Finally the english version for Sri Ekambaram Mama’s book is being released!

The very famous “Mahaperiyavaalum Ekaambaramaakiya Naanum” Tamil book written by Sri Ekambaram mama, who walked with Mahaswami during yatras, is now being released in English on June 2nd by Shree Vignesh & Co (not to be confused with Vignesh Studios).

Venue: Naradha Gana Sabha
Date : June 2nd, 2015
Time: 6-8 PM
Chief Guest: Sri Muralidhara Swamigal, Sri Gurumurthi and other celebrities

All are welcome. Please attend this and get a copy of this book too.

Disclaimer: I am currently reading this book (finally!) and it is an amazing book where mama is narrating incidents that we have not heard so far!

It’s an exact translation of the tamil book. However, we have added lot of periyava pictures and there is also a Photo Gallery(Colour Pictures Photo Print Quality) which makes this book a real treasure for all devotees of Periyava.(Who’s not a devotee of Periyava today?…) The no of pages are much more than the Tamil version.

There had been lot of requests to Sri.Ekambaram mama to publish this book in English. Maha Periyava’s anugraham – Shree Vignesh & Co got the oppurtunity to publish the book….

Translation was done by Prof.L.Ramanan, Founder & CEO, Raise, Bangalore and also by Mr.Swaminathan from Melbourne. We have been working on this project for the last 1 year and with HIS grace, we humbly submit our prayers that all the readers should be blessed by Periyava abundantly.

The cost of the book has been fixed at Rs 700/- and devotees can pre book their orders by contacting the following numbers of Shree Vignesh & Co. (as limited copies are only published in the first edition).

LandLine :91 044 -43558236
Mobile: 9962581489 / 9367504938 / 9384056677

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  1. Interested in the English Edition of “Voice of God’ which is said to be out of print. When it will be available – either Ebook or hard copy?

  2. Blessed Devotees

    Namaskarams. As always Sri Periyava’s functions was a very Divine function… The prayer song rendered by the Blessed Disciple of Smt ML Vasanthakumari is a Divine and moving Song on Sri Sri Mahaperiyava and brought Sri Sri Mahaperiyava on Stage.

    For the blessed devotees of Sri Sri Mahaperiyava, to Echo This Divinity accross the world, humble submission


    Jaya Jaya Shankara

  3. Dear Magesh Sir, I had been to the function and also got a copy of the book.. I personally thank u for sharing the event details..

  4. Namaskaram All, we http://WWW.SWASTHIKTV.COM got an opportunity to LIVE telecast this Great Event Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Maha Periyaval’s Book Release function on 2nd June.

    Thanks to Mr.Kumar – Sri Vignesh & Co for giving us this opportunity.


    for any clarification, email : / Contact – Ms.Sangeetha – 99402 92777

    please watch http://WWW.SWASTHIKTV.COM – World’s No.1 Devotional Web TV

  5. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hope the English version of Sri. Ekambaram Maama’s book in Tamil, which he himself calls as Maha Periyava Bhagavatham, to be read daily with reverence, is equally popular with devotees. That it contains more photographs of Maha Periyava is a bonus. Should be a great collectors’ volume on Maha Periyava!


    Dear Sri Mahesh

    Thank you, it is a Divine Grace that this body is chosen by Him and ordained to do This Holy work of translation as the smallest contribution by this body… Yes, Finally it Got Shape. I am humbled by covering this body’s name in write-up for translation and sincerely feel this body is one amongst the Trillions of Devotees and not done anything special. ANANTHA KODI NAMASKARAMS AT HIS LOTUS FEET for This Bagyam of translation work, He Choose to Bless these small souls and immortals.

    The Tamilversion book was a ‘Life’s Gift’ presented as a memento to this body by Prof. Dr. Sriram, Dean of SCSVMV University during one of the Inaugural functions and Sri Sri Mahaperiyava might have chosen this body for this noble work of translation on that day (This body is a novice not only in English, but on all the things and a Student of HIM)

    Sri Sri Periyava is Blessing everyone with His Divine Grace, Miracles and shower of Blessings always…. We experienced it particularly during this translation work by Smt Jayashree Ramanan (Sri Sri Maha Periyava Graced her and avoided Operations scheduled on her Hand. Not only she did the work & typing, but completely became normal (expert doctors are surprised!!))

    Our Anantha Kodi Namaskarams at the Divine Feet of SRI SRI PERIYAVAS of Kanchi, whose Divine Blessings was showered on us when we started this Translation work. Our Kodi Namaskarams to Sri Sri Bagawan Ramana Maharshi and to Sri Mani Anna of Ramanashram for his kindness in connecting with experts in consulting appropriate words for translation. Our Kodinamaskars to Sri Sri Guruji who blessed and graced to Start this work and for completion.

    Our gratitude and kodi namaskars to Sri Sri Ekambaram Mama, the Blessed Soul and author of the book, for his trust to assign this work of translation to these immortals, very kind and encouraging words during translation reviews to ensure his views in Tamil versions are reflected as it is and these bodies have not done mistakes

    This translation is in the same fashion of ‘Tamil Version’ to get the feeling of ‘Walking with Sri Sri Periyava’ and not with high vocabulary. We were PENS (Ezuthani) and Sri Sri Periyava is the translator…

    OUR FAMILY FOR GENERATION is INDEBTED to THE DIVINITY OF ALL OUR GURUS, for this holy translation work executed by these immortals…

    Pranams at Their Lotus Feet
    Ramanan & Family

    PS: Readers, if found any mistake in the translations should blame these immortals and their Ignorance.

  7. How can i forget Sri.Ekambaram? 43 years before when this soul went to meet Mahaperiva at Karvetnagar,
    Sri.Srikantan made the vigyapanam about this soul to God. After blessing ,He asked Sri.Ekambaram ,who was to go to see Garudasevai at Kanchipruam, to take this soul to Kanchipuram to winess the Garudasevai.
    Very blessed to have stayed with God at Karvetnagar !

    • Dear Sri Chandra Mouli Mama

      The Tamil Book on First Edittion got exhausted out, but efforts are on and by His Grace will be available soon… You can contact Sri Ekambaram Mama in +91 44 2248 1340

      For those who know TAMIL, shall enjoy well the ‘Anubavam’ in Tamil version.



  8. Sir, Where the tamil verision of this book will be available

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