123rd Jayanthi Invitation from Perth, Australia

Perth Invitation1


Jaya Jaya Shankara| Hara Hara Shankara ||

ApAra KarunA Sindhum Gnanatham Shantha Roopinam |

Sri Chandrashekara Gurum Pranamaami Mudhaanvaham ||

Dear All,


Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Maha PeriyavA’s (Kanchi Mahaswami) 123rd Jayanthi will be celebrated this year on Sunday, the 22nd May 2016 at Shri. Suresh’s residence. Shri. Suresh’s family have graciously come forward to host the Sri PeriyavA’s Jayanthi.

Please see attached the invitation for detailed programme details.

With this year’s Jayanthi falling on a Sunday, we believe it wouldn’t be a problem for every one of you. Please feel free to pass on the invitation to your friends/contacts and request everyone to attend Mahaswami’s Jayanthi and get His Blessings.

PS: Please RSVP in order to cater for Prasaadham/Lunch.

Perth Invitation2

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