Veda maramum Vilva Maramum

Thanks to Sri Bharath Subramanian for sharing wonderful / mystic experience via a nicely written travelogue – all guru kadaksham.

Periyava_standing_under_vilva_tree_ilayathangudiIlayathangudi Vilva Maram

“Elayathangudiyil Irrukkum VEDA MARAMUM ( mahaperiayava is veda swaroopam) VILVA MARAMUM”

Its all destined by the guru shri veda swaroopam Mahaperiayava and He is always watching all of us and is giving us things whenever the time is right.  It was some time in Sepetember 2015 that I first saw this mind-blowing Photograph of Mahaperiayava the veda vruksham standing below a Vilva vruksham in Elayathangudi . I fell in love with it instantly and wanted to get the best available print since as a blow up it literally pulls you into the photo and shows you the reality. All my desires shri mahaperiayava has made sure is fulfilled well within my expectations and never has he made me wait for months together. This day had arrived on December 24 at 5.57 a.m. just 2 mins before I start my extraordinary journey towards Salem Shri Ravi mama house and further to Madurai and rameswaram ,when mysteriously this photo has got downloaded in my mobile. I spent almost 3 days to find out from where this photo came and got into my mobile but it was futile I couldn’t simply find out the source since it had come from the original source itself is my clear understanding. I  noticed this when I started driving towards hosur and immediately showed it to Anand Subramanian who is also a part of this story. We felt happy because we have been seeing this blow up in Krishnakumars house who happens to be our common friend. Mahaperiayava had come into our car thru this form to make sure he gives us supreme bliss in our journey. Our journey then Ascended ( Going to meet a mahaperiayava devotee is surely Ascending in life) into salem Shri Ravi Mama house to whom we wanted to thank and bow before his stupendous service to the society thru his Veda Kaingrayam ( He has given his son to Vedas , his name is Shri Chandrashekar Sarma who is a Bhramashri today) and thru his 30 yrs of Anusham for mahaperiayava and offlate for the past 4 months he is also sharing his mini Audio Upanasyams thru whatsapp for which there are ppl world over waiting to listen. Mahaperiayava, since He had already entered our car, ensured we got the best lunch prasadam at Ravi mama house and this was ensured by none other than Shri Bilaspur swamigal who happened to visit Ravi mama house for Biksha. We Had lunch and then for 6 straight hours we had discussion with ravi mama on various experiences of mahaperiayava and we also got answers for a few questions ppl had sent me for submission at ravi mama house. “வான நாதனே வழி துணை மருந்தே” ( Vaana Naadaney , Vazhi Thunai Marundhey) mama said this when he came close to me when I was ready to leave to Madurai after the meeting. I asked him the meaning he said this is the thevaram developed by the great Pradosham Periayava Shri Venkatraman mama for anybody who is travelling to ensure Mahaperiayava takes care of them.  The greatest gift we got for road travel from mahaperiayava that day itself.

The journey continued to Madurai where we went to see the historic Meenakshi temple and then I wanted to somehow visit Thiru Manickavasagar Temple at Thiruvaadavoor near Madurai for almost a decade now which materialized that day without any hassles since mahaperiayava had already given us a thevaaram for our smooth travel. That night after a good Madurai trip we finally reached the magnificent ELAYATHANGUDI at 9.30 p.m. December 25th ( until December 24th morning I wasn’t aware of any veda parayanam at this place, after this photo got downloaded in the mobile mahaperiayava had decided to call me to this place since the whole experience of this entire journey was supposed to be revealed at this place) while going towards elayathangudi we just cross checked with Shivaraman mama whether we can have a darshan at the adhistanam so that we can carry on to Rameswaram from there that night itself. Shivaraman mama said that Veda parayanam will go on till Nine in the night and that we shud have dinner at that place and that darshan of the adishtanam shud be possible. We are all indebted to Shri Ati Rudram Ravi mama of Srirangam who is doing a selfless service by conducting so much vedic work across tamilnadu and is making sure the cosmos is filled with vedic mantras to cut down on the bad karma which is getting accumulated by our deeds. Ravi mama kindly received us and took us to the adhistanam and we had an extraordinary darshan of the 65th Peetathipathi Shri Sudarsana Mahadevendra saraswathi and came to the kitchen area for dinner.

Ravi mama started talking to us regarding our trip , general mahaperiayava discussion automatically started and then the climax starts to unfold from here. Ravi mama made a statement “இந்த இடத்த சுத்தி வெறும் வில்வ மரம் தான். மகாபெரியாயவா மரதிருக்கு கிழ உகர்து தான் தர்சனம்” once he mentioned vilva maram it struck me and I remembered the photo which mysteriously got downloaded on December 24th. I stopped in between the conversation, opened my mobile gallery and showed him the photo.

He was literally stunned and taken aback after seeing this and said “where did you get this photo, this was indeed taken under this very tree in 1962” during mahaperiayavas camp. We were pleasantly surprised as to how games are played by the karunamurthy to make sure every devotee of his is given a special experience to make him look big. Mama didn’t emphasize on this fact more but kept quiet.

Next day morning on 26th dec at 5.30 a.m we witness the ganapathi homam before the start of the veda parayanam and then at about 7 a.m all the VEDA VITTHU assemble at the adhistanam for their parayanam but what follows is something to be shared. The way these Veda Pandithal chant is so vibrating and has its own pride it to it. The mahaperiayava statue showed the acknowledgment for the same since the veda matha was so happy to hear the same.

It was then 10.30 a.m. when Shri Sundaresan mama (Managing Trustee of the adhistanam) entered the premises. Ravi mama introduced mama to me and then asked me to show the photo to mama. The reaction by mama after seeing the photo was priceless. He was jumping in joy after seeing this since he was taken back to his old days with the maahan at that location when he was just 23 yrs old. Mama is also a class mate of Shri HH Mettur Periyava. They did their schooling together at pudukottai. Then I asked mama the history of this photo since I was very sure that mahaperiayava ordained me to get to know the details and share it with all.

Mama’s Account of this photo –

“ I was 23 yrs old when one day mahaperiayava was at the camp at elayathangudi since 1961 and on some month in 1962 there was extreme rush at the mutt to have darshan of the maahan , Shri Hari a photographer from Pudukottai was called to elayathangudi to take some snaps. This photo was eventually clicked when mahaperiayava wanted it to be that way”.

My day was made by this account by mama. Many ppl then got to know abt this who were present there and all rushed towards me and wanted to see the photo. Ravi mama also was telling this to many ppl who were coming one by one to attend the veda parayanam and then slowly it was noon and we finally after lot of sathsangh with ravi mama and sundaresan mama finally decided to leave elayathangudi after a sumptuous lunch with ravi mama permission who was not ready to allow us out of the premises and wanted us to stay for all 4 days. We were also blessed to see the NITHYA KALYANI Kulam at the temple where mahaperiayava has performed all his NITHYAKARMANUSHTANAM for 3 yrs. A famous photo of His with His beautiful reflection in the tank is also circulated widely in the internet.


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  1. Periyava I wish to be there Periyava Elatatha Gudi Periyava

  2. Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!! I somehow missed to read this experience. It is only by Periyava grace even I got pulled to visit this beautiful place when I actually visited Pillayar Patti and my brother Anand Subramanian (same who is mentioned above and Thanks to him) called me to go to Illayathangudi. Shri Ravi mama told this Veda Maram and I got blessed to do Nitya karma before that and then pradakshanam!!
    Thanks for sharing this nice experience and the Maha Periyava photo!!

  3. So lovely to read your experience all the way of your journey. Nice to hear that you all met Ravi Mama. I too have a desire to see him. This desire has come because of this website and after which i started hearing his speech in youtube. His upanyasams and love towards our Periyava is somewhat amazing. Sure that me and my family will see him one day.
    Both the photos are really nice.

  4. It was sometime in 1970s. First time I saw an unimpressive photo of Shri Maha Periyava accidentally (luckily) delivered at my house and straight away challenged Him. If you are a Mahan, make me pass in my (I was a very much average student). I passed with one ‘grace mark’. Needless to mention , this ‘grace mark’was given with His grace.

    Subsequently, when I got a job and went to Guwahati , a friend gave me shelter in his room . He was with this Mahan for few months. He narrated few blissful incidents with Him. When he left Guwahati, he gave me the above referred innocent photo and told ‘ look at His posture, He says whatever problem, sorrow you have, tell me, leave it to me’ . Such is the greatness of the photo. He tried to make a pure silver frame of it and present it to me , as it was not possible , he made an ordinary framing and gave. Such was that friend, Sri Chandrasekar’s love towards me.

  5. Wonderful narration

  6. Simply elated going thro’ yr. article. Tks for sharing the photos. Today is Guruwara Pradosham day and makes me feel very happy to hv read one more great article about MahaPeriyava early in the morning.
    Tks and rgds,

  7. Very great PIc of Maha Periyava with the Sacred Vilvam tree which dates back to Ilayathangudi Maha Periyava Days! Looks withered now, unfortunately due to age perhaps, though some leaves seem to be there on top. What is the status now? Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!


  1. Veda in the form of a tree at Ilayathangudi – Periyavaa | sathvishayam

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