Time for a Mahaperiyava movie/serial?

Roughly 2-3 years back, I wrote about making a TV serial on Mahaperiyava – this came even before Vijay TV made an attempt that faced a premature end. I’ve been always wondering that there would be someone today who would have physical similarities with Mahaperiyava. I am sure there are but where to find? Here comes the answer – right here in Mylapore! I guess we can start working on the movie production activities from now on 🙂

Thank you Sri Ganesa Sarma for doing this and others whoever made this possible.



Thanks to Sri venkat for sharing this photo in FB….

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  1. why ring in the finger.?

  2. மஹாபெரியவா சொன்ன அனைத்து விஷயங்களையும் உள்வாங்கி கொண்டு இதெல்லாம் நம்மால் செய்ய முடியும் அதனை செய்வதுதான் நல்லது..வேதம்,கோ ரக்ஷணம்,ஆலயங்களை பராமரிப்பது,பிறருக்கு முடிந்த அளவு உதவுவது,தனி வாழ்க்கையிலும்,பொது வாழ்விலும் தூய்மையாக இருப்பது, எல்லாவற்றையும் விட “நான்தான் பெரியவன்,உயர்ந்தவன் ” என்ற நினைப்பே எழாமல் இருப்பதே அவர் சொன்ன விஷயங்களின் சாரம்…
    விவாதிக்கவோ,நம் தமிழ்,ஆங்கில மேதா விலாசத்தை பறை சாற்றி கொள்வதோ –என்பவர்களுக்கு இந்த blog -களமல்ல.
    ஸ்ரீ கணேச சர்மா அவர்கள்,ஒரு திரைப்பட இயக்குனரோ, நாடக நடிகரோ அல்ல. அவர் ஒரு பெரிய நிறுவனத்தில்…நல்ல சம்பளத்தில் ஒரு உத்யோகத்தில் இருந்தவர்…மஹாபெரியவாளின் சேவையில் தன்னை அர்ப்பணித்து கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்ற நோக்கத்தில் இந்த field -கு வந்தவர்…எதோ இந்த காலத்தில் 3 வயசு குழந்தை கூட செல் போனை நோண்டிக்கொண்டு இருக்கே ….தொண்டு கிழங்கள் கூட தொடுதிரை போனில் மூழ்கி,முகநூலில் ஷேர் ,லைக் பண்ணிக்கொண்டு இருக்கே …என்ற எண்ணத்தில் அவர் இதில் ஒருவேளை இறங்கி இருக்கலாம்…
    எனவே இதுகுறித்து விவாதம் வேண்டாம்…
    அன்பு மஹேஷுக்கு வேண்டுகோள் ….இந்த வலைதளத்தின் உரிமையாளர் என்ற வகையில்…இந்த பகுதியையும்…அது தொடர்பான விமர்சனங்களையும் நீக்கி விடுமாறு வேண்டுகிறேன்…இனி வருங்காலத்தில் எந்த தலைப்பின் கீஷ் வரும் விமர்சனமானாலும் அதனை ஆய்வு செய்த பின் வெளியிடுமாறு அன்புடன் வேண்டுகிறேன்…

  3. A ready made script is collected and made in the form of dialogue (Drama Format) named ” SANKARA KAVIYAM” by Dalmiapuram Shri K. Ganesan, published by Agasthiar Publications, Trichy.
    Shri Dalmiapuram K Ganesan have been approaching many like minded people to get this produced as a Tele Serial.
    He can be reached on his mobile: +91 9443765255.

  4. I think we are blessed to be living at times when our current Acharyas (HH Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal & HH Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal) being none other than disciples of Mahaperiyava show us the path to tread for our spiritual upliftment.

    Their teachings would be exactly that which Paramacharya would have taught us today , as the present Acharyas represent a Lineage from Sri Adi Sanakara Bhagavad Padal & they being direct disiciples of Mahaperiavaa will bestow on us All Grace & Blessings of Paramacharya & instill in us the strength & devotion to be steadfast in our pursuit of Dharma.

    It is this Guru Parampara that has kept Advaita Philosophy alive for centuries & given us an opportunity to lead life that shall grant us spiritual growth , such that one after the other each Acharya in this Lineage imparts teaching that benefits people of different generations.

    Having their Darshan & Seeking their blessings in each of our endeavours will surely purify us & develop in us the Devotion to do our Anushtanam & Nithya Karma uncompromisingly.

    The Sri Mattam CD on The Sage of Kanchi itself is a short & sweet depiction of Paramcharyas life time that on can relish watching.

    Jaya Jaya Sanakra

    • Well said K K ji.
      There are enough books and CDs as well as the living examples in the form of current Acharyas .

      I am also wondering what made Sri Ganesa Sarma don the Kashaya vastra and dandam to look like Sri Mahaperiyava. Sri GS is himself a devotee and I wonder what made him do so.

  5. “It’s not possible in today’s condition/lifestyle” is a general excuse of many. It’s because there is no genuine interest to change the mindset, get rid of few things (accumulations) and lead a Dharmic life. (The fact is only such dharmic practice clears the dirt in mind and many a confusions.) It is applicable for men too. Many have time to waste time on TV, waste time on political debate etc, but wouldn’t do Sandhya Vandhanam even on Sundays. In Deivathin Kural, during emergency/difficult times, his holiness has said one should give at least Arghyam and recite 10 Gayathri. But, many have concluded it’s an alternative way for Nithya Karma anushtanam.

  6. I request all MahaPeriava devotees not to get too emotional over a mere suggestion. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion. A sense of acrimony need not have been developed over this. MahaPeriava has talked about Stree Dharmam very very elaborately. He did not back out from talking about it ( although many in today’s conditions would not agree with His views) for the fear that Brahmin community would come under condemnation because of those views. He Himself has very elaborately talked about why Brahmin community has come to this stage—He has very clearly said that Brahmins are the sole reason for this situation and not some others. His pravachanam on Stree Dharmam is availble in book form both in Tamil and English. How many people have started condemning Brahmin community after reading this book? Pl. do not put forth empty arguments. Those are ParamAchAryA’s views on that subject like He has talked about other things which would guide us in the path of good living. Agreeing and following those guidelines is each individual’s liking or accepting. They need not lead to Brahmin condemnation. Many of my own cousins and friends have ‘phoo–phoo”d it saying they are not maintainable in today’s conditions.

    Those who have tried to follow His guidelines as much as possible, under today’s conditions, have certainly benefited and I have seen many of them.

    Let us all forget about these arguments and join together in the name of MahaPeriava.

  7. If my mind is getting disturbed by seeing one site, or reading one book, or listening one discourse, I should put a STOP to see it, No other option As per my mind, my wish, others wont go. They will go according to their mind, their wish. OR I have to choose, which is suitable to my mind.
    which is according my mind expectation. Then there wont be problem. I hope few can understand

  8. Prior to being the person who is an admin of this blog, I am also one of the readers of the blog. As much as you all have rights to share your opinions/views, I too have the same right. By sharing my right has resulted in Sri Nanjappa & T Paddhu to leave this blog, then so be it. Thanks to both of them for being with us all this time.


  9. inimel periyavali patri therinthu kolla enna irrukuthu, vadathe mari mari vurutheriyamal varugirathai thavira, ithai parpathi niruthanum endru than nanum pala thadavai ninaikiren. Many many not-acceptables for oldest peoples only coming. Those who are around 30 years age not aware of many things, they don’t know many things.

  10. Well said Mr. R.Nanjappa ; i think it is very genuine out pour.. guess you thought of HIM and wrote.. well said and aptly said.. let us not use or experiment on HIM. As you said out of all the persons, Mr. GS, every day talking about HIM , has imagined himself to be HIM. very hurting.. I am a Vaishnavite, I have been blessed with HIS diya Padhukas and Kashayam.. I do not even attempt to share my / our family experiences, think it is so sacred. As kannadasan said ” Andharangam punitdha mannadu”. Rgs. Padmanabhan , I also sign off.

    • I saw a upanyasam video of a Ganapadigal. In his discourse, he mentioned an actor’s name and was bit excited to say He Knows Me, as if it is a great acknowledgement. I am too minuscule creation to make a judgement based on such trivial matter. But on the other side, I feel bit uneasy about their Mano Bhavam.

  11. வெளி நாடு போவது மட்டுமல்ல; பொதுவான கல்வி, பெண்கள் கல்வி, பெண்கள் வேலைக்குப் போவது, காஃபி, பட்டு, கல்யாணம் / உபநயனத்தில் படாடோபம், வேதக் கல்வி: இந்த விஷயங்களில் யார் எந்த அளவுக்கு பெரியவா சொன்னதைக் கேட்டு நடக்கிறோம்? இதைப்பற்றி பெரியவா சொன்னதை எல்லாம் நாம் அப்படியே சினிமாவில் காட்டமுடியுமா? இதெல்லாம் சர்ச்சைக்கு வழிசெய்ததாகாதா? இதையெல்லாம் வைத்துக்கொண்டே பிரம்மண சமுதாயம் மீண்டும் கண்டனத்திற்கு ஆளாகும். இதெல்லாம் தேவையா? This is Sri Nanjappa’s view. It is 100% true. Can a movie, by doing justice to itself, clearly communicate all these things? Firstly, can such movie touch upon these two topics – women education, women employment?

  12. Didn’t know that this thread would take these many detours. Idea of this post is to share what I saw in Facebook two days back and the similarities to greater extent – wouldn’t say absolutely. Besides, it is beyond anyone’s individual affordability to make movies/serials etc. Recently I explored animation movie making – cost of making is roughly 1.5 lakhs for 2-3 mts video. Already, I am paying for this blog, radio and all other related storage costs, etc etc. I have absolutely no muscles to think about this….I saw some comment about a potential fasting protest if anyone attempts to do this. Quite funny – Vijay TV made a weak attempt and we just tolerated that. Thankfully Periyava Himself stopped it.

    Coming to approval, there are more or higher chances for Periyava to disapprove it than approving it. I know that. Will HH Balaperiyava approve this? I don’t know. However, with future generations in mind, this may help them to know about Him in the next 20 years. I am a big advocate of leveraging technology safely, wisely to create awareness etc. I can say that I have been fairly successful in that approach.

    What are the implications of doing this? Should Mahaperiyava go through some unnecessary criticisms? Criticism on Mahaperiyava is like dogs barking at Sun. It means nothing to Him – it only means something to those who have make these serials…More than these points – we can focus on whether this is going to help people. If this is executed properly, carefully, with the guidance of Sri Matam (if they approve), this would help – I am a firm believer of this. With all the conversions going on, we need this – absolutely need more powerful tool to stop the conversion. I am not saying that Periyava serial is the only way to do – but will truly help. I don’t know if you have seen a short video taken during Sankarapuram Periyava yatra where one woman (recently converted) talks about her respect to Periyava. Sadly, she was converted due to various reasons. After seeing that short video, I am positive that Periyava message will have a tremendous impact on these people positively.

    If Periyava doesn’t want to do this, He will not let this happen. So, let us not get too emotional and spill words in excess – not required. I guess it is time to end reacting too much to this post.


    • Well concluded Mahesh.

    • Well sir, because you run the blog you can conclude any which way you like. But this last reply is so irresponsible and offensive.
      1 There are no detours here. All replies focus on the idea of a movie on Mahaperiyava.
      2.Mahaperiyava is on record as a consistent opponent of cinema. He did not approve of even so called mythological films.
      3. For someone claiming to be a devotee of Mahaperiyava, even to make a proposal about a movie / serial on him is not proper. How can he propose an idea which is directly opposed to the known teaching of Mahaperiyava?
      4.Then to talk of approval, if Periyava does not want this, he will not let this happen etc is all beside the point.
      5.For someone claiming to be from orthodox circles to dress and pose like Mahaperiyava is nothing short of outrageous. This is not fancy dress competition of school children.
      6. It is a little preposterous to talk of future generations. We do not know, cannot even guess the shape of technology to come in the next 10/20 years. The electronic media has not displaced the printed book, as widely anticipated. To say that we are preparing for them in terms of current technology does not seem sensible. Future generations will discover what they need.
      7. To talk of conversion will be a detour. But orthodox Mutts cannot enter this arena directly, especially in Tamil Nadu due to political implications. It needs political muscle which Kanchi Mutt does not have. Even the Modi govt, had to retreat in respect of Ghar Wapsi.
      8. We are not emotional, nor are we spilling words. We are not taking the matter lightly or talking casually. It is a serious matter. And since we know it is against the known and recorded teaching of Mahaperiyava, we will oppose it with all the emphasis at our command.Every word here is measured and weighed.
      7. As Abraham Maslow said , if the only tool a man has is a hammer, he will only be looking out for nails. Since you seem to be technically savvy, you want to put it to use here .But please do not make use of Periyava for your purpose. Let us not experiment on or with Mahaperiyava.

      Well sir, I have said what I had to say. i will not argue further. Thank you for letting me say this.And good bye to your blog.

  13. The subject is so important that I could not stop thinking about it the whole day.
    It is said that the main idea behind the proposal is to “spread the teaching of Periyava.”
    Spread the teaching among whom ? Non-Hindus? Non-adherents? This idea of ‘spreading the teaching’ itself is questionable. Hindu dharma is not spread ie propagated from a platform or through a medium. That is done by reformers, not orthodox circles. In orthodox circles we stick to achara, and imbibe the teachings gradually, through example and personal exertion. In the modern day ( 50 years ago, we were all modern,too), we had lost the meaning and essence of this achara; some of us had even lost faith due to the impact of modern life style and education, not to speak of the various reform movements. Periyava came at such a time and explained things to us. We see from history that after Adi Sankara no one had done this: Periyava was exceptional. He had the divine learning, the divine authority and also the gift of explaining, along with anushtana. His words carried that authority. He was truly the Acharya- one who practised what he taught.
    The orthodox Mutts are delicately placed today. The essence of orthodoxy is Varnasrama dharma. It in turn is based on adhikari bheda. While the samanya dharmas are common for all, the special and specific dharmas for each varna and asrama are different. So, there can be no question of spreading this among all and sundry.
    During the last 200 years various reform movements have invaded Vedic religion[ which is the real name of our dharma .] All of them are for changing various aspects of our dharma to suit the temperament and mood of the times. Orthodoxy has resisted this trend. But it has not done it by entering into contest or competition with the reform movements but by ignoring them. Periyava has explained all this beautifully. By doing so, Vedic religion has not become a sect or a division like all the rest, but continues to be the mainstream! Everyone, from Dayananda Saraswati to Ramakrishna to Vivekananda to the new age gurus has become a sect, and Vedic religion is the mother. If we enter into the spirit of ‘spreading ‘ this message, we become one among them!
    There is a special delicacy about Vedic orthodoxy. It is not amenable to change- at least formal change. Many of its basic tenets are not practiced today; many others are objected to and not acceptable to the modern sensibility. So, expounding this dharma in this hostile environment is a very delicate task, For instance marriage and stree dharma. I can give many other examples.This cannot be done through mass media at all.
    There are many organizations and entities nominally upholding our religion, dharma, Hindutva, etc. But if you go deep, and study them carefully,all are modern, have a deeper or hidden agenda and no one stands for Vedic religion as such, as a whole. I have even seen staunch representatives of Hindutva criticising Kanchi Mutt, and especially Mahaperiyava because he did not reform!
    So we the smartas who are the inheritors of this main Vedic orthodoxy in Sankara’s footsteps must do a SWOT analysis and see where we stand. We are a very small minority in number, surrounded by reform, indifferent and hostile environment.Sometimes, not inviting attention to ourselves may be the best way to move forward. Once we draw attention, we become the target!
    There has been a feeling among non-Brahmin circles that Periyava was partial to Brahmins. My own friends used to ask me. I told them that a good teacher had to take special care of weak students. The Brahmins had been entrusted with special responsibilities and duties towards our dharma, but the circumstances in which that responsibility could be discharged had changed. While every other community could carry on its own traditional work along with modern education, the Brahmin alone experienced the conflict between swadharma and modern education.So the teacher was paying special attention to them to remind them of their duties, which involved a more austere way of life, less ostentation, more of self-discipline etc. The so called partiality was only to impose greater burdens on them! They had to work and pray for the welfare of all creation! Can these ideas be conveyed through a movie to the masses?
    As we have observed in the last half a century, we have already lost many of the traditions. Because we have been victims of socio-economic change, and been busy constantly adapting and adjusting , we have not been able to stand and assert. But Mahaperiyava is the pillar of strength who has infused new life and spirit. Naturally, some of us are enthused and desire to do something more, using modern technology. But in this Mahaperiyava has himself drawn the Lakshman Rekha which we dare not cross.He did not like movies and publicity. I think we should honour that stand. After all, He is still with us and to think of some one representing Him in a movie is hard to digest.
    Periyava’s life is a Mahapurana with many facets. Can we tackle all that in a movie?
    I am not writing all this as advice but only as reflections. It is for friends to examine and take a stand.
    Thanks for the indulgence.
    [ Incidentally, a friend has written about Kalki’s historical novel “Parthiban Kanavu ” and how well it was picturised. It is true. And they did it in respect of “Kalvanin Kathali” too. But why could they not do it in respect of “Sivakamiyin Sabatham” or “Ponniyin Selvan” or even “Alai Osai “? After all they are imaginary stories! But then, they are vast and immense in scope, with very complex characters and emotions all of which cannot be represented adequately or competently or even successfully on the screen. Is the life of Periyava less immense and complex that it can be reduced to a few minutes/episodes on the screen, big or small?]

  14. Azamaga Yeralamana books galai ellam padithavargatku, deepaha Purindu kondavargalal Yetrukolla mudiyathu endralum, Maha Bakthargal, deep Bakthargal avargal ninaipathi, Nadathi viduvindranar.

    Books galai karaithu kudutha vargas oru puram, Mahonathamana Bakthargal marupuram. Ithu ondrukondru ethiragathan irrukuthu.

    Maha periyaval velilnadu povathai Yerka Mattar, enbathaiye Yerkatha Maha Bakthargal irrukargal. Acharya anugrahauthudan pathirigaiyil potu ethanai inter……… Enna sollatum endre therialai. Maha Bakthargal familye………….
    Inter……evvalavo nadakuthu unmai.

  15. Nearly 1993 Samayam Nan oru still pathu thudithu poi Vitten. Ithu periyaval mathiri hundred percent illaiye Endru. Appuram ondri parthal orutharku make up Pottullar Sri Marian in his documentary. In periyaval centenary life time that happened. Sri j sadagooan, Trichy, I n 1950 ‘s video coverage gal pannithai serthu, he made it. (Anda original coverage gal Enge, therialai. ) At that time I phoned, shouted to Manian. Mannan did great services, I admit. But ethanaiyo pergal ithu varai periyavalga, sanyasigalaga ellam naddithu vittanar.

    (oru sandhoshamana Vishayam, Innum, AVARGAL Indha mathiri ellam onnum pannugirathillai. Athmarthama solren, athai ninaichu Romba happy aha irrukuthu. Intha mathiri controversiki idameyindri.. Controversike pohirathillai. Bramacharyathilirundu Siriya Vayathilie sanyasam vangi, Athan padiye vazandavargal mathiri ellam NADIPATHU, ATHAI PARTHU…………………………….

  16. Admire the guts of Sri. Ganesh Sharma Avl. to represent ( to act as is degrading) SRI SRI SRI Maha periyava. I am yet to get over this. See the plastic tub and a design jar in front of him.
    SARVESHWARAN should pardon all of us for this attempt.

  17. Maha Periyav will answer to all of us very soon. Please wait for his answer.

  18. With due respects it sends very wrong message. All of us will agree that Sri Sri Sri HIS Holiness was the last person for praises, flattery and advertisement. HE lived as an embodiment of simplicity and divinity. Does the character in this proposed movie wears a ‘Poonal’ either way it will be wrong. The simplest way to pay tribute to HIM is just promote vedas and protect poor ‘archakas’. very sad .. we are making HIM as a magician, last thing is over dose. it will be the greatest disrespect. Regrds, Padmanabhan

  19. Please do not spoil the atmosphere by trying to make a film on Maha Periyaval.
    It will be just like the movies and drama on Thiagaraja swami. with nothing matching
    the greatness of the saint. There is no need to make a film. Just preach the
    teachings of the great Maha swamigal.

  20. My Humble view no movie or serial on Mahaperiyava We will worship in our heart We can read books on him

  21. விமர்சனம் பற்றிச் சொன்னது மிகவும் சரி,- இப்போது எதுவும் விமர்சனத்திற்கு உள்ளாகிறது. பெரியவா பற்றிய சினிமா வந்தால், கடைசியில் பெரியவாளே விமர்சனத்திற்கு உள்ளாவார். இது தேவையா?
    இன்னொரு விஷயம். பெரியவா பேசியது முழுக்க முழுக்க ப்ராம்மண வீட்டுத் தமிழ். இடையிடையே தூய தமிழ் இலக்கியச் சொற்களும் ஆங்கில வார்த்தைகளும் சொன்னாலும் அவர் இயல்பாகப் பேசியது ப்ராம்மணத் தமிழ். இன்று இந்தப் பேச்சு வழக்கு எந்த அளவுக்கு கேலிசெய்யப்படுகிறது என்பதை திரையிலும் பத்திரிகைகளிலும் பார்க்கிறோம்.[ பள்ளி, காலேஜ் போகும் நம் வீட்டுக் குழந்தைகளே இன்று இப்படிப் பேசுவதில்லை, பேச முடியாத சூழ்நிலை.] பெரியவா பற்றிய சினிமா அல்லது தொடரில் பெரியவா பாஷையை அப்படியே தர யாருக்காவது துணிவு இருக்கிறதா? நம்மவர்களே நடத்தும் பத்திரிகைகளிலும், blog களிலும், வரும் புத்தகங்களிலும் தற்கால மொழி நடையிலேதானே எழுதுகிறார்கள் ? இப்படி பெரியவா பற்றிய படத்தில் காட்டுவது அவருக்குச் செய்யும் மரியாதையாகுமா? இது தேவையா?

    சினிமா/ தொடர் எடுப்பது முக்கியமாக காசுக்காக. அதற்கு சால்ஜாப்பாக கலை, கிலை என்றெல்லாம் சொல்வார்கள். ஒருவரை அல்லது ஒரு கருத்தை அல்லது ஒரு கதையை இதற்கு மையமாக எடுத்துக்கொள்வார்கள். அதைவைத்து ப்ரச்சாரம் நடைபெறும். நம் மஹாபெரியவாளுக்கு இதெல்லாம் தேவையா?

    வெளி நாடு போவது மட்டுமல்ல; பொதுவான கல்வி, பெண்கள் கல்வி, பெண்கள் வேலைக்குப் போவது, காஃபி, பட்டு, கல்யாணம் / உபநயனத்தில் படாடோபம், வேதக் கல்வி: இந்த விஷயங்களில் யார் எந்த அளவுக்கு பெரியவா சொன்னதைக் கேட்டு நடக்கிறோம்? இதைப்பற்றி பெரியவா சொன்னதை எல்லாம் நாம் அப்படியே சினிமாவில் காட்டமுடியுமா? இதெல்லாம் சர்ச்சைக்கு வழிசெய்ததாகாதா? இதையெல்லாம் வைத்துக்கொண்டே பிரம்மண சமுதாயம் மீண்டும் கண்டனத்திற்கு ஆளாகும். இதெல்லாம் தேவையா?

    ஈ.வே.ரா பற்றி சினிமா எடுத்தார்கள். அப்போது சிலர் உண்மையிலேயே பயந்தார்கள், கவலைப்பட்டார்கள். இந்த மனிதர் இருக்கும்போது கன்னாபின்னா என்று பேசி துவேஷத்தை வளர்த்தார். இப்போது அவரைப்பற்றிய சினிமாவேறு வந்து பட்டி தொட்டிகளுக்கெல்லாம் போய் ஊரைக்கெடுக்கும் என்று பயந்தார்கள். அப்போது ‘சோ’ ‘துக்ளக்’கில் எழுதினார் : ‘அந்த மனிதர் இருக்கும்போதே எல்லோரையும் கெடுக்க முடியவில்லை. இந்த சினிமாவா அதைச் செய்ய முடியும் ? ‘

    நமது பெரியவா விஷயத்திலும் இதுதான் உண்மை. லக்ஷக்கணக்கானோர் பெரியவாளைப் பார்த்திருக்கிறோம். அவர் பேச்சைக் கேட்டிருக்கிறோம். அதன்படி நாம் நடந்துகொண்டால் அதுவே பெரியவா பெயரும் புகழும் நிலைக்க வழியாகும். இளைய தலைமுறையும் நம் நடத்தையைப் பார்க்கும்; பின்பற்றலாம். அவர் சொன்னபடி நடக்காமல் அவரைப் பற்றிய சினிமா வந்துவிட்டால் மக்கள் திருந்திவிடுவார்களா?

    மற்றவர்களின் விமர்சனம் இருக்கட்டும், நம்மை நாமே கேட்டுக்கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

    • தங்களின் கருத்து 200 % உண்மை..திரு.ராமனந்தசகர் இயக்கிய ராமாயணம் முன்பு நெடும் தொடராக வந்தது…புகழ் பெற்றது..அதில் கடைசியில் வரும் ஸ்ரீ ராமர் பட்டாபிஷேகம் அன்று வீடுகளில் டிவி-கு தீபாராதனை செய்து தங்கள் பக்தியை காட்டியவர்களும் உண்டு..அந்த தொடரில் சீதையாக நடித்த பெண்ணும், பரதனாக நடித்தவரும் ஒருவரை ஒருவர் விரும்பி மணம் செய்துகொண்ட அன்று வந்த செய்தியின் தலைப்பு “சீதைக்கும் பரதருக்கும்”திருமணம் என்று.இதில் அதுபோல் விமர்சனம் வரும் வாய்ப்பு இல்லை என்றாலும்…படம் / தொடர் எடுப்பவர் கையை சுட்டு கொள்ளாமல் இருக்க விற்பனை/விளம்பரம் செய்யவேண்டும்…இது வலை தளத்திலோ youtube -லோ மட்டும் வந்தால் கமெண்ட்ஸ் disable செய்யலாம்…பொதுவில் வந்தால் ….பிடிக்காதவர்கள் போஸ்டர் -ஐ கிழிப்பார்கள்…அது நம் கலாச்சாரம்…இதை எல்லாம் தவிர்த்து செய்வது என்பது நடக்குமா…? மஹாபெரியவா வழி காட்டட்டும்…

  22. Both sects who want the movie and who don’t are indeed staunch devotees of Maha Periyava.
    Starting from age old ‘Koothu’ concept to today’s Bombay Gnanam’s dance drama, all puranas, Maha bharatha, Ramayana and stories of Mahans have been depicted through Man only. They adorned the roles of Rama, Krishna, Raghavendar, Baba, Purandara das and recently Bodendral , Jayadevar and what not. Art has got the power of not only reaching all kinds of people, it is also effective way of impacting all kinds of people( who don’t have the information or don’t even have the time to know about (even if they are interested). and including children.(2 and 3 year old).
    For example, t takes about 2 to 3 days to know about Jayadevar who composed the Ashtapathis. (searching for the book, making time to read and to put the mind in receptive mood). There are innumerable such great souls that makes impossible to know them thoroughly. We get to know (if we are lucky), through some sprinkles only (including like Maheshji’s blog, isn’t it?). Art makes the job a little easier for us, given that it is done in absolute perfection in all respects. (without bringing disgrace or disrespect whatsoever for Periyava’s name) (this will actually be a thapas really).
    After seeing Rajnikanth’s movie only, I came to know a little about Mahan Raghavendra. (if I had read a book, would have forgotten). Further if I want to know deeper about him, i should do the exploration through other means).
    I think this hesitation/difficulty of non-acceptance comes out of time factor, meaning we are living closely around the time of Maha Periyava and with people who have moved with Him. (though It has become easy for us to accept Rama and Krishna via art!). For those who have not seen Periyava or 50/ 100 years later, do you think that visuals cannot be effective?
    I have noted one interesting thing. When people narrate their experiences about Periyava, whenever they quote what Periyava said, the tone, diction, action will be like Periyava. Means , they remember so vividly and for me, I will smile/laugh or cry , as if listening to Periyava those few seconds. It is like Krishna leela. Countless people / children have adorned the roles of Krishna, Do we remember any of those people? Krishna only fills our hearts. Be a part of Maya also.
    (Pages 600 to 700 on Advaita Philosophy – Dheivaththin Kural-Fourth Bagam) says a about all.

    • Seethalakshmi madam. Yes, you are right about depiction of epic personalities in art. We have vigrahas in temples and paintings. More than that, we have dhayana slokas on Rama, Krishna and other deities which describe them exactly. These can be represented in arts like drawing, painting, sculpture, and to some extent in old rural arts like villuppattu, kooththu, etc.

      The problem is with modern cinema . Is it art or devils’s device?. In the state of its present development, everything is shown graphically, without leaving scope for any imagination. When men represent the epic characters, it can be disturbing. The original epics convey something more than mental pictures. They depict dharma, not entertainment. Reading Ramayana is not just reading: it is parayana. It has its own meaning and significance, beyond seeing pictures.Can any visuals match the description of Krishna as depicted by Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar in his exposition on Narayaneeyam? Words are more powerful than visuals for a mature mind. Bhadram karnebhi: is what our Vedas say. Seeing comes later. Karnabhushanam is the first ornament we give a Hindu child in Vedic terms.

      Take the Ramayana and Mahabharata serials which were shown on TV. Most youngsters today are aware of these epics only through these serials. Yet how many know and care that these are misrepresentations of the original? The characters in Mahabharata are not just heroes or villains. They are puppets in the hands of fate; some resist and succeed.some succumb and perish. But it is not that the characters are just good or plain bad. Do the serials convey that impression and message? It becomes another hero-villain spin.

      The actors donning these roles lead double or even triple lives in private , but depict divine and holy characters, Will their depiction carry conviction? [ On the other hand, one Hollywood actor Charlton Heston said that acting the role of Moses so transformed him that he stopped accepting the ordinary, normal commercial roles.] Narada is such a divine sage; he is depicted as a crook or clown.! You have spoken of Rajini, There was one famous Telugu actor who used to appear as Rama and Krishna in movies. Bus loads of village people used to come to his house and stand in front of the balcony for a glimpse of this man early in the morning. They used to prostrate as soon as they saw him! They would even light camphor! What is the idea these people carry of Rama and Krishna? Is this what we want in respect of Periyava?
      What people would think of Periyava 100 or 200 years hence is a different matter. Let them solve it themselves. After all, we all know Adi Shankara. Have we seen him physically ? [By the way, there was a Sanskrit movie on Adi Shankara. How many have seen it? Where? ]

  23. மஹாபெரியவாளை பற்றி, அவரது சரிதம், அவர் செய்த யாத்திரை, பக்தர்களுக்கு அருளியது…பற்றிய அநேக தகவல்கள் பல புத்தகமாகவும்,வலை பதிவுகளையும்,உபன்யாச சி டி வடிவத்திலும் வந்துள்ளன..தொலைக்காட்சிகளிலும் வருகிறது…ஒரே தகவல் பலவடிவதில், சற்று மாறுபட்டும் வருகிறது….ஏற்கனவே வந்த விஜய் டிவி தொடர்பற்றி நிறைய விமர்சனங்கள்…காட்சிகள் பற்றியும்…நடிகர்களின் தேர்வு பற்றியும்….அதில் (1 ) பெரியவா தாயார்…குழந்தை பிறந்து புண்யாகவாசனம் நடை பெரும் முன்பே குழம்பிற்கு காய்கறிகள் நறுக்குவது போல வரும் காட்சி பற்றிய விமர்சனம்…(2 ) பெரியவா சிஷ்யர்கள் யாரும் சிஷ்யர்கள் போல தெரியவில்லை …தடி தடியாக ரிக்ஷ ஓட்டுபவர் போல இருக்கிறார்கள் என்று. அவர் வாழ்ந்த காலம் வேறு…அப்போ நிலவிய சூழ்நிலைகளை வெறும் “கிராபிக்ஸ்” செய்து காட்ட முடியாது…ஏற்க மாட்டார்கள்…விமர்சனம் வரும்….
    பெரியவா சொன்னதாக “ஒரே விஷயத்தில் பல மாறுபட்ட கருத்துக்கள்” வருகிறது…உதாரணமாக சொல்ல வேண்டுமென்றால் “பிராமணன் கடல் தாண்டி பயணம் செய்யலாமா”? என்பது பற்றி…இதில் தர்ம சாஸ்திரம் என்ன சொல்கிறது என எனக்கு சத்தியமாய் தெரியாது…ஆனால் பெரியவா சொன்னதாக 3 கருத்துக்கள் படித்தேன்.

    1 ) ஒரு பிராமணர் கடல் கடந்து சென்று தன் மகனுடன் 6 masam தங்கியிருந்து பின் இங்கே வந்து பெரியவாளை காண செல்கிறார்…”சீமைக்கு போனியோ”
    ஆமாம் பெரியவா..அங்கே போனாலும் என் நித்யானுஷ்டானத்தில் தவற வில்லை..” “ஓஹோ”-இது பெரியவா…ஆமாம் பெரியவா…”அங்கே என் அப்பாவிற்கு ச்ராத்தம் கூட செய்தேன்…
    “நீ போனது போறாது என உன் பித்ருக்களையும் அழைத்து போனாயோ”…இது பெரியவா…ஆக இவர் செய்ததை பெரியவா ஏற்கவில்லை எனவும் அனுமானிக்க முடியும்..முடியலாம்…
    2 ) எம் எஸ் அம்மா ..சதாசிவம் தம்பதிகள் …வெளிநாடு சென்றுவிட்டு பெரியவா தரிசனத்திற்கு வரிசையில் நிற்கிறார்கள்…அவர்களுக்கு பின்னால் ரா.கணபதி அண்ணா நிற்கிறார் …பெரியவா தீர்த்த பிரசாத விநியோகம் செய்து கொண்டு இருக்கிறார்…”கடல் கடந்து போனவர்களுக்கு தீர்த்தம் தருவது இல்லை என்பது ஸ்ரீ மேடம் ஸம்ப்ரதாயமாம்…கணபதி அண்ணா தவித்து கொண்டு நிற்கிறார்…பிரசாதம் மறுக்க பட்டால் தம்பதிகள் வருந்துவர்..பிரசாதம் தரப்பட்டால் சம்பிரதாய மீறல் ஏற்படும்…..அவர்கள் முறை வந்ததும்..பெரியவா உத்தரணியை சோம்பிலேயே போட்டு விட்டு, ஒரு தாவலில் எட்ட இருந்த தேங்காயை எடுத்து அதை அப்படியே தரையில் தட்டி, அதன் நீரை லாவகமாக ஒரு தேங்காய் மூடியில் ஏந்தி, திரு சாம்பசிவத்திடம் நீட்டி…”சாம்பு பகவான் படைப்பை பாத்தியா..அடர்த்தியான நாருடன் கூடியது..உரித்தால் கடின ஓடு..உடைத்தால் இனிப்பான இளநீர்”…இந்த உனக்கு ஸ்பெஷல் பிரசாதம் என தந்தாராம்…இது ரா.கணபதி அண்ணாவே பதிவிட்டது…
    இந்நிகழ்வு பெரியவா கடல் கடந்து செல்வதை அங்கீகரித்தார் அல்லது இல்லை என எப்படி வேண்டுமானாலும் கொள்ளலாம்….
    3 ) இதுபோல் கடல் கடந்து சென்ற ஒருவர் பரிகாரம் வேண்டி வர…அவருக்கு பதில் சொல்லும் விதமாக வேறு ஒருவரிடம்…”ஸ்ரீ ராமரும்…ஸ்ரீ ஆஞ்சநேயரும் கடல் கடந்து சென்றதற்காக எதாவது பரிகாரம் செய்ததாக ராமாயணத்தில் தகவல் இருக்கா?…எனக்கு தெரிந்து இல்லை …என்றார்…இதுவும் ஒரு பதிவில் படித்ததுதான் …
    ஆக, ஒரு விஷயத்திற்கே இதனை தகவல்கள் இருக்க …இந்த திரைப்படம் /குறும்படம்/தொடர்…எத்தனை விமர்சனங்களுக்கு உள்ளாகுமோ தெரியாது…ஏற்பது ஏற்காதது அவரவர் உரிமை ..விமர்சனம் செய்வது அவரவர் பார்வை என்றாலும்….விமர்சனம் என்ற ஒரு மைய புள்ளியில் நிற்கப்போவது ” மஹாபெரியவா”
    அதன்படி செய்யலாம் என்பதே என் தாழமையான கருத்து….

  24. Mr.Mahesh it is a great idea and hope with your great effort, even a paamaran (illiterate & people who don’t have the access to a treasure like Mahaperiyava) gets the benefit. I was listening to the speech of Mr.Rajinikanth very recently on the occasion of book release function of “Deiveega Kadhal” and when he narrates the incidents surrounding movie Baba, he gives answers to the question why spirituality needs to be publicised through movies and what kind of reach it gives. I think its a great idea and with Mahaperiyava’s blessings the movie will achive its objective.

  25. To make a picture on Mahaperiyava ? To make somebody -whoever it is- ‘act’ ie imitate Mahaperiyava ? This is a very silly idea, and a great disservice to Mahaperiyava. We have all seen Him in real life. It will be very silly and unholy for someone to even think of donning such robes and role. Whom are we trying to please or fool? To think of making a movie on Mahaperiyava after all He has said on movies is sacrilege and direct personal insult to Mahaperiyava.

    Let us be sure of one thing. Words spoken by realised souls carry great authority and moral force. They CAN transform lives. [ Here too not all lives but only those ripe, fit and qualified by previous sadhana or punya.] But an act of imitation on the screen -which every one knows is insincere ( ie untrue, not genuine ) will end up as a cheap gimmick. It will hurt the true devotees who have seen Mahaperiyava in real life and invite ridicule from others. Have you seen how ridiculous are the movies on Sri Ramakrishna or Vivekananda are? Gandhi was a politician, and one could find anyone to act like him with make-up. But the very idea of making someone APPEAR AND ACT like Mahaperiyava is sacrilegious.

    We have enough photographs of Mahaperiyava from real life, to see and meditate on. These in fact can be compiled into a DVD, arranged chronologically. It would be a good documentary.

    We have enough words of Mahaperiyava to read, digest, meditate on and live up to. Are people so childish as to be influenced by a mere imitation known as imitation on screen? Or are we trying to make men childish as to want to be seeing these imitations?

    Please give up this idea of a movie on Mahaperiyava. Some of us may even go on hunger strike to see that no such initiative is taken at least from orthodox circles.

    • I am sure many devotees will agree with you (Sri R Nanjappa). Sri Sri Mahaperiyava had not even given nod for Movies on Puranams (meaning he didn’t encourage such movies), set aside the so called “Entertainment Movies”. However, with Sri Mahaperiyava’s Sama Dhrishti, many film personalities also received his blessings. The focus should be on Anushtanams/Acharams and attain wisdom. At this point, I remember reading in a book that a devotee said to Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi that he will arrange for a separate train (or compartment) and take his holiness all over India to spread his divine message. But, Bhagwan declined (I don’t remember Bhagwan’s reply, so don’t want to write something on assumption). Request to drop such idea. Few years ago, I’ve seen a documentary on Mahaperiyava Divya Charithram. I think, that will do. I would suggest, better create a fund pool and start a Goshala. That will be a great service to Sanatana Dharma.

  26. Before this thread gets lengthier, let me clarify few things….Me making a movie is like bunch of aandis trying to build a matam (Isn’t it a famous saying in Tamil?).

    Having said that, if someone comes forward to do that, it would be a fantastic idea (if it is done well). There has been a weak argument that we (humans) are trying to publicize (God) – that is pretty lame. With the help of media, one should spread the teachings of Periyava. This blog is a classic example – so many, so many readers have transformed their lives because of the messages from Periyava. If a least-powerful blog could do that, imagine what silver screen and small screen could do. So, don’t tell me that it is a waste of time.



    • You are right Mahesh ! There is nothing wrong in making a movie on Him.(Having said that, MahaPeriava would not agree to this proposal !). A movie on AdhiSankarAchAryA was made in the 70’s by an extremely good director (I forgot his name) and dubbed in many Indian languages and English. That was a real classic ! The team which created that classic would be the apt one to do this also. Vaidhehi madam’s concern may be that it might do a disservice if it is not made properly. But it would spread His message more and wider if it is made properly, as this blog and similar ones are doing their bits.

  27. This attempt is a waste of time. What are the people trying to achieve? Overdose of publicity is a great disservice to Sri Mahaperiyavaa.

  28. Sri Ganesa Sarma suits the bill perfectly to take the role of MahaPeriava. But what is required additionally is an honest and good script writer who should avoid sensationalizing and exaggeration. I remember the movie ‘Parthiban Kanavu’ the historical epic written by ‘Kalki’; the movie was filmed exactly as Kalki had written it, the dialogues were mostly those of Kalki, and the cast had done a perfect job of acting without any exaggeration. Every bit of the movie was exactly how Kalki had picturised it and no movie has been made either before it or after like this one. While watching the movie, one feels like reading what Kalki had written it.

    The serial on MahaPeriava made by the Tamil channel was a big flop because of exaggeration and sensationalizing; truths were twisted; incidents changed from reality.

    A new attempt should not end up like that.

    • 100% correct mama….the script should not have an objective of creating sensational end and dramatizing. Doing that would be a great insult to Periyava as His avatara objective is different. It should focus more on His teachings through some experiences but soft-pedal on the sensational thing….

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