Happy Karthigai Deepam – Sri Periyava’s Golden Voice on Karthigai Deepa Thathwam


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – A crisp 10 minute upanyasam by Sri Periyava on Karthigai Deepa Thathwam. We can only feel awestruck by our ancestors and the way they carried themselves in observing so many dharmas.

On a similar note, in US and many other countries Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in a couple of days time which is supposed to be an expression of gratitude to Lord. Let’s pray to Periyava for the welfare of many many lives (including Gho Mathas) that will be lost during this occasion. Lokha Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu! Ram Ram.

“Whether it is seen from the practical point of view or from the point of view of Vaidhikam, there is NO justification for killing such a noble animal as the cow. The welfare of the cow will ensure the welfare of the world. If it is protected, sins will come down on their own. If it is subjected to cruelties, there will be trouble for the whole world. Gho Matha Samrakshanam is essential for Dharma to sustain in this world.” – Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava




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3 replies

  1. Thank you so much. Though we have been celeberating karthigai theepam all these years, this karthigai is going to be very special as maha periyaava has given insight into why we need to celeberate and also a upadesam in the form of a Slokam . It sounds so beautiful.

    I appriciate your service so much again and again. Every post of yours is a gem.


  2. maduram maduram maha periva voice

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