A Kumbabishekam for the Ages – Kattalai Annavasal Kshethram – Jan 20 2016

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – On this auspicious Somavara Pradosham day, I consider it my immense privilege and pleasure to invite you all about a Kumbabishekam for the ages – a grandeur yet dilapidated Kattalai Annavasal Annapurneswari Samedha Lord Annapurneswarar (Vanmeeka Nathar) temple on Jan 20 2016. Like many ancient temples this temple has its own magnificent history that dates back to many Chathur Yugas (crores of years). Apart from its rich spiritual significance which is given below, for loukeekas like me it immensely helps us clear all Anna (Food) Doshams, relieves of severe food related diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Pithru Doshams.

To participate in Kumbabishekam, Annabishekam to Lord Annapurneswarar (Vanmeeka Nadhar), and Anna Dhanam, Please contact:

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Kshethra Mahathmiyam, Kumbabishekam Invitation, Temple Pictures – http://ancienttemples.webs.com/2-kattalai-annavasal

Sri Annapoorneswari Samedha Sri Annapurneswarar (Vanmeeka Nathar) Thirukovil, Kattalai Annavasal, Kalyana Mahadevi Post, Thiruvarur District, TN.

Jeernodhaarna Ashtabhandhana Maha Kumbabishekam; Date: Manmadha Varusham Thai Maadham 6th Wednesday (20-1-2016)

In food (Annam) we not only have Protein, Carbohydrates, and Vitamins. The qualities and characteristics of the persons who cooked it, the merchant who sold us, the individual who cultivated will also subtly deposit into the food we eat. If these persons do not have a clean heart, this affects the person who eats that food. This is called ‘Anna Dosham’ (Food Defect). –Pujya Sri
Kanchi Maha Periyava

 Annavasal Sri Annapurneswarar (Vanmeeka Nathar) Kshethra Mahaathmiyam

The Kshethra Mahaathmiyam below has been heard and told by people for generations.

  • Every life in this world including stones, sand, etc. are formed by the amalgamation of five Pancha Bhutha forces – Land, Water, Air, Fire, and Space
  • There is no Jeeva that lives even for a moment in this world without doing any Punniya (good) Karma, the rule of Bhagawan. If that being the case, there arises a question how come there are so many sinners and people that always involved in carrying out sinful activities. The answer, even these bad people live because of some Punniyam done by them knowingly/ unknowingly or by their ancestors good karma
  • There was a Yuga (Time Period) where people survived for many years just by drinking water and inhaling air without any food. However, in this Kali Yuga all the various species like humans, animals, etc. survive only by consuming food. So, Kali Yuga Jeevas are called as ‘Annamaya Kosathar’ (Jeevas dependent on food)
  • In Kali Yuga, for our body, mind, brain, memory, and senses to work properly the food we consume is important. The body, mind, brain, memory, and senses will be clean only when the food is that is consumed is pristine. There is an ancient proverb that makes us realize this (“Unnum Unave Ullaarndha Enna Maachseyal”)
  • When the food that is consumed is clean the mind and world becomes clean as well.
    The characteristics of groceries that is bought, food items that is bought out of hard earned money, thoughts of persons while preparing the food, cleanliness of utensils, the place where the food is prepared all play a vital role in determining the divine power the food contains. If the groceries are bought with illegal money then it will have negative qualities in them.
  • Annavasal is the fulcrum that determines how living creatures gets their base power and the basis of life in every Yuga (time period)
  • There are many gates that Punniyam comes through. Annavasal Kshethram is this world’s Punniya Vasal and is considered a very sacred place for worship
  • It is due to one’s Punniyam does one wake up in the morning with energy. It is because of this Punniya one gets every meal and water. However many of us do not realize this. That is the reason Lord Krishna described this Kshethram as “Annavasal is the Punniya entrance of Bhulokha’
  • Annavasal clears Anna Dosham (Sins) that arise out of killing animals for food, eating inappropriate things at inappropriate places
  • In Kali Yuga it is a common practice to eat impure food. People are interested in eating birds and rabbits. For clearing all the sins arising out of this Anna Dosham, do Anna Abhishekam often in Annavasal. We are very fortunate and blessed to have a kshethram like Annavasal in this world that provides atonement for all our Anna Doshams
  • Due to our health condition, if we are not able to eat a particular type of food, fruit, or vegetables it is a kind of ‘Anna Dosham’ (Food Defect). This occurs due to the non-performance of Pujas and Tharpanam for our ancerstors (Pithrus), not offering rice to temple that was leased, etc. To clear all types of Anna Doshams and lead a good life one has to workship Lord Annapurneswari in Annavasal.
  • Anna Doshams arising due to non-performance of Pithru Tharpnamam, Dhivasam, Offerings and Puja in an untimely fashion are cleared by ‘Shyama Kudam’ (Krishna Theertham). This is a Siva Kshethram that contains the powerful Argya and Tharpana Theertham by Lord Sri Krishna.
  • In Annavasal Sthalam if we worship on Anna Sakthi days we will get relived of sever diabetes and blood pressure. It will also streamline our food habits on what one has to consume. People who cannot consume various food items because of Anna Dosham will also be cleared
  • People who do not have much Punniya get Punniyma through Pithrus (ancestors) blessings. For this, Annavasal, the Punniya entrance of Bhulokha helps a lot. That is the reason this Kshethram is described as “Annavasal, the Punniya entrance of Bhulokha” by Lord Sri Krishna
  • If a family or a village undertake to perform the Annabhisheka Pournami in Annavasal every Tamizh Year Monthly Pournami (Full Moon Day) it will give them Punniyam for generations
  • This Kshethram clears all the Anna Dosham that people accrue over many Yugas. Performing Annabhishekam and doing Theertha Tharpana Puja will reach Pithru Lokhas direction and clears all Pithru Doshams. It will also secure us the blessings of our ancestors
  • The people living in this world should worship this sthalam the whole year to attain all the three Sakthis; Jeeva Sakthi, Anna Sakthi, and Pancha Bootha Sakthi. This sthalam is where Annapurneswarar and Annapurneswari shower their grace. If we worship properly and perform Annabhishekam to Swambulinga her, we get rid of Anna Dosham, Anna Dwesham, unable to eat various food items due to diseases, etc. To lead a good life with no scarcity for food we need to worship here
  • Bheemasena, one of the Pancha Pandavas, who is an expert in doing Manaseeka Puja (Puja done through the mind) had to fight with demons such as Bhakasura. For this fight, he ate whatever he saw and lost his Anna Sudhi (Divine Power). He also lost his clarity of thought and started arguing with his Pandava brothers on many occasions. The Pandava brothers observed his activities closely and asked Bheema to go to Annavasal Kshethram based on Lord Shri Krishna and Draupadi’s advice. To regain Anna Sudhi Bheema undertook atonement activities for a Mandalam (48 days). With full focus he observed a pristine Vratha whereby he himself cooked Annam (Rice) in very big utensils and performed Abishekam to Lord Annapurneswara (Vanmeeka Nathar). He attained Anna Sudhi after doing this for 48 days. Finally he was also blessed and happy to meet his grandson Barbareekan in this Sthalam
  • We are now in a pitiable stable where there IS ‘NO OFFERING OF DAILY NEIVADHIYAM’ (food) to the Lord here. This is the world’s base when it comes to food where Lord Annapurneswarar provides food even to the frog inside the rock. If this is the state of Lord Annapurneswarar, the Swayambu Linga Murthy, and Parasakthi Annapurneswari it only goes to show the very strong and wholesome Anna Dosham the people of Kali Yuga have!
  • The people of Kali Yuga should immediately rectify this defect. The people of Kali Yuga whose survival is purely dependent on food (Annamaya Kosam) need to ensure these sort of mistakes do not happen in this Anna Sakthi Sthalam
  • Even the Great King Dasaratha in Ramayana worshipped with great belief in this Annavasal Kshethram for prevention of unavoidable ‘Varkadam’ famine and droughts in Thretha Yuga. However as mentioned above, the sad status quo is we cannot offer Neivadhiyam (Food Offering) to Lord Sri Annapurneswarar and Sri Annapurneswari every day. This is a very unfortunate happening in Kali Yuga and should not be continued. We should start the Nithya Puja, Neivedhyam and preserve this Annasakthi Sthalam
  • In olden days Annavasal Kshethram was hailed as ‘Nithya Tharpana Sthalam’. In this Sthalam, thousands of people gather every day to perform Nithya Annabhishekam and Nithya Tharpanam. We need to ensure that Annavasal again becomes the place for Sathsangam to attain blissful divine powers
  • In order to protect people of this world from food scarcity, Indra Saavarni Manu carrying out the orders of Lord Annapurneswari started Annabisheka Pournami in this Annavasal Kshethram. This was done many Chathur Yugas back and is now popularly called as ‘Aippasi Pournami’. ‘Aippasi Pournami’ is popularly known as ‘Annabhisheka Pournami’.This ‘Aippasi Pournami’ has become the day for Annabhisheka Aradhana. This Annabhisheka Pournami along with Monthly Pournami was celebrated in Five Chitra Anna Sthalams as Uthsavam (Festival) long time ago considered as the golden period
  • On behalf of all the people in this world, we should start celebrating Monthly Pournami in Annavasal and celebrate it as Aippasai Annabhisheka Pournami with all the Abishekam and Araadhana
  • There are Five Sthalas like Annavasal, Thirusottruththurai that are praised by Siddhas as Chitraanna Sthalams. The Chitraannam (Variety Rice) is offered to the Lord on Chitra Pournami day. Chitraannam means not only variety rice but gives us Anna Sakthi. It comprises of variety rice items like Sarkkarai Pongal, Ven Pongal, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice, and Curd Rice. There are five, seven, and eleven varieties of rice offered to the Lord
  • Anna Suddhi is essential for us to leave a good life where our Punniyam does not get wasted in bad karmas and for our family to live with good discipline. For this to materialize, we need to perform monthly Annabishekam to Swayambhu Linga and Ambigai in Annavasal Sthalam. If possible, we should perform daily Annabhishekam. Before that, we need to make arrangements for daily Puja and daily Neivedhiyam (offering of food) to Lord. This will give us lot of Punniyam!
  • Lord Sri krishna told Pancha Pandavas that this Sthalam is very suitable for doing Argya Puja. It is in this divine Theertha Sakthi Sthalam Lord Sri Krishna performed Argya Puja. Ishwara accepted the Argya Puja performed by Pandavas and praised this Theertham as ‘Krishna Kundam’. Lord Sri Krishna performed Siva Pujas in this Sthalam and has praised this sthalam as ‘Siva Punniya Theertham’
  • This Thirukovil Kumbabishekam is scheduled to happened with the blessings of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam Sankaraacharya’s, Sri Dharmapuram, Sri Thirvaaduthurai, Sri Suryanaar Temple, Sri Thirupanandhaal, Sri Velaalakkurichi Guru Maha Sannidhanangal, Nerur Sri Vidhya Sankara Swamigal, Vellore Sri Narayana Sakthi Peedam Amma, Rathnagiri Bala Muruguan Swamigal, with the full support of Shri Ramana Rachakonda (USA), Smt. Shyamala Rachakonda (USA), and their friends Shri. Sivagiri (USA), Sri Nathan Sivakumar, Smt. Sudha Sivakumar, and with the tireless efforts of the villagers
 We need to ensure that even the raw materials that we buy is not from people who are more bad
than normal. We should not buy smuggled, black marketed products. We need to be Very Careful
on who cooks the food and who serves it.
Pujya Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava







Ram Ram


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