Story of a mena from Meena!

It is quite interesting that I got this email from Smt Meena this afternoon. Smt Meena doesn’t require any introduction as he is one of the aasthaana artists of this blog.(Do a search on “Meena” in the blog to see her works). This  is my most favorite drawing of Smt Meena!

The final outcome of her work is just outstanding…Highly artistic and beautiful choices of decoration, color, bells and whistles!!! Great work!!!!

Doing a mandapam & mena for Periyava is top on my wish-list too. One day, with His blessings, it will happen.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Meena_Mena1This year my birthday on May 9th is a blessed one. Because that is the day, my bhagyam of making a Mena to Periyava has been initiated. It all started with a Birthday wish from a devotee from NJ. (Name removed as she preferred not to have her name mentioned in the blog in the past). She was inquiring about the Mandapam and Mena that I made for my personal use, which I posted it on FB. She was saying that they are looking for a Mena for Maha Periyava Jayanthi. Without committing to her, the plan for building a Mena started slowly in my mind.

When I got confidence, on May 16, I just showed her a sample of Mena,  how it’s going to look.  She and her family liked it and gave some suggestions. Then I decided to take the project. The moment I decided, I saw an email about a posting in Maha Periyava wordpress blog. The title goes like this. “ஐயா ஏறிண்டா, தோள்பட்டையிலே மெத்தை வச்ச மாதிரி இருக்கும்…” When I visited the blog, I couldn’t believe myself. It was an article about how Mena feels light, when Maha Peritava sits on it. Also in the article, there was a picture of Periyava sitting inside the Mena. I was truly spellbound. This I took as an “Asirvadham” from Periyava granting me on my project.

From that day, I worked day and night on the project  (Sometimes the work went until 1:00 am in the night). Even though it’s a hectic time of the year as my daughters have their Finals going on in their schools. I simply trusted them and I was completely focusing on the Mena. As I expected, it was shaping up nicely.  Meanwhile, I had to make several trips to the stores to buy the materials. On one such trip, I was standing in a line for check out, an old man came to me and gave a paper of coupons. He left immediately before I even say “Thank you “. In a long queue of so many people standing, why he chose me and gave the coupons? I don’t know! Who else, could that be, other than our own Periyava. Needless to say that I used those coupons.

It was all ready to be shipped to NJ on Thursday, May 28th, which happens to be Ekadasi in USA. Meanwhile in NJ they were planning for 122nd Maha Periyava Jayanthi as 3 day celebration(May 31, June 1 and June 2). So I was wishing Mena to reach there in time. First stop was at FedEx. Their price was sky rocketing. Fed up with FedEx and went to  USPS. They didn’t have such a big box and packing material for my Big Baby (Mena). I totally felt failure. They suggested me to take a trip to UPS. There packaging was cheaper and mailing was expensive. Then I decided to do packaging at UPS  and priority mailing from USPS combined. It worked out cheaper. I think Periyava played a little bit at the climax to make it more interesting. Finally I need to bid adieu to my baby. I felt like getting my daughter married and sending her to another house. It was a happy ending though little bit sad to see the empty work place at home.


So what am I thinking? – “How to kidnap Smt Meena to Chicago for couple of weeks?!” 🙂

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  1. You are blessed, to get this opportunity.Wonderful design, looks awesome.

  2. Superb. Blessing for many of us who never saw Maha Periyava travelling inside the Mena! Great act of Devotion and Nice Dharshan on the occassion of His Jayanthi! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Only people with thought of maha periva all the time can do all this miracles.

  4. mahaperiyava jayanthi is celebrated on mon or tue in US.?

  5. Enna tavam seidanai Meena for making mena for Periyava!!!!
    You could have used electrical saw for cutting wood.

  6. என்ன தவம் செய்திருந்தால் இந்த பாக்கியம் கிடைத்திருக்கும். கண்கண்ட தெய்வம் உங்களை ஆசீர்வதிப்பார்.

  7. very beautiful mena. periva sitting inside mena picture is thathroopam.

  8. Very beautiful Mena! Romba thathrupama irukku.

  9. Terrific! Thank you!

  10. It is told Periyawa blessed more people who are far away and who has not seen him.Thanks for this photos.I have seen him travelling by Mena.

  11. very nice will have my son wrking on thisproject

    thank u


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