Simple Solution for Being Fit!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – A great incident and even more a greater lesson for all of us to learn; trust Bhagawan Nama more than doctors/medicines.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri ST Ravikumar for the translation. Rama Rama

Simple Solution for Being Fit!

Karur Pandit Rama Sarma was an ayurvedic doctor. He had established Sakthivilasa hospital and was pursuing his profession. Many people, including K B Sundarambal, Dheerar Sathyamoorthy have taken medical treatment from him.  Namakkal Kavignar, being an artist, had sketched a beautiful picture of Lord Murugan and presented to him for bringing back his health.

Rama Sarma was a devotee of Mahaperiava.  Whenever Periava went to Karur, he would stay only in his house.

Once Periava sent word that he was having symptoms of fever and asked Rama Sarma to come to Kanchipuram.  Rama Sarma also reached Kanchipuram.

On seeing his medicine box, Periava had a smile on his face.  “I told only you to come and didn’t ask you to come with the medical kit”.  Rama Sarma was taken aback. He replied, “I was told that you had fever and that’s why brought along my medical kit”.

“If there is a physical body, it is normal that it will get fever, once in a while. Fever, itself emanates only to cure the body!”

That’s ok. Where is the need for medicine to treat the fever? To treat that, there is another different kind of medicine.  To use that only, I asked you to come!

Rama Sarma didn’t understand. He kept quiet. Periava continued.  “You would have had your bath and come. Wait. I will go, have another bath and come”.

Rama Sarma was very perturbed. When he is running fever, he is talking of having a bath.  But it didn’t strike him to say anything against that. He waited for Periava to return.

On returning after taking bath, Periava asked him to find out his body temperature. On reading the thermometer, it was confirmed that he was running fever.

“Good, We both are going to recite Vishnu sahasranamam now”, Periava stated.

Both of them recited it together. When the recital was over, Periava asked him to see the temperature.

What a surprise!  Fever was totally gone. Immediately, Periava told Sarma, “I have been untiringly repeating that Vishnu sahasranamam, not only gives wealth but also many other things, including health.  People also listen.  Should I not prove that it is really true?  For​ that only, I utilised the opportunity”.

“Tamizh says that (chanting) Bhagawan’s name (Nama) will cure one from this disease of cyclical births.  If it could cure the disease of birth itself, would it not cure the disease one gets during one’s life?

When patients come to you, give the medicines as usual. When there is illness,it is certainly necessary that medicines should be taken.  But can the medicine of Vishnu Sahasranamam also be given along with that?  Can you not add this in your prescription to the people who come to you for treatment?  Only to make you have conviction in that, I asked you to come.

You are aware that Gandhi staunchly advocated naturopathy.  In naturopathy, prayer has primary importance”.  So saying, Periava laughed out loud, like a child.

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  1. Hello Devotees,
    I have not seen Periava. But, I’m humbled His blessings keep coming again & again. I have never done anything, but His blessings and unconditional love keeps pouring. I usually read Kanda Shashti Kavacham daily. Now, it is very inspiring to learn Vishnu Sahasranam, hear it and start reading weekly to start with and then read daily. Yesterday, for the first time I visited Kanchi Kamatchi temple kachipuram and was able to get good dharshan. I have never visited Sri matam. I was lucky to be there, prayed MahaPeriava and was able to meditate in the prayer hall for some time. The lunch was served and since I was very hungry, and I had the luck of getting the lunch prasadam that was served so lovingly. Got an opportunity, to go to Gosala and served the green leaves for the Cows. Later, I went to Kanchipuram East railway station and took the 2:00 pm train to chennai. The whole day, I felt so peaceful. The places of Srimatam is so familiar and lot of peaceful vibrations all around, that kept mind, body very pleasant.

  2. Wow. I was hearing Cho videos in youtube yesterday – Engey brahmanan in which Cho would have explained about the reasons for worshipping tulasi plant, relation between thirukkural and hinduism etc.

    In that, he even explained about Vishnu Sahasranamam. I left that video thinking what new could have been there and I didn’t think high of Vishnu Sahasranamam since I didn’t know it.

    Now only, I’m searching rich values of Hinduism by reading deeply in the articles my hands could get on. Today, this article has come – as if to explain me the value of Vishnu Sahasranamam from the horse mouth itself – the great periyava!.

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m deeply moved by this article which happened to be here next day after I left the video about Vishnu sahasranamam alone either by co-incidence or periyava’s indication to me that it’s very powerful..

    I’m blessed. thanks again.

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