple during construction:


I will post the latest photo once I have it from Mami….

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