Life-size Periyava coming to Chicago!

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While you all have seen this Periyava through Sai’s posting in the past few days, you might know the details behind where He is going to go, some context behind it etc. I thought I should do a posting to ensure that all Chicago and near-by state devotees are aware of this so that they can visit Chicago Periyava Gruham (where I live) and have a darshan of Periyava.

An year or more ago I saw a FB posting of a life-size periyava and when asked, I was given someone’s number in W.Mambalam. I really wanted to get one such vigraham made for me. For some reason (that I forgot now), I was unable to contact/connect with them. Due to other priorities, somehow this one slipped my mind. Recently, someone contacted me about Advocate Sri Venkatasubramanian’s Sankarapuram project at Thiruvengadu. When I talked to him for the first time, I enquired about Mahaperiyava vigraham made of fiber, he shared some details. When I showed interest in getting one, he was happy to help me.

From that point onwards, things moved so quickly. Soon after Periyava was ready,  I requested Sri Venkatasubramanian to visit Kanchipuram adishtanam where we could do a puja for the periyava before he leaves for Chicago. It so happened that Periyava not only went to adishtanam but also to Thenambakkam where a two hour jata parayanam was done by vidyarthis. At the adishtanam almost everyone was so happy to see Periyava. The woman selling garlands outside the matam put all garlands for Periyava before He went inside the matam. When He came out, those women were telling that they had best sales that day all due to Periyava anugraham…Someone did drishti for Periyava as He caught everyone’s eyes!! I have requested Sri Venkatasubramanian to get darshan of HH Balaperiyava before Periyava’s travel to Chicago.

As you can see the artist who made this Periyava sculpture has done a very good job. It seems that this person has expertise in this kind of work and has also done work in the cine field. For the first time, he chose a new color to get a very realistic skin tone.

I requested Sri Venkatasubramanian to help me by getting Periyava here before Jayanthi. Originally, things were looking good for that request. Later on, we had some issues with the shipping…Unfortunately, He is not going to be here for jayanthi – yes, it is quite disappointing!! We are making every effort to invite Periyava in the next few days. No matter what we try to do He has His own plans – we dont know what it is!

Anon(ymous) responded earlier in Sai’s posting that the sculptor made the vigraham with muscle hands etc. Here is my response:: So what?! Nobody can be that perfect. In our belief system, we worship 5 stones as devatas in panchayathana puja. When you can look at a black stone (saligramam) and imagining that Mahavishnu is in sangu-chakra-gadhapani and offer all to that stone, why not I look at this fiberglass Periyava, who is tatroopam and pray?

I am truly excited and so are Chicagoland devotees…Of course, this increases the scale of our celebration to Periyava. These photos have gone viral in social media! I have received several calls enquiring about Periyava’s arrival and already devotees have reserved the first garland to be offered to Periyava etc. I will do another post once Periyava is here. I know there are lots of Chicago devotees, who did not get my mail yesterday and this posting would help them also.

So, what’s next for Chicago devotees? Maybe a dedicated place for Him so that all could worship whenever they need and from where He can bless all devotees in this area. Let us see what He wants to do…..Till that time, this Periyava will be at my residence – we are truly blessed do our kainkaryams to Him on a daily basis. All devotees are welcome to call me to plan your visit to get darshan of Periyava! I can be contacted at

I want to sincerely thank the devotee, who recently contacted me on a topic about Sri Venkatasubramanian and his projects. Her inquiry alone triggered me to ask advocate about this. In a lot many way, that devotee is indirectly instrumental in making this happen and Sri Venkatasubramanian is absolutely key in getting this blessing for Chicagoland devotees.

I am out of words to thank Advocate Sri Venkasubramanian for his time and effort amidst his busy schedule. He had enough patience to do lot of work in ensuring that Periyava sculpture comes out nicely. Our namaskaram for the largest kainkaryam of “Sankarapuram” that he has undertaken with the blessings of all our acharyas.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

5421Periyava Vigraham


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  1. Pranam Mahesh Ji,

    Gurubhyo Namaha!!!

    Can i have the artist contact details. Am looking for 1 mahaperiyva sculpture at small size for our anusham pooja.

    If possible, Please forward me the info to

    Padma Swaminathan

  2. So nice to see some more different style postures of our Maha Periyava.

    Blessed are those who have taken this initiative and rendering their help to enable our Periyava fly to US.

    Really Periyava has given this inspiration to you and all those who helping you now.

    Periyava is so beautiful and the person too is really blessed to do this,

  3. eagerly awaiting to get blessings of nadamadum deivam in chicago

  4. Great Vigraham! Sarva Vyaapi, Sarva Svarupi Maha Periyava will Bless us everywhere, if we pray sincerely to Him! Inspiring Post. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!
    You can ask Advocate Venkatasubramanian to enlighten us about Sankarapuram Project at Thiruvengaadu.

  5. I am much happy to see Periyava.pls also try to find who made periyava in kanchipuram adishtanam.if you have interest in sharing the details who sculptured this periyava it will be useful for some who interested doing this vigraham and built temple for him

    • Thank you Maheshji for a brief background. I noticed this portion in the first time itself. Honestly, I also wanted to reply to Anon “HE IS MUSCLE-MAN, man.” if his attention is on the physical. In one of the interviews someone said that someone brought a full tiger skin with the head carried by 4 or 5 people. And Periyava just like that took it in one hand and shoved around him!!! (anayaasama).
      Is it not that HE is formless (And with form too) and we give HIM a form in a way we like and adore? I have read somewhere that unless the deity wills that way, the sculptor cannot chisel out a statue in a particular way, (And what is depicted is a thin (bony) sanyasi with such thejus!!! it (HE) appears thus to me).

      • This is the first time I am with you. I came to knew about HIM when Vijay TV telecast HIS serial. I have google about HIM and much interested to know about him. I totally agree with you. I have read it too, He is a muscular man but his appearance doesn’t shows.

  6. Thanks to Advct Venkat Anna…for doing all this service…

  7. It is great blessings of Maha Periyava what the idle made of is unnecessary. But beautiful and lively carvature shows the great artistic nature of the Shilpi and as if Mahaperiyava stood before shipi in helping the carve the idle.Such beautiful andnatural swamy looks very good.
    Thanks to all Devotess in U.S. and the owner who aspires this project specially. Thanks to all involved in this beautiful project. The greatness of swamy has to exhibit in U.S. and around Universe, Of course it might all swamy’s dessire I think.

  8. Nice to read your long ang inspiring account of the Tall Periyava on way to Chicago, Mahesh..May Periyava Bless you all well.
    Best wishes.
    R Balasubramanian, Chennai 59

  9. Thanks Mahesh for the details.

    When I saw Sai’s original posting, l instantly agreed with his caption – ‘Charming Periyava vigraham’ – indeed He is charming… like always! It was difficult to take my eyes off the bright and graceful eyes.. I had not noticed the muscle, etc. till you mentioned about it today.. how does that matter – all i could see was the bright smile and eyes full of karunya!

    Thanks to Sai and you for sharing the pics and details. Hats off to the artist also!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara!


  10. Thats nice Mahesh.
    So, Maha Periyavaa travels across the seven seas in HIS Sookshma Sharira to Bless HIS Wonderful devotees in USA.
    Keep posting the pictures of the Pratishtapana Ceremony also.

    • Yes. Happy hear that HE is traveling to Chicago

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      • I dont know what you’re trying to ….Are you trying to reply here in the blog? In order to do that, you dont need an account.

    • Great to know Mahesh. Incidentally my son is coming to Chicago in August do his M.S in UIC. Was a bit anxious that he is there all alone. Now with Sri Periyava coming there – What more to ask for ..

      My husband and myself grew up with HIS GRACE and are continuing to live under HIS GRACIOUS BLESSINGS

      Please let me know your coordinates to get in touch

      Thanks and Regards
      +9196001 22611

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