Periyava out of Mannequin

Smt Meena, a great artist and also quite a creative lady who had built a beautiful mena for Periyava – click here to read. Now she is taking her creativity to the next level – thanks to her daughter to inspire this work. Reader her email bellow and her work….

Dear Smt Meena – We are so delighted to see your work and very thoughtful of you to sharing it with us…Keep up your creativity…Looking forward to seeing more!!


Dear Mahesh,

Last time I made “Mena” for Periyava. This time I made Periyava out of Mannequin (Wooden model structure). The inspiration came from my daughter.

A few months back,  my younger daughter wanted a Mannequin to play a dress up game with it. And she requested me to sew some clothes for it. Then suddenly an idea came in my mind,  why not I paint Periyava on a Mannequin and dress him up. So I searched Internet for a good Periyava picture to be a model for my project. It took me a while to complete this project. Because it’s kind of new to me and experimenting by adding features one at a time, painting HIM etc. Not only it took a while to complete the project, but also it took time to take picture of HIM for some unknown reasons. Finally today He gave me a permission to send it across. As always thought of sharing it in your blog.

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  1. Superb effort.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

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